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mymindkillsme's Q & A
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 ever wish you could start over again? </3 (15 answers)

 did you just jizz in your pants? oh my.<3 :D (21 answers)

 do you have a va jay jay?<3 [: (42 answers)

 alliance or horde. choose a side. (24 answers)

 biggest reoccurring problem in your relationships? (47 answers)

 favorite homosexual. go! (42 answers)

 pauly shore. god? im thinking yes. (17 answers)

 fourth meal? :D (25 answers)

 relationship with a transgender? yes plz!<3 (34 answers)

 if you were planning suicide, what would your last note say. (54 answers)

 boxocereal: PISS!
 UnknownMisfit01: It would say a lot of t hings.
 dezbby: but who could call this a life?
 burythetooth: ":("
 jayse: i... dont have much time. oh, squiggly line in my eye fluid, i see u there, lurking on the periphery of my vision. but when i try to look at u, u scurry away. are u shy, squiggly line? why only when i ignore u do u return to the center of my eye? oh, squiggly line, its all right. u are forgiven.
 Twistic: um idk gotta think that out
 amor102: To whom this may concerned: The only person I left something to in the will is mommy and Maya so the rest of you bastards need not show up.
 jrock_is_teh_smex: feed my hamster
 sargent_froggie: Fascinating question, really
 sargent_froggie: Since I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me
 sargent_froggie: Followed by an actual note that said something to anyone who really gave a damn about me. Maybe a 'game over' or something else though I have a really f'ed up quirky side.
 sargent_froggie: It would a poem... of whatever I was thinking that made me do it. And If it sucked I wouldn't kill myself until AFTER I could get the damn poem right.
 Boogie1: No note.
 SKYY2k: "got the idea from a some show. blame television" something like that. lol
 Galerian_Parano: Why would I write a note? =O then they could think I was murdered!
 persis_x: my dearest, my darling, please don't cry for me
 Victoria_Forever: the lyrics to "Liar" by Emilie Autumn
 jayse: damn im fckd up.
 springbreaker: It's all YOUR fault! b-i-t-c-h :)
 sing_the_reqiuem: s h i t **
 sing_the_reqiuem: ohh **** I pwned myself niggehh
 Arabic_L: i wouldn't write a note.
 Sue_me: i wouldn't leave a note
 rogue_nymph: toodles.
 bubba5995: " this is because of obama get him!!!!!"
 LostFox: Dear. Mom and Dad I'm sorry. This isn't anyone's fault but my own. I'm just and I want to go to sleep.
 Beautiful_Disaster_: like my friend alan did when he killed himself. "I quit"
 jessiecullensolo8908: it would be to my best friend- u know y i did it. thnxs 4 being r the rock and soul of my body. Don't feel bad, this isn't your fault. i <3 u. I'll watch you night.
 Not_To_Be_Trifled_With_: "Rofl, I just ate the last cookie and licked the doorknobs so you losers can fail, even when I'm dead. Peace." =]
 babyphace: apologize to the people i hurt. keep it short tho lool
 Angel2Devil2Friend: Live, love, laugh. Love you good bless you good night.
 DarthSib: Hmmm this is a really thought provoking question, too bad I cant come up with an answer...
 2481632: I think I'm putting too much thought into this, but I still don't know.
 CaliGirl333: I wouldn't plan suicide. But when I did i think all the notes I'd fantasized about were apologetic. of the "it's not your fault" category, more notes of condolences to my survivors than explanation to what killed me.
 x0MaRiAx0: i love you..but your way too over pretective to my mom =x
 OhMyFreakingGosh: "No I did not commet suicide, I died of natural causes. Please ignore the rope around my neck. That is just a decoy. Lunch money is on the counter in the kitchen"
 tuggy: I wouldn't write one.
 madaboutjess: Stay Golden

 when do we get to vote on Y0UR marriage. (28 answers)

 do you like to be choked.♥ (44 answers)

 whats your weakness. (77 answers)

 whats your drug of choice. [if you're anti-drugs, fck off. mkthx] (78 answers)

 do you ever wonder how your ex is doing? (95 answers)

 [[click here if you're a homosexual.]] (53 answers)

 threesomes. yes or no. (82 answers)

 lick me. i dare you. [: (106 answers)

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