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pablohibiki's Q & A
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 I haven't asked a question (or looked at them) in a while. Do you ever wonder what shaped you into who you are? (58 answers)

 Who are your favorite anime characters and why? (56 answers)

 Who has the seen the Disney movie the Song of the South? (33 answers)

 Should all tragedies be handled in the same way September 11 was? Should the media emphasized everything? (45 answers)

 Why can't people spell words out? So much meaning is lost when words are painfully misspelled and there is no signs of grammatical structure. (54 answers)

 I'm having a debate with myself and something one of my teachers said. Is "American" an ethnic group? (37 answers)

 What do you think about American flags being made in China? George W was here a while ago and my dad got to go and see the speech. They handed out American Flags to everyone there but the flags were made in China. I would think if the President wa (21 answers)

 boxocereal: Lol..
 sk8ere8ks: i think its rather ridiculas
 phreakychic: i think its really funny
 ~army_brat~: I don't care where its made. Its just a flag to me.
 michelleflo: whatever floats his boat I guess...
 animalRAWR: its okay lol pride in our country is what they show its all that matters
 Starbeam: What about the boxes? Bush made a speech a little while ago in Missouri and there were a bunch of boxes behind him stamped "Made in USA." Turns out it was a painted on background. There were a few real boxes though and they were wrote on with black marker to cover up the fact that they were made in other countries. Wow, there is a sense of nationalism.
 Katina62515: That's messed up.
 heartbreaker463: china makes a lot of american stuff, can't we all be friends! LOL
 missymoo692: i dunno, China makes a lot of things for america...
 navy_girl72381: Isn't an American Flag supposed to represent America?? I would think that Americans would care enough about their symbol of pride and union to make an effort to produce them in our country . . but hey, thats just me.
 yoshi54321: american flags should be made in america
 daddyslilprincessa: WHO CARES AS LONG AS WE HAVE FLAGS!!!!!!!!!!!
 artfearie: i really wouldn't care. i mean, i use to actually have an american flag that was made in america and it practically fell apart, along with almost every other american made item i have. i prefer for it to be made in china and stuff.
 lizwicker: thats messed up
 juggalochick666: its stupid y cant they be made in the usa
 GIJane2003: I noticed that the last time I bought a flag. It shocked me. I have no problem buying products made in other countries (although I prefer to support American labor) but I definitely feel that American flags should be made in America.
 angelbird: thats....weird..lol...but it's where most things are made no matter what situation..meh
 diamondkitten378: hey what can i say? America has grown accustomed to sending there work overseas to underaged and underpaid people. I think it's horrible, but we've done it for so long, I don't think Bush would do anything to change it....
 PabloHibiki: I would think that if they President was going to visit, you could get some American made American flags.

 In Mario Brothers, what ever happened to Luigi? (24 answers)

 What do you think of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld saying that he wants to make consentration camps? (22 answers)

 I hate to over generalize like this but, do you notice how talk shows like Jerry Springer are in the Northeast and the people on the show seem to be from the South? (16 answers)

 Have you ever just been a mood that you didn't want to do anything, not even eat? (38 answers)

 What compels you to get out of bed? (36 answers)

 Who is your favorite mythological deity? (27 answers)

 I notice there are a lot of questions about dating. I figure I can ask one too. If a girl asks a guy out, does she pay for everything? (28 answers)

 I just read an article that said a couple in Germany wants to name their child Osama Bin Laden. What do you think about it? I think that is a little tasteless. (24 answers)

 What is the most interesting fear? (22 answers)

 What is the longest English word you know or heard of? (19 answers)

 What do you think life is? (18 answers)

 No one wants to answer my questions? (19 answers)

 Who here hates formal, written, standardized English as much as I do? (15 answers)

 Whence do you hail? (10 answers)

 Do you think money is actually imaginary? I mean really, money is literally created out of thin air. (14 answers)

 "What would Brian Boitano do?" (11 answers)

 How do you know you don't know? (14 answers)

 Who here has graduated high school? Is it me or am I one of the very few. (19 answers)

 Do you like my picture? It is Pepsi man. Someone asked what he looked like and I didn't have my own picture so I thought it would make the world a better place if I put Pepsi man up to show the world. (9 answers)

 Why did they kill Kenny off permanent like? (14 answers)

 Who is your favorite South Park character? (23 answers)

 Who thinks Dragon Ball Z is weak? (10 answers)

 On the Simpsons, they once said, "We need another Vietnam, that will thin their numbers" talking about whiny teenagers. What do you think? (12 answers)

 "Pepsi, for those who think young"? That sounds stupid. Does that mean Britney Spears is saying that Pepsi is for old people? That doesn't say much for her. (11 answers)

 Does anyone remember "We Are The World"? (12 answers)

 Anyone heard of Pepsi man? (10 answers)

 What mp3s did you add to the Sims? (6 answers)

 Does anyone play the Sims? (17 answers)

 Are you gettin' jiggly with it? (11 answers)

 Who here is good at Crazy Taxi? I mean really good. (8 answers)

 How do you get a tiger in Pets of War? (7 answers)

 Does anyone like brownies? What's up with that? (15 answers)

 Some time, do you just feel like you NEED Brownies? (10 answers)

 Has anyone studied Latin? (14 answers)

 What is the first computer you ever used? Anyone remember the old Apple IIe? I do. Those were the days. (17 answers)

 Do you feel old? (17 answers)

 Anyone remember Crystal Pepsi? (17 answers)

 What do you do when you get pulled over by a cop and he steps out and says, "Boy, you ever been to jail before?" (17 answers)

 Do you like gummi bears? (38 answers)

 What is your favorite quote? (31 answers)

 Are you more like Pinky or the Brain? (24 answers)

 What is your favorite cartoon? (24 answers)

 Do you watch cartoons? (21 answers)

 How often and how long do you stay online? (19 answers)

 If you like video games, what kind? (14 answers)

 Do you like video games? (17 answers)

 Do you still collect stuffed animals? (23 answers)

 What is your favorite animal or type of animal? (34 answers)

 People often search for the meaning of life. I've given it a lot of thought and have come to believe there is no one meaning of life. People search for something that doesn't exist. However, the meaning of life is a personal experience (21 answers)

 Is it better to be wise or smart? (45 answers)

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