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nobody_cares_about_me's Q & A
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nobody_cares_about_me has 101 questions total.
nobody_cares_about_me has answered a total of 14 other questions.

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 do u like charmed (5 answers)

 can u draw very good (4 answers)

 did u no that uv means of (3 answers)

 what is ur fav word or phrase 2 say (6 answers)

 how many ppl on my buddy list r my ACTUAL friends (1 answers)

 how many scores do u have (4 answers)

 how many questions uv mine do u like (2 answers)

 do u think i lack the use uv a variety uv english words (6 answers)

 do u think my questions r stupid (3 answers)

 du think ur quetsions r stupid (2 answers)

 am i very confusing (2 answers)

 how many uv my questions have u answered (2 answers)

 what is ur fav actress (1 answers)

 how many q&a's have u asked (4 answers)

 whats ur fav animal (1 answers)

 whats ur fav game system (2 answers)

 who is ur fav acter (2 answers)

 how many times have u said yes since u were five (3 answers)

 what jokes r ur favorites (1 answers)

 do u think my questions r funny or stupid (2 answers)

 can u rub a monkeys tummy with ur head (1 answers)

 can u rub a monkeys tummy (1 answers)

 do like monkeys (3 answers)

 do u like spices (2 answers)

 do u like costumes (3 answers)

 do u like fearies (4 answers)

 do u like hair spray (4 answers)

 do u like dust (2 answers)

 do u like games (2 answers)

 do u like cartoons (2 answers)

 do u like witchcraft (2 answers)

 do u like ghost (1 answers)

 do u like shagy (1 answers)

 do u like scrappy-doo (2 answers)

 do u like daphne (1 answers)

 do u like fred (1 answers)

 do u like scooby-doo (1 answers)

 do u like puppies (2 answers)

 do u like dogs (2 answers)

 do u like birds (2 answers)

 do u like wolves (2 answers)

 do u like tigers (2 answers)

 do u like my questions (1 answers)

 r ur questions dumb (2 answers)

 r my questions dumb (2 answers)

 what day is ur bday (6 answers)

 what month is ur bday (5 answers)

 which do u like better me, myself, or i (2 answers)

 do u like kitties (2 answers)

 do u like smilies (2 answers)

 it feels good 2 not ask questions isnt it (3 answers)

 should i stop asking questions 4 a while (5 answers)

 do u think im asking 2 many questions in 1 day (3 answers)

 how many q&a's have u answered (8 answers)

 should i thank u 4 answering my questions 4 no apparent reason (3 answers)

 do u like me now (3 answers)

 do u collect notes (3 answers)

 do u collect dust (3 answers)

 do u collect food (4 answers)

 r my questions annoying u (5 answers)

 r my questions annoying (3 answers)

 am i annoying now (3 answers)

 do u collect pics (4 answers)

 do u collect socks (3 answers)

 do u collect cards (4 answers)

 do u like natasha beddingfeild (4 answers)

 how many bff's do u have (4 answers)

 do u like my questions (3 answers)

 have u ever had a date (5 answers)

 ru u strict (4 answers)

 y r u doing this (4 answers)

 am i annoying u (3 answers)

 r u annoying (3 answers)

 am i annoying (4 answers)

 whos ur fav music artist (4 answers)

 whats ur fav show and why (4 answers)

 ami nice (3 answers)

 i like this do u ? (2 answers)

 what is ur fav pic uv mine (2 answers)

 whats ur fav pop (3 answers)

 do u like pepsi (4 answers)

 do u like coke (3 answers)

 im bored. r u (3 answers)

 how many ppl do u trust (7 answers)

 do u watch any "kid shows" what ones (5 answers)

 do u like my profile (3 answers)

 how much points do u have (3 answers)

 how many friends do u have (3 answers)

 do u like ur name (3 answers)

 i luv my name"nichole" do u (1 answers)

 y did u pick the screen name u have (7 answers)

 what is ur favorite store and why (2 answers)

 can i b ur friend (5 answers)

 do u like me as a friend (4 answers)

 r u nice (6 answers)

 do u like eminem (7 answers)

 do u like mariah carey (7 answers)

 do u think i am gf material (6 answers)

 will u answer these questions in answers not questions (4 answers)

 do u think im hot (3 answers)

 will u b my new friend (6 answers)

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