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pillowoftears's Q & A
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 did ne one read all the Harry Potter books...like in less that 2 weeks~~?? (10 answers)

 Does ne one like John Legend>>??~~ (4 answers)

 if i had a Kirestin Dictionary full of all the word i make......would u use it>??? (2 answers)

 do u like a makin up words>?? (3 answers)

 i bet i can beat u in a race beyotch (3 answers)

 boxocereal: ?
 LILkittyCAT4u: better start running then.. because im already two steps ahead of ya! lol

 does ne one own a jesus is my homeboy shirt or hat? (10 answers)

 Does ne one watch old reruins or shows but still get excited about it like its new? (8 answers)

 does ne one like Beverly Hills by.Weezer (5 answers)

 if a palne crashed in between Mexico & the U.S where would u bury the suviors? (5 answers)

 does ne one else think mixed kids r really cute?? (9 answers)

 has any one ever been to alaska or rhode island is it like kool there?(cause i wanna live there when get older) (4 answers)

 does ne one else think adam snadler is hot in a old guy kinda way?? (10 answers)

 who's ur fav female actress?? (8 answers)

 lol i stle this from my friend:ok if a rooster layed and egg on the top of the roof in which direction would it role.? (6 answers)

 can u speak spanish?? (11 answers)

 do u like the song gasolina by daddy yankee?? (5 answers)

 usher or....um...will smith or jamie fox?? (9 answers)

 who's hotter Aaron Carter or Jesse Mccartney i cant choose (7 answers)

 where the hell did Aarron Carter go?? (7 answers)

 good charollte or simple paln?? (10 answers)

 do u ever wish u had a monkey that could do some really kool dances to entertain u when ur bored?? (9 answers)

 lol i just found out what a snooze button on a alarm is arent u proud?? (10 answers)

 who's better jesse mccartney or ryran cabera?? (9 answers)

 do u like bow wow?? (10 answers)

 um..............who's funnier Andy Menokis or Napolien Dynamite?? (10 answers)

 where or what were u doin on September 11,2001(if remeber) (15 answers)

 did u watch Live 8 or go to it.......? (7 answers)

 do u watch Zoey 101?? (6 answers)

 cookies or candy?? (12 answers)

 do u guys know...thatzfetch or charile91 or undercovernerd??there koool (3 answers)

 do u like kelly clarkson?? (8 answers)

 were u happy or like u didnt care when u heard about backstreet boys reuniting? (12 answers)

 any GREEN Day fans out there? (8 answers)

 has ne one ever heard of the Buffalo Bills?dont u think they suck..there my home team (7 answers)

 does ne one like Swithcfoot?? (9 answers)

 whats lighter than a freakin feaher but yet somethin no man can hlod (5 answers)

 does ne one listen t the DaveMatthewsBand?? (10 answers)

 if like this dude was born in 1955 how can TODAY be his freakin 18th birthday?? (13 answers)

 who the heck was that song Allstar made by?? (9 answers)

 um.........does ne one here live by canada or upstate ny?? (9 answers)

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