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mitch08's Q & A
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 anyone bored enough to talk to me? :) (6 answers)

 anybody else seen avenged sevenfold on this years tour yet? (4 answers)

 favourite episode of family guy? (5 answers)

 favourite ever simpsons quote? (3 answers)

 kids cartoons have gotten really bad these days...... anyone else miss the classics? (7 answers)

 anyone got bullet for my valentines new albumm? (3 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 Slaytanicus: No I only listen to real metal hahaha
 MatthewC187: no

 whats your favourite song off avenged sevenfold's new album? (3 answers)

 anyone jealous that i saw avenged sevenfold last monday? xD (6 answers)

 my name is earl or scrubs (10 answers)

 whats better..... scrubs or friends? (8 answers)

 my left hand is numb.... why could this be?? (5 answers)

 who's hungry? (8 answers)

 who likes drowning pool? (4 answers)

 tell me a joke (: ?? (2 answers)

 anyone like haste the day? (4 answers)

 whats the best slipknot mask? (3 answers)

 who here likes the devil wears prada..? im on about the band not the movie (4 answers)

 biggest steak youve ever had? (6 answers)

 i'm really into disturbed at the moment...... anyone else? favourite song? (5 answers)

 who agrees? BBQ sauce is the best sauce ever (7 answers)

 best ever lead singer? (3 answers)

 best ever bassist? (1 answers)

 best ever drummer? (3 answers)

 best guitarist ever? (2 answers)

 best cover version ever? atm i like holy diver by killswitch engage (: (2 answers)

 best rock/metal/emo band atm in your opinion?? dont say none (8 answers)

 =D seafood is gooooooooood is it not?? (16 answers)

 I Think I Love Paramore- Misery Business More Than Brooke Does =D.......... Who's On My Side?? (7 answers)

 is anybody else addicted to misery business by paramore??? (7 answers)

 Name 2 People You Love At The Mo..................... (7 answers)

 Machine Head's Best Song?? Don't Answer With None (2 answers)

 best hardcore band?? (1 answers)

 ever mooned anyone?? or flashed anyone?? ~(answer if you have) (8 answers)

 If You Have Heard Of Nodes Of Ranvier Please Say Which Is Your Fav Song By Them............. (only answer if you have heard of them) (1 answers)

 Your Most Embarrassing Moment Ever?? (5 answers)

 Who Likes Atreyu? If So What's Your Fav Song By Them?? Only Answer If You Like Them (4 answers)

 duz it piss you off wen people reply to these questions saying 'not me'?? (13 answers)

 and bullet for my valentines best song is wot?? (11 answers)

 and metallicas best song is...................... (13 answers)

 wots the best film soundtrack?? (15 answers)

 bullet for my valentine or trivium?? (12 answers)

 wots the most extreme tattoo that yew hav?? (10 answers)

 wot is disturbeds best song? (11 answers)

 wat is jim carreys best movie?? (15 answers)

 wats iron maidens best song and album?? (9 answers)

 who likes cute is what we aim for?? (8 answers)

 does anybody like the band sevendust?? (10 answers)

 wots ur fav placebo song?? (9 answers)

 who has bebo?? (8 answers)

 anybody on here from staffordshire, england (or near there)?? (17 answers)

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