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punkrocker_chick's Q & A
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punkrocker_chick has 129 questions total.
punkrocker_chick has answered a total of 142 other questions.

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 What are your credit requirments to graduate at your high school? (7 answers)

 What do you think of myspace? (8 answers)

 How bout u ask me a question :) (11 answers)

 If you play guitar hero, what level are you on? im almost done with medium :) (13 answers)

 what do u think of metalic blue hair? (13 answers)

 what is your current occupation?(sp?) (14 answers)

 im tired go get me some coffee :) (9 answers)

 who all wants to see happy feet? im going to see it saturday... haha i cant wait! lmao... yeah im still alittle kid inside :) (7 answers)

 good night everyone i hope u sleep well - chrissy... can u sleep w/ music on? (3 answers)

 hey people how are u???? haha sry im hyper (6 answers)

 boxocereal: Ok.
 jorwinback87: iam fine
 Actress_Star: Im excited!!! thats ok, Im always hyper!
 losinmygrip873: hmm im ok kinda tired but yea how are u? lol

 yes!!! halloween dude... mwuahahahha its my favorite holiday hahahaa (7 answers)

 welcome to the black parade... that album will live on what do u think? (7 answers)

 floridachick07 sound a little desperate.. do u agree? lol sry (2 answers)

 you know how everyones always like oh my god man my life is like total wompage dude take a look at what u have be thankful be happy stop being an angry teenager and grow up!!! do u agree? (8 answers)

 GRRRR i dont like u!!!! ... why cant i tell him that? (8 answers)

 i hate stupid preps! do u? (17 answers)

 well i stayed home from school today and im veeery bored ... will you entertain me? (6 answers)

 im sick and bored :( will you be my friend? (9 answers)

 hey im back did you guys miss me?? :D (2 answers)

 hey im goin to stay the first night at my new house. peace out. ;D (2 answers)


 are u watchin big fat liar right now? i am. (10 answers)

 What is the meaning of love? (3 answers)

 Hola! que pasa? mi amiga. como say yamma? me yamma es christina. (13 answers)

 i love him. why cant u acsept that? (8 answers)

 will u be my friend? :D (8 answers)

 i wanna dance on the roof top and sing in the rain. will u come with me? (11 answers)

 hey im leavin for 2 weeks bye i'll miss u guys (4 answers)

 how come when i go to put stuff in the about me part of my profile i can put no spaces between different stuff.i cant really explain it but just go look. its makin me mad lol k thanx. u rock (2 answers)

 yes. mmhmm. yup. yes. and how does that make u feel? (3 answers)

 Went to the doctor, and I asked her, to make this stop.(whoa) Got medication, a new addiction, ****en thanks a lot. Had to relapse, I'm outta rehab, It ruined everything. have u ever heard that song? (8 answers)

 lalalalaala ****in laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah yeah yeah lol im super bored how about u?? (5 answers)

 can u help me okay my msn messenger is messin up every time i go to log into my name it automaticly goes to hers and to tell u the truth its pissing me off :| (5 answers)

  It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet . (hehe i love that song) (4 answers)

 answer some of my questions pleeze :D (8 answers)

 can u live w/o eyeliner? (21 answers)

 what are u wearing on your feet right now? (20 answers)

 Does ozzy still rock your world? (he has since i was born and always will 4 me) :D (10 answers)

 are u excited 4 school 2 start? (im not) lol (11 answers)

 Im sick of annoying little kids! clalgon take me away! (4 answers)

 what r u bein 4 halloween? (yeah i still dress up im a big kid lol) (23 answers)

 IM moving woot woot (7 answers)

 WILL U HATE ME? (13 answers)

 name of the first dog u ever had?..... then the first street u lived on........ okay now add your dogs name then the street name that would be your stripper name lol............ mine is many milton (20 answers)

 ever have a baby puke in ur mouth? (14 answers)

 how the hell does yoga do 4 u thats good? (6 answers)

 whats your worst feature on your face? (12 answers)

 whats your favorite feature on your face? (10 answers)

 did u watch barney as a child (13 answers)

 was phantom of the opera a good movie? (9 answers)

 hello how are u feeling? (6 answers)

 will someone rate my hotties thing i lost all my ratings :( (3 answers)

 answer some of my questions pleeze (8 answers)

 im getting a tatoo on my foot will it hurt? (13 answers)

 dontcha wish ya girl friend was hott like me? omfg i hope the ***** cat dolls DIE (8 answers)

 mary had a little lamb little lamb little...... finish the song (8 answers)

 what are your thoughts on god? (12 answers)

 i wanna make u cry (14 answers)

 who thinks joey styles is the coolest ? lol (4 answers)

 how do u know if your in love? please no rude remarks (11 answers)

 alcohol or weed ( i dont do that ****) (12 answers)

 if u could define any word what would it be? an how would u define it? (3 answers)

 do u like unwritten law? (9 answers)

 IM PISSED! R U PISSED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (18 answers)

 what would u like student.com to change? (4 answers)

 do u think student.com is a boring site? (11 answers)

 Are u in any gangs? lol (17 answers)

 do u have any siblings and if u do how many? (19 answers)

 should u argue with a drunk person? (13 answers)

 whats your fav. music? (14 answers)

 Do u play any insterments? (16 answers)

 how many cavaties do u have? (none 4 me!) (9 answers)

 have u ever heard of a dog climbing a tree? (9 answers)

 do u own a rat terrior? (its a dog) (8 answers)

 who thinks i should go to bed couse its 4:25am? (6 answers)

 if u had to label ur self would u label urself as a dork or a nerd? ME= dork lol (8 answers)

 who thinks Nicole Richie sux?! (7 answers)

 Do u drink? (27 answers)

 Do u do drugs? (17 answers)

 Do u think Rap music is a waste of time? ( not to be mean but i do) (18 answers)

 do u like the song lips of an angel by hinder? (9 answers)

 do u like shinedown? (10 answers)

 action,adventure,comedy,romance,horror what kind of movie do u prefer? (11 answers)

 are u in love? (17 answers)

 i put a few new pix up will u tell me what u think? (4 answers)

 who do U think is hott? as in a celebrity (19 answers)

 are u sad that greenday is doing there last cd? (17 answers)

 hello how are u? please give details on how u feel lol (9 answers)

 lalalllalalalalalalalallallalallallalalalallaaaaaaaaaaa do u think im a good singer? lmao (9 answers)

 (for) guys what size pants do u wear (6 answers)

 (for) girls what size pants d u wear? (19 answers)

 what do u think of osama binladan? (8 answers)

 Do u consider your self a loser??? (14 answers)

 goodnite:) (6 answers)

 what college do u plan on going to? (17 answers)

 do u think im hott? lol (11 answers)

 whats your favorite band? (21 answers)

 whats your favorite clothing brand? (14 answers)

 what size shoe do u wear? ( i wear a 6) (24 answers)

 do u look more like your mom or dad? (16 answers)

 straight hair or curly? (18 answers)

 whats the differnce between japanimation and anime? (4 answers)

 do u know who fantomas is? they rock! (5 answers)

 If u had a chance would u go back and fix anything in your life? (17 answers)

 are u a virgin? i am and im proud! (25 answers)

 will u please look at my pics and leave coments that will make me very happy (8 answers)

 tinker bell or honey child? lol (9 answers)

 mcr or aar? (there bands) (10 answers)

 goths or jocks? (20 answers)

 punks or preps? (17 answers)

 bmx or skateboarding? (21 answers)

 vans or DC (19 answers)

 do u happen to love billiejoe armstrong (15 answers)

 live or die? (14 answers)

 rolling stones or led zepplin? (23 answers)

 are u crazy bitch (17 answers)

 black or pink? (20 answers)

 tylonal or asprin? (20 answers)

 sombody Rate me!!!! 1-10 (6 answers)

 dogs or cats? (27 answers)

 chocolate or salad (26 answers)

 jelly or peanut butter? (28 answers)

 acustic or electric? (17 answers)

 this question is for guitar players, whats better fender or peavey? (10 answers)

 onion bagels or raisan bagels? (16 answers)

 whos better buck cherry or green day? (22 answers)

 rate me 1-10 (5 answers)

 does green day rock ur black polka dotted sox? (21 answers)

 If i jump will you catch me? (24 answers)

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