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neona's Q & A
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 if life came down to it and you could only choose one person to save who would it be? (3 answers)

 how many time have you been drunk? (11 answers)

 if love consumes your life , does life consume your love? (8 answers)

 r u a virgin? (18 answers)

 whos excited about christmas? y? and if not then y not? (5 answers)

 i was recently in a fight with my ex and he lost but said it was because girls get more of an adrenaline rush than guys ... is that true or is he just a sore loser (8 answers)

 what steals but never gets caught? (5 answers)

 what lies but never gets caught? (4 answers)

 do you think that anyone coming out of a relationship is a rebound? (8 answers)

 love is trust but trust isnt love ...? (6 answers)

 why is it so hard to find someone that is capatable ... (5 answers)

 im so confused ... will guys ever be understood? (5 answers)

 why r all the beautiful guys gay or taken? (9 answers)

 Sex , Food , or T.v/Movies? (11 answers)

 what do you consider ****able? (8 answers)

 can i taste you or are you bland? (10 answers)

 is it normal to miss your ex alot? (14 answers)

 $100 if you no my whole name (5 answers)

 Danni SHOULD HAVE WON (9 answers)

 do you watch tila tequila? (13 answers)

 do u think its wrong to look through a backback that was lent to you by you cousin? (10 answers)

 what do you think of tattoos of ppls names? (16 answers)

 what do u think of steve-o (16 answers)

 right this very second , what do u smell like? (12 answers)

 how do u taste? (20 answers)

 Could you ever fall for me? (15 answers)

 would you ever date me ? (15 answers)

 if i got kiss this on my ass would you kiss it? (13 answers)

 have you ever tagged me before? (16 answers)

 do you think im capable of writing a novel? (19 answers)

 dogs or cats? (27 answers)

 biggest turn offs (15 answers)

 biggest turn ons? (14 answers)

 y r u answering if u dont know me? (16 answers)

 biggest fear? (18 answers)

 Yaig Awigmhoy Bewa ? i will give 100 dollars to you if you no what language this is? (12 answers)

 what would you say decribes in when it come to genres of music? (10 answers)

 have you ever been to Vampirefreaks.com? (14 answers)

 what is your purpose in life? (13 answers)

 favorite place in the whole world? (16 answers)

 have you ever seen any of the 911 conspiracy movies? (24 answers)

 what would you do for me (18 answers)

 (for my friends and anyone else that wants to answer) what is one word you would use to describe me or your feelings about me? (6 answers)

 one word to describe yourself? (22 answers)

 if you arent then why arent you on my friends list? (16 answers)

 are you on my freinds list? (20 answers)

 who is your idol? (15 answers)

 no strings attached sex is never no strings attached ...why not? (19 answers)

 could you ever love someone that loved drugs? (25 answers)

 would you ever date someone who smoked weed? (30 answers)

 would you ever date someone who smoked ciggerets? (25 answers)

 what do you think about cigeretts? (24 answers)

 are you more into short term or long term relationships? (29 answers)

 do you currently have a boyfreind / girlfriend? (39 answers)

 do you think your in love? (33 answers)

 love is like a box of chocolates...do you agree? (17 answers)

 if sex can come from love do you think love can come from sex ? (21 answers)

 can someone be completly gorgouse* but have a bad attitude that makes them completly ugly? (22 answers)

 if you truly loved someone how far would you goto be with them? (17 answers)

 if you were supposed to get maried but the guy or girl wouldnt sign A PRENUP would you continue the marriage? (13 answers)

 why do ppl act like they no you when they have never met you? (9 answers)

 would you ever sign a prenup? (16 answers)

 if you had to marry someone but loved someone else what would you do? (16 answers)

 is love important in marriage? (27 answers)

 if you love someone is it right to break up with them for there own sake? (10 answers)

 do you think guys make better friends or girls? (15 answers)

 is there a difference in loveing someone and being in love with someone? (12 answers)

 what do you think the difference is between loveing someone and really likeing them? (7 answers)

 have you ever fell in "love" with someone that youve only known for a short time? (12 answers)

 could you trust someone that lied to you? (19 answers)

 what would be the most important thing in a relationship? (14 answers)

 is good sex or sex in general important to keep a relationship good? (13 answers)

 my best friend is gay but you would never guess ...do you most gay guys are noticably gay? (7 answers)

 would you make out with your best friend? (20 answers)

 do you think that gay ppl r awsome or gruesome? (15 answers)

 is your best friend the same sex as you or opposite? (17 answers)

 can you love someone and not like them? (15 answers)

 have you ever kissed someone you barely new? (22 answers)

 do you believe in god? (29 answers)

 what animal do you relate yourself too? (16 answers)

 what color describes you? (15 answers)

 do you believe in love of at 1st sight or in lust at first sight? (14 answers)

 do you believe in love of at 1st sight? (12 answers)

 what do you think about me? (7 answers)

 what would you do if you met your favorite performer? (9 answers)

 what do you think of our "new America"? (8 answers)

 whats your favorite band? (21 answers)

 is it normal to be beautiful and not want it? (19 answers)

 is it ok to date a friends brother or a brothers friend? (17 answers)

 do you think you can love someone youve never met? (13 answers)

 can you honestly love more than one person at a time? (18 answers)

 if you fall in love do you think its easy to fall out? (16 answers)

 would you rather be beautiful or be with someone who is beautiful? (19 answers)

 what do you think is more important ...sex...or friendship? (31 answers)

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