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sarround's Q & A
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 How many times have you taken the morning after pill? (7 answers)

 Who has an IUD or has considered getting one? (5 answers)

 Who nows what an IUD is? (7 answers)

 Your theory on how life works: (5 answers)

 Whats it like to be in love? (5 answers)

 Your favourite place to go in London (6 answers)

 Can you have a friendship thats JUST friends if youve already had sex? (7 answers)

 Once an alcoholic/drug addict/bully always? Or can people change? (3 answers)

 Guys: If you really like the girl how important is sex? (5 answers)

 boxocereal: I'm not a guy.
 grmreeper977: it isnt important at all because if u really like someone then sooner or later it will just happen. besides grls like sex, but the thing is they like to be able to kno someone before hand and if u really like her then u shoodnt be in the relationship just for sex cause then u really dont like the grl
 johnners: It can add a new dimension to your relationship
 poetrykid86: not important at all unless we're at that point in the relationship where we want to take it that far

 Your definition of a slut (10 answers)

 Are there people who look like sluts but arent sluts? (9 answers)

 Will christian guys not want to marry me knowing Im not a virgin? (13 answers)

 Im a christian who had sex before marriage, do I need to ask for forgiveness? (14 answers)

 Who sees the morning after pill as abortion? (9 answers)

 What does sex mean to you? (12 answers)

 Who things virginity is important, who dosent? (11 answers)

 Do you feel loved? (8 answers)

 Whats the most/least complimented part of your face/body? (4 answers)

 Who do you want to wake up next to? (8 answers)

 Who thinks weed is bad for you? Who smokes it? (11 answers)

 Who feels beautiful? (6 answers)

 Can you have sex with someone on the first night and still have a relationship? (12 answers)

 I took 20 quid from my parents? Am I good or bad? (7 answers)

 Who is amazed at water? I am! So versitile! I just washed my face, I love water! (3 answers)

 Im on FAR too much medication!!! (4 answers)

 EYE MAKEUP: More or less? (10 answers)

 ALL I NEED IS MONEY! (5 answers)

 Would you kiss me even though Im ill? (2 answers)

 Best h/j &/or b/j youve had and why? (4 answers)

 Whos thin? (6 answers)

 Whos fat? (12 answers)

 Rephrase: I have given a guy a h/j the first time we met and and meeting up with him again, will he expect more? (4 answers)

 Who do you love most in your world? (5 answers)

 If you give a guy a h/j the first time you meet, will he expect alot more the second time? (6 answers)

 Does anyone else hate the way they look when they smile? (10 answers)

 Who tells their parents about their sex lives? (13 answers)

 Why do people not believe you when you tell them they are pretty/good looking? (9 answers)

 Who is really really happy right now? (7 answers)

 Who thinks they are in love? (3 answers)

 Who like Mary-Ellen Mark's work? (4 answers)

 Who has trust issues? (7 answers)

 Am I an inividual or just part of a mainstream? (5 answers)

 Can I be placed into a category by the way I look? (7 answers)

 Am I a stereotype? (3 answers)

 Who believes that repressed memorys are real? (6 answers)

 Who KNOWS their mums think their crazy? (4 answers)

 Argh! Why does everyone prefer brunettes? (13 answers)

 Whos had it with frigid guys? (8 answers)

 If a guy dosent want to have sex when I do does it mean he dosent like me? (14 answers)

 Is it a bad thing having sex a week after going out? (14 answers)

 Sweet girls or sexy girls? (11 answers)

 What style do guys like girls to have, generally? (6 answers)

 Who beleives in horoscopes? (8 answers)

 What build do guys like girls to have? (5 answers)

 What do you prefer: Blondes or Brunettes? (10 answers)

 Who hates arguments and confrontation? (8 answers)

 Would you ever hit someone? (11 answers)

 Who thinks people only get hungry if their bored? I do. (8 answers)

 Do you think going by going around with different guys I will one day hit a good one or just get a bad reputation? (6 answers)

 Any interesting people lurking around these parts? (5 answers)

 Who thinks you can fall in love with someone at 15 not see them for 3 and still find yourself in love with them? (9 answers)

 Who gets pissed off their friends find it funny when their in the ****? (4 answers)

 What turns guys off? In personality etc? (9 answers)

 Should you be allowed to claim your friends cant have anything to do with your ex after youve broken up and you state you hate them? (5 answers)

 Why do some guys choose to feel you up and some dont? (7 answers)

 Is a drunk girl a real turn off for a guy? Even if shes really nice? (5 answers)

 Why is it naughty thinks always happen in the bushes? (6 answers)

 Why is a guy considered a loser because he thinks that if he kisses a girl shes a potential girlfriend? (4 answers)

 Who feels sickest after a night on tequila...cheap tequila...rough... (5 answers)

 Whos stomach makes the weirdest noises? (7 answers)

 Who wants a peek into my messed up mind? (6 answers)

 Whos good at giving advice? (9 answers)

 Who LOVES Lauren Hill (5 answers)

 Who made these rules Im so confused easily lead astray (4 answers)

 Everything is everything what is meant to be will be... (4 answers)

 How cool is onebag20? (1 answers)

 Whos thrown up straight alcohol like no food whatsoever just alcohol...? (5 answers)

 Who wants to leave feedback on my photos and stuff and make my **** life a little brighter? Anyone? (3 answers)

 Whos lost a friend over a guy? (7 answers)

 Who gets drunk and wakes up with U.D.W? (Unidentified drunken wounds)? (4 answers)

 What do you do when you find out the person who you thought you were was a bunch of bull****? (3 answers)

 How would you define a whore? How far do you have to have gone? (6 answers)

 Anyone on the brink of a relationship break up? (4 answers)

 Anyone done something that completely contradicts their morals? (2 answers)

 Who dosent know who they are anymore? (3 answers)

 Anyone else a bit on the paranoid side sometimes? (4 answers)

 Im naturally quite shy, anyone else? (5 answers)

 Who hates me? Or who hates what Im about? (3 answers)

 Who loves me? (4 answers)

 Do first impressions last? (5 answers)

 Your first impression of me? Criticism welcome. (5 answers)

 Oi answer my questions I really need advice here. (3 answers)

 What should I say to her...argh! Shes scary. (3 answers)

 Im trying to call but she wont pick up should I leave her a message? (4 answers)

 I kissed my friends ex and she had a fat go at me and now isnt speaking to me they hadnt been going out for a year and I didnt know she still fancied him. Am I the one in the wrong? (5 answers)

 Who has photos I can look at?...PLEASE! (6 answers)

 Who sent me a kiss? I really have no clue and will run out of guesses! Please tell me... (5 answers)

 Who loves Much...please there has to be someone! (3 answers)

 Is everythin you go through in life, that people do to you, a consquence of your own actions, your personality, your ways and views? (6 answers)

 Why do some people go through there lives getting hurt time and time again and feeling constant insecurity and for some its just a complete breeze? (6 answers)

 I think I want to change me... (5 answers)

 If you had the opportunity to change anything about yourself you wanted, what would you change? (3 answers)

 Someone please explain to me whats so wrong with preps? I dont really understand the whole thing. (2 answers)

 Should I get my belly button peirced? I really need advice here! (12 answers)

 Have any scars? Where? (12 answers)

 Who went for a run today? (3 answers)

 Anyone battling an eating disorder(s)? (4 answers)

 Coldplay or Oasis...oh its neck and neck people... (4 answers)

 Is artificial sweetner really bad for you? (4 answers)

 Any Ramones fans around? Rock n rock n roll radio...lets go!... (5 answers)

 Whos friends completely rock their worlds? (5 answers)

 I have new PHOTOS up...if anyone wants to looke that would be really nice! :) (3 answers)

 Who wears a tiara occasionally? (3 answers)

 Who loves B52's? (4 answers)

 Whos read Hard Times by Charles Dickens? (3 answers)

 Who looks like a panda when they wake up 'the morning after'? (3 answers)

 Who wakes up with bed hair? (3 answers)

 How skinnys too skinny? (6 answers)

 Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling as though there something really wrong? (4 answers)

 Whats the weirdest thing youve done this month? (5 answers)

 What colour hair do you have? (10 answers)

 Who has insomnia? (4 answers)

 Who likes exercise? (5 answers)

 How many meals do you eat per day? (7 answers)

 What do you eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? (3 answers)

 Whats your phobia? Claustro, vertigo, arachno? (5 answers)

 What is your favourite painting? (5 answers)

 Whos your favourite artist (As in painter, sculptor)? (4 answers)

 Who takes or wants to take Anthroplogy at uni? (1 answers)

 Whos been to Spain? (4 answers)

 Whos you favourite photographer? (3 answers)

 Whos your favourite artist? (5 answers)

 I want to...I want to be someone else or Ill explode... (5 answers)

 ARGH! How do I do the washing do I need to seperate stuff? What tablet do I use? How do I stack the dishwasher! I NEED HELP! P.s: Anyone want to take out the bins for me ergh... (2 answers)

 Why do I always feel like everyone is better than me in everyway? It sucks I feel so insecure... (3 answers)

 Days go by and still I think of you...days when I couldnt live my life without you... (2 answers)

 Whats one thing you will never give up on? (7 answers)

 Lost your virginity at the age of... (13 answers)

 So Im guessing if your watching your friend and wishing you could just pull her your bi... (5 answers)

 Who questions thier sexuality? (9 answers)

 Can you lose weight from not sleeping? (7 answers)

 Are you female? (13 answers)

 Are you male? (11 answers)

 Are you single? (11 answers)

 Who am I? (4 answers)

 Who are you? (7 answers)

 Who believes theres no harm in trying everthing once? (4 answers)

 Whats the most bull**** diagnoses a psychiatrist has ever given you? (5 answers)

 Who believes dreams are a prediction of events that will happen in your future? (4 answers)

 Who thinks their best friend may be hitting on them? (2 answers)

 Whos parents are going away for three days! MINE! (4 answers)

 Who dosent believe in marriage? (3 answers)

 Who treats the opposite sex with less respect (sexual) girls or guys? (4 answers)

 Why are guys possesive? Is it insecurity? (2 answers)

 Whos 17+ and clever? (8 answers)

 My dad finds a 60 year old attractive...who else thinks thats RANK!? (4 answers)

 Who hates in when people do things just so you have to be grateful and to say thankyou not because they actually wanted to? (3 answers)

 Who hates in when depressed people act insanely happy just so you wont say a) your depressed b) their high on meds and dont know what their doing? (3 answers)

 Did you know that a big mac has almost as much fat/sugar as a WHOLE cake! (3 answers)

 Whos so happy their almost sad? (2 answers)

 Whos so sad their almost happy? (3 answers)

 Caffiene, paracetemol and draw...its what I live off...anyone else? (3 answers)

 What song makes you have butterflies in your stomach? Mines fever lol *blush* (2 answers)

 Scariest most realistic dream youve had? (2 answers)

 To eat or not to eat? THAT is the question... (6 answers)

 Religion-What is it? (6 answers)

 Treat them mean keep them keen? T/F? (2 answers)

 Who thinks Graf Art rocks! (1 answers)

 Whos been attacked by a police dog? (2 answers)

 Micheal-innocent or guilty? (3 answers)

 Green, Blue, Brown, Grey, Hazel-What colour do you have? (Eyes obv.) (6 answers)

 Everyone read I am by John Clare its kick ass (1 answers)

 Who likes Yates? (2 answers)

 Whos parents are away more than they are not? (2 answers)

 Who knows one of their parents have had an affair? (5 answers)

 Who wished they could adopt themselves out...ME! (2 answers)

 Who wants to tell thier parents to **** off and go into rehab? ME! (3 answers)

 Whos grounded for a month because they have psycho parents...ME! (1 answers)

 Who here cant stand their brothers playing their music at full volume when their trying to study dammit! (6 answers)

 So many people to worry about in my life but why do I worry about only one? (3 answers)

 Change...a good thing or a bad thing? (5 answers)

 Whats the most terrifying thing thats ever happened to you? (4 answers)

 Whos your best friend in the whole universe? (4 answers)

 Who here likes Donovan Frakenrieter? (1 answers)

 Who gets sick of cleaning up after their ****ing family ALL the time while they complain thier always cleaning up after you!? (3 answers)

 Who cant cook even if thier lives depended on it? (3 answers)

 Whos the your favourite person in your family? (2 answers)

 Black or white lingerie? (10 answers)

 I just ate off carrots, mum got them reduced, quite good because now I feel so ill Im not hungry...lol...so rough. (1 answers)

 Guys please answer the hand job Q, I really want to know... (4 answers)

 Guys-lip gloss or balm? (3 answers)

 Who heres taken a vow of celibancy? (2 answers)

 Am I still bi if I only like really really fit girls with amazing bodies yet with guys I they dont have to be that fit for me to do things with them? (7 answers)

 Why are things easier to say than do? I mean if you have it sorted in your head why cant you just do it? (3 answers)

 Guys why do you like hand jobs I mean you can just do it yourslelves? (8 answers)

 Why do guys like b/j so much? (8 answers)

 Do you have a person that you love so much that when you think about them your chest and throat feels dry and tight with pain? (5 answers)

 How do I put photos from my mobile onto the com? (2 answers)

 Is it weird to like guys wanking thinking about you? (4 answers)

 johnny you have to answer my Qs cos I answered like 100s of yours (2 answers)

 I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul... (6 answers)

 Who wants to leave home as soon as they possible realistically can? (2 answers)

 Whats the perfect bra size boys?...and girls? (7 answers)

 I think Im going to crawl up in ball and die of exposure... (1 answers)

 Hahaha I just hit myself in the head with a teaspoon, anyone else done that before? (4 answers)

 Who here would consider themselves a yob? (1 answers)

 Your longest relationship? (8 answers)

 Who here still hasnt apologised to someone for doing something they shouldntve (1 answers)

 What would you say to them? (1 answers)

 Who would you want to see in your final hour? (2 answers)

 How many guys masturbate? (be honest I dont know a single one who dosent) (7 answers)

 How many girls masturbate? (8 answers)

 Alright people...Hows the world going to end? (4 answers)

 Anyone hate their dads? (11 answers)

 Oh for goodness sake would someone answer my Q I really need an answer otherwise I wouldnt have written 'PLEASE ANSWER' someone please? (2 answers)

 How do you know the difference between affection from a family member and sexual abuse? PLEASE ANSWER! (8 answers)

 Are DD tits too big? (15 answers)

 Who thinks blondes are stupid? (13 answers)

 Who hates bad fake tan jobs that look RANK? (6 answers)

 Who whitens their teeth? (9 answers)

 Who thinks Im hot who thinks Im not? Rarely do people come straight out and tell me... (6 answers)

 Who heres Bi? (12 answers)

 Why do some people get **** lives and some people get amazing ones? (9 answers)

 Why do birthdays always suck? (7 answers)

 Who believes in self improvement? (8 answers)

 Who thinks gangs are cowardly/cool? (4 answers)

 Can all mental illnesses be cured? (6 answers)

 I dont like guys thinner, shorter, longer hair, longer nails, dumber than me...who agrees/disagrees? (5 answers)

 Worst cosmetic experience? (3 answers)

 Would I look better thiner? (6 answers)

 Do you think I should dye my hair darker or kept it blonde? (6 answers)

 Most amount of times youve thrown up in one go... (5 answers)

 Who heres had a threesome/foursome...or would have one? (8 answers)

 If you had any car what one would you get me...yellow lamborghini...black astin martin...red ferrari...black porshe 911.... (3 answers)

 Would you cheat on your b/f if you knew there was no way hed find out? (7 answers)

 Ever fancied one of your girlfriends? (4 answers)

 Worst diet youve ever been on? (2 answers)

 Who here thinks their fat? (7 answers)

 Do you wish you could be way young again with like no responsibilitys or worries etc? (4 answers)

 Who thinks snails are gross? (3 answers)

 Nicole kidman rake or hot? I think rake but whatever... (4 answers)

 How many people dont label themselves as bi yet still find the same sex attractive? (4 answers)

 How fat can a girl get before shes unattractive? (4 answers)

 Anyone else LOVE cheese and mayo sandwiches? (2 answers)

 Anyone ever done petrol just by any chance? (2 answers)

 Britney-fat & gross or hot & sexy? (7 answers)

 Unsexiest thing youve ever seen? (2 answers)

 Bad thing to get in a relationship with your best friends brother? (3 answers)

 Worst thing your mum/dad/relatives ever said to you? (3 answers)

 Do you agree that to be bulimic you have to have been throwing up for like 3 months on a regular basis? I dont... (3 answers)

 Is smoking to much weed really bad for your brain? Will it make you dumb? (4 answers)

 One thing that really pissed you off today? (3 answers)

 Guys fav perfume, girls fav cologne? (2 answers)

 Who thinks man jewllery is hot? (1 answers)

 Should I dump my 'boyfriend/friend/dont know' if he just has sex with me and then refuses to talk about if we have a relationship or not? (5 answers)

 Who thinks you should only have sex with one person in your lifetime? I dont but yes... (8 answers)

 Is it possible to have sex as just a physical thing not an emotinal? (9 answers)

 Who thinks guys find it easier to emotinally detach from sex than girls? (2 answers)

 Paris, Rome or Spain-which is better? (6 answers)

 Who finds everything their mother does from tapping her feet to sneezing bloody infuriating!!! (2 answers)

 Best sex position? (7 answers)

 Drug/Drink of choice and why? (8 answers)

 Words/moment youll cherish for ever? (5 answers)

 Nicest thing ever said to you? (4 answers)

 Best human qualities and why? (2 answers)

 Favourite place? (3 answers)

 Pet hates? (3 answers)

 Death-does your life really flash before your eyes? (3 answers)

 Happiest moment of your life? (4 answers)

 Most traumatising experience? (4 answers)

 Ideal girl? (2 answers)

 Ideal guy? (5 answers)

 Does God exist? Please back up comments yes/no. (13 answers)

 How large can the age gap be for couples to still work out? (9 answers)

 Poetry, what you love about it, what it means to you etc? (4 answers)

 Most euphoric sexual experience? (2 answers)

 Things you'd like to say to the person in power in your country? (8 answers)

 Things you'd like to say to your parents if you could (3 answers)

 KFC, McDs or BK fries? (14 answers)

 Whats on your mind? (6 answers)

 Something your sick of telling people? (7 answers)

 Something youve never told anyone before? (5 answers)

 Favourite place? (6 answers)

 Favourite movie? (9 answers)

 Worst breakup? (6 answers)

 Worst girlfriend/boyfriend? (3 answers)

 Best drunken experience? (7 answers)

 Anorexia and Bulimia-Thoughts and experiences (11 answers)

 Cutting-self pity, cry for help or coping mechanism? (14 answers)

 Suicide attempts? (14 answers)

 Amount of days without sleeping? (7 answers)

 Worst drug experience? (8 answers)

 Worst drunken experinece? (3 answers)

 Best remedy for being sad? (11 answers)

 Lifes ambitions? (5 answers)

 Regrets in life? (8 answers)

 Worst thing youve done? (4 answers)

 Favourite sad song? (9 answers)

 Boys girls or both? (16 answers)

 Had sex? First experience? (11 answers)

 Anyone here having to deal with an alcoholic? (10 answers)

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