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martina16's Q & A
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 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee rate my pics lol l dont have a lot of feedback!!! (1 answers)

 if u were to live in any era which one would u pick and why? l would loved to live in the 1800's victorian era (3 answers)

 say anything........................ (4 answers)

 are u a sensitive person? (6 answers)

 have u ever been in REAL trouble? (7 answers)

 are u enjoying summer? (6 answers)

 what time do u go to bed? (6 answers)

 if u had to choose would you die knowing love and the person breaking your heart or knowing love but never been in love? (3 answers)

 whats your favorite kind of cake? (6 answers)

 whats your favorite ethnic food? (7 answers)

 if u could do anything in the world what would it be? (3 answers)

 favorite person (4 answers)

 favorite place to be in the whole world or that u would like to go? (6 answers)

 whats your favorite jollyrancher flavor (6 answers)

 what r u thining about? (4 answers)

 rate my pics.............................................please (1 answers)

 do u think u would be friends with me or more if u got to know me? (5 answers)

 black or white? (3 answers)

 favorite candy bar? (6 answers)

 Whats ur most valuable posession? (4 answers)

 do u like to read? (7 answers)

 have u ever been to Europe? (5 answers)

 fav tv show when you were little (7 answers)

 fav colour (7 answers)

 Have u moved around a lot? (6 answers)

 someone anyone feedback on my pics would be appreciated thnks a lot (2 answers)

 are u in love? (5 answers)

 boredom (1 answers)

 mcdonalds, wendys, burger king or taco bell (5 answers)

 does your sibling annoy you? (6 answers)

 favorite kind of drink (3 answers)

 I am such a bubble gum addict (2 answers)

 Guys: whats your favorite scent on a girl? (1 answers)

 Girls: whats your favorite scent on a boy? (4 answers)

 guys: are u sweet? (5 answers)

 are u a good dancer? (6 answers)

 whats your favorite smell? (7 answers)

 if u could have the love of anyone exept fo your parents and family and friends who would it be? (5 answers)

 do u put others before yourself? (7 answers)

 whats the most attractive thing a girl can have for u guys out there? (3 answers)

 does anyone hate seafood l do (11 answers)

 what r doing this second? (9 answers)

 did u want something so bad but you knew u could never have it (3 answers)

 it so hot and humid here in canada (2 answers)

 do u like to laugh 1/2 of my life is spent laughing (6 answers)

 for those of you with long hair do you having to straight it everyday?ughhh such a pain (7 answers)

 tell me something interesting (4 answers)

 when was your first crush? (6 answers)

 l hate eating breakfast l cant eat till like 12 or l get sick (5 answers)

 have u ever wanted to kill someone with all your being? (7 answers)

 do u think u will have kids in the future? (8 answers)

 do u believe in saving yourself till marriage? (12 answers)

 someone care to talk anyone IM SO BORED today l have never been this bored (3 answers)

 say anything you want l am bored and dont know what to ask (5 answers)

 am l pretty look at my pics (6 answers)

 one thing u cant live without? (3 answers)

 when do u think u will get married (4 answers)

 vanilla or chocolate (3 answers)

 guys* what the most romantic thing u have done for a girl? (2 answers)

 OMG l am so bored anyone want to talk? (3 answers)

 anyone l meant* (2 answers)

 does any exercise l did l am so sore (6 answers)

 Do u like me? (4 answers)

 its hot (3 answers)

 what makes you cry? (3 answers)

 l hate dark chocolate its so bitter (3 answers)

 whats the worst thing u have ever done in life so far that u regret? (4 answers)

 do u believe in god? (6 answers)

 l am so bored wow (3 answers)

 fav. kind of chips (4 answers)

 so take your records take your freedom take your memories l dont need them........... (4 answers)

 love (5 answers)

 where are you? (4 answers)

 blonde or brunnette (5 answers)

 tell me something l dont know (3 answers)

 orange juice or apple juice? (4 answers)

 do mentally ill people scare you? (5 answers)

 what annoys you? (5 answers)

 have ur cake and eat it too? (4 answers)

 this might sound weird but does anyone like guys that have a lot of veins in their hands and u could see them (4 answers)

 fav eye color? (7 answers)

 sweet or sour? (7 answers)

 is anyone else reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bored? (8 answers)

 Whats your favorite weather? l like rain (9 answers)

 Do u believe the end of the world is ever going to come? (7 answers)

 If the end of the world came right now whats your first thought that comes to mind? (9 answers)

 Whats your mood right now? (9 answers)

 Sugar or salt what cant you live without? (8 answers)

 If you could change your life with someone who would it be? (5 answers)

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