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mistay's Q & A
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 favorite name for a kid? (8 answers)

 whats your favorite animal? (7 answers)

 whos hyper during school? (6 answers)

 i wanna... finish the question!!!! (2 answers)

 whats your favorite cookie? (5 answers)

 whats the best movie that you have seen in the last month or 2? (4 answers)

 what do you think i should do? i want my ex boyfriend back but then i dont wnat to go back out with him because i dont wnat to get hurt againa and ****. so tell me some things that i can do at school to make me try and forget about him??!!! PLEASE ME (4 answers)

 well me and robbie broke up and i cried like a lil baby! do you cry when you and your boyfriend break up? (5 answers)

 well i want to have a baby but my boyfriend is to young to have one and i dont have a job. so what do you think i should do? HELP (11 answers)

 are u a clean person? (8 answers)

 whats your favorite fast food?? (10 answers)

 how do you get over a break up??? (7 answers)

 what is more important the heart or mind? (4 answers)

 how many of you have boyfriends or girlfriends and how long as your relationship been?? (14 answers)

 what sport do you play? (12 answers)

 who is ****ing sick of skool?? beside me?! (11 answers)

 how many of you are excited for school?? (15 answers)

 how many times a day do you have sex?? (17 answers)

 when u watch porn does it make you horny?? lol (14 answers)

 how much weed have u smoked in a day??? (14 answers)

 do you like roast beef?? (11 answers)

 are u out of control (11 answers)

 today is my last day and its only a 1/2 day and i am happy!! we had exams and i didnt do one of them. I HATE SCHOOL (4 answers)

 whats the funniest and dirtiest game that you have played with the opposite sex or with the same sex?? (6 answers)

 would you rather die slow or fast?? (12 answers)

 in my 2004-2005 school year we had one danny die at our school and then today we had another one die and they were my friends and i am sad!!):):) (5 answers)

 whats your favorite 40?? dont know what ever josh hartley had (4 answers)

 have you ever got a beer bottle smashed over your head like i did may 27Th 2005?? (4 answers)

 do you think mike jones is hot??? (4 answers)

 whats your favorite member or blink 182?? (6 answers)

 for guys: whats the most you have done with a girl?? (3 answers)

 for girls: do you like it when guys grab your ass and your tits?? (8 answers)

 whats the most you have done with a guy or girl?? (6 answers)

 how many kids do you want?? i want 2 (13 answers)

 whats your favorite name in the whole world?? (8 answers)

 who would **** me?? (12 answers)

 who is all going to prom and what is it like?? (6 answers)

 do you like strawberry shortcake or my lil pony?? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite carebear? (8 answers)

 CONSERVE WATER SHOWER WITH A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13 answers)

 who likes to write notes during school like me and my best friend charity??? (5 answers)

 what kind of car do you have right know or do you want?? (9 answers)

 skate or snowboarding?? (5 answers)

 do you think its kewl when boys fight boys and girls hit girls?? i love fights there awesome!! (7 answers)

 do any of you girls like guys who wear sandles?? (10 answers)

 pontiac or caddy?? (10 answers)

 do looks matter to anyone?? (16 answers)

 hollister or pacsun?? (9 answers)

 favorite thing to wear?? (9 answers)

 who like to wear thongs?? (15 answers)

 why do guys freak out about girls when they are on there periods?? (9 answers)

 black or red?? (15 answers)

 who likes william hung??? besides me lol (5 answers)

 favorite cd/music?? (7 answers)

 who hates when little preppy bitches think they are all that?? i am going to kill them!! (11 answers)

 looks or personality?? or both?? (10 answers)

 whats better pink or blue?? (12 answers)

 who thinks its alright to be a little childish at times (14 answers)

 GIT-R-DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (5 answers)

 woop cream or choclate syrup?? (9 answers)

 who smokes ciggarettes?? (21 answers)

 whats your zodiac sign?? (16 answers)

 whats your favorite poptart?? (8 answers)

 do boys ever piss you off and then you just wnat to beat the **** out of them?? becuase thats how i am feeling right know?? (5 answers)

 for any of you girls do you hate it when all fo your guy friends talk about you having sex with a guy that they hate and they wont shut the hell up about that and they piss you off and then they make you wnat to cry!!! you know what i am saying?? (4 answers)

 shaved ***** or hairy *****'s?? (10 answers)

 big dicks or small dicks (8 answers)

 what do you pefure a dildo or a bananna?? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite kind of flavoed water (2 answers)

 whats the best thing during sex?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! (9 answers)

 favorite ice cream?? (5 answers)

 favorite food?? (4 answers)

 would you wnat twins or just one?? (11 answers)

 i am not trying to be sick or anyhing but i wnat to try this but i dont know if i should( getting ate out) HELP (9 answers)

 what flavor are u?? (8 answers)

 favorite snow cone?? what flavor?? (4 answers)

 who thinks paris hilton needs to grow some boobs and get a ****ing life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 black or white?? (4 answers)

 whos freacky!! lol (4 answers)

 jcpenny's or kohls?? (5 answers)

 how many of you watch american idol?? (3 answers)

 lindsay lohan or hilary duff?? HILARY!! (7 answers)

 who thinks brittney spears is going to be a good mom?? (5 answers)

 who thinks brittney and kevin make a good couple?? NOT ME!! (4 answers)

 christina aguliera or brittney spears?? CHRISTINA?? (8 answers)

 nicole richie or paris hilton?? (7 answers)

 usher or mario? (4 answers)

 how many of you shave your legs every week?? (12 answers)

 favorite gum?? (4 answers)

 favorite hair style?? straight or curly?? (7 answers)

 whats the most embarrissing thing that has happend to you?? (4 answers)

 mens deotarant or womens?? (4 answers)

 whats your favorite sport?? (7 answers)

 do you like to stick up for your friends or do you let them handle there own problems?? me i stick up for my friends (7 answers)

 summer or winter?? (6 answers)

 how many of you think your going to be a drug dealer when you get older?? everyone think i am going to be one!! (5 answers)

 favorite accessories?? (4 answers)

 do any of you GIRLS like to wear minnie skirts?? (6 answers)

 favorite purfume?? or cologne?? (9 answers)

 whats your favorite brand of jenas/ shoes?? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite lip gloss?? (4 answers)

 yellow card or simple plan?? (8 answers)

 whats your favorite color? (5 answers)

 avril lavigne or ashlee simpson?? (7 answers)

 tell me about your first date?? (1 answers)

 do any of your friends call you physco like i get called?? (6 answers)

 whats your favorite song? (4 answers)

 do any of you guys liek to play strip poker?? (6 answers)

 do any of you get scared because its friday the 13Th besides me?? (5 answers)

 who likes it when a guy kisses your neck or stomach besides me? (11 answers)

 what do you do when this nasty ass whore took away your best friends sister boyfriend?? beat the **** out of them or just let it be but i think beat the **** out of them...?? (4 answers)

 do you ever just wnat to through someone on the table and start ****ing them and it doesnt matter where you are (3 answers)

 what do you think about teen pregnancy?? (7 answers)

 whats the naughtiest thing you have ever done (3 answers)

 whats your favorite class in school and whos your favorite teacher and why??? (4 answers)

 apple juice or hawiian punch?? (9 answers)

 justin timerberlake or chad dont know his last name?? (5 answers)

 who wants dustin besides me (5 answers)

 what do all of you GIRLS like about guys??? (7 answers)

 what do all of you GUYS like on a girl????? (1 answers)

 do any of you BOYS like girls with big butts? (3 answers)

 sex sex sex what do you think about sex (9 answers)

 do any of you like school?? (6 answers)

 have any of you ever fell in love and who was it with and how did you guys fall in love?? (3 answers)

 do any of you people do drugs and what kind?? (5 answers)

 do you like lesbians?? and whats your opinion on gays, lesbians, and bi's (8 answers)

 how many beers or liquor have you drank in one night?? (4 answers)

 do you have any aniamals?? (5 answers)

 longest relationship!! (10 answers)

 what is your favorite movie?? (8 answers)

 what is better mashpotatoes or applesauce?? MASHPOTATOES!!! (6 answers)

 who is in love with mahpoattoes?? (3 answers)

 what makes you happy when you are down?? (8 answers)

 is any one a virgin?? (12 answers)

 do any girls/guys like older dudes or chicks?? (11 answers)

 whats your favorie beer?? (8 answers)

 when some one askes you out and you dont even know them or like them what the hell do you do?? (8 answers)

 do you like to masterbate?? (10 answers)

 preps or punks?? (9 answers)

 pepsi or coke?? (15 answers)

 do you like to have sex?? (14 answers)

 burger king or mcdonalds?? (15 answers)

 what have you done with another girl?? ( for girls) (13 answers)

 do you enjoy watching porn?? (9 answers)

 when you are in bed what do you like your partner to do to you to get turned on?? (10 answers)

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