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pepsifreak13's Q & A
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 what is the point in getting "points" if there no auctions or contests to spend them on? (2 answers)

 will you help me get 1000 answers? you can type anything you want. (4244 answers)

 if men can go topless, why can't women? (7 answers)

 UnknownMisfit01: I guess because boobs look awkward.
 SerenaLH: Plenty of reasons.
 zippy1357: tatas
 missymusic: cuz we have boobs number one answer
 willC_4567: I'm all for girls going topless
 boxocereal: Boobs are gross.

 what would you do for a klondike bar? (4 answers)

 where does baby oil come from? (5 answers)

 grape juice or apple juice? (4 answers)

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stang_chicCoffee drinkers how much sugar is to much to put in your coffee in the morning?
nuclearsailorCould you really store 600 kwh of compressed hydrogen in a scuba tank? (That's enough to run a hydrogen car some 400-600 miles, assuming 1000wh/mi after considering hydrogen-to-power-at-the-wheel efficiencies.)
nuclearsailorSons of bitches moved my car! Lol. (Probably just classmates playing a prank on me, lol.)
iBoy2G9/10: Are you gonna get a 6?
GageAlainLonnaganOh happy day !!!!!!!!!! The SEX questions are back. Will C and me are so pleased ! HI wILL
ceaser2how many girls here ever thought about adding photo's of themselves dancing?
ceaser2how many girl's here like to dance?
iBoy2G8/22: What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?
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