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rising_tide's Q & A
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 Let me rephrase that last question; is it possible to have too much sex if it's with your significant other? (10 answers)

 Sex: is it possible to have too much? (11 answers)

 Who would you rather have knock at your door; LDS' or JW's? (8 answers)

 Where are you on the Kinsey scale? (15 answers)

 UnknoWnMisfit01: The what?
 boxocereal: I have no idea.
 mymindkillsme: you mean kinky? uhm. like a seven.
 happy_B0bbles: Im not sure i know what a Kinsey scale is.
 2481632: never taken it, somewhere middle-ish probably
 scandelgirl: im bi but havent taken the test
 sfgiants94903: probably 2.5
 Angel2Devil2Friend: 3
 penpen15: i'm a 3
 Savvyanna: Kinsey scale?

 How much would you pack for a week long trip? (17 answers)

 Is it a bad sign that I really identify with Esther Greenwood? (10 answers)

 Should I stay or should I go? (20 answers)

 Recent eargasm moment? (11 answers)

 What book/s are you ashamed not to have read? (12 answers)

 What CD's are you ashamed to own? (13 answers)

 What book/s are you ashamed to have read? (7 answers)

 What book/s are you proud to have read? (11 answers)

 How far should freedom of speech extend? (6 answers)

 Ever taken acid? What was your experience with it? (14 answers)

 And why is it even called Good Friday? What's so good about someone being dragged through a kangaroo court and crucified? (9 answers)

 Do you eat red meat on Good Friday? If not, why not? And if so, why? (16 answers)

 What would make your parents madder... getting knocked up (or getting a girl pregnant) or getting busted for drugs? (32 answers)

 What do you take when you have a headache? (21 answers)

 Do you think sex is sacred or just fun? (38 answers)

 What is the best book you've read recently? (21 answers)

 Anyone have a confession to make? It's good for the soul... (14 answers)

 Feel free to finish this sentence. You know you're an alcoholic when...? (22 answers)

 Any grammar Nazis in the house? (25 answers)

 Why is it that most people who are pro-life are also in favour of the death penalty? And vice-versa, for that matter. (15 answers)

 If you got to design heaven, what would it be like? (18 answers)

 If/when you vote, will it be according to a candidate's position on a single issue, personality, party lines or 'the lesser of two evils'? Or have you got another plan? (13 answers)

 Have you ever been overseas? If so, where? (26 answers)

 'Experience is the best teacher.' Agree? (22 answers)

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Jigsaws_Best_FriendIf the show fits, should you wear it?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendIs the shoe on the other foot?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAre you paranoid?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAin't it good living on your own?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAre you crying to your mama?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you really don't care?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you think you have one less problem in your life?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendWould you take Ariana Grande out to dinner or for ice cream?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you think Ariana Grande is cute?
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