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marthamoose's Q & A
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 Do you have a job? how frequently do you work? (2 answers)

 How frequently do you wash your hands...? (4 answers)

 Would you rather drown or burn to death? (4 answers)

 can you name 5 colours that start with the letter b.... (6 answers)

 do you have buttons on your PJ's.... if you wear them of course! (2 answers)

 Jeez, Boy George is all england needs... another queen who cant dress... (2 answers)

 if you could invent a holiday, what would it be for? (2 answers)

 are you obsessive? about what? (5 answers)

 what are you thinking.... (3 answers)

 AHHHHHHHHH.... im like a mini version of my mom.... how did that ever happen???? of course, im much nicer though (4 answers)

 have you ever sat and actively thought... hey, ima real live boy/girl?? (4 answers)

 what do you think about the way crimes are dealt with in your country? (2 answers)

 if the sky was green and the grass was blue would the water in the lakes be pink........ (3 answers)

 whats the best flavour ice cream ever??? (4 answers)

 why the hell do we always find ourselves saying sorry, when really we dont give a flying fcuk? (3 answers)

 and the worst prezzie ever recieved is...... what?? (3 answers)

 there seems to be so much confusion over smarties... the smarties i like are the brittish ones, dunno if you get them anywhere else... can you? (4 answers)

 ever walk into a room then walk back out cuz you forgot what you went in for? (6 answers)

 smarties as in the chocolates.... the multicoloured ones, with the coloured outside bits and choc in the middle (4 answers)

 when you were a baby did you have those terry toweling nappies or disposable ones? (2 answers)

 are smarties just buttons in a jacket (3 answers)

 name an example of the following: a colour, a food, a verb (doing word), and an animal... what do you get! (6 answers)

 do you believe in miricles? (3 answers)

 if you swap the first letter/two letters of your last name with the first one of yourfirst name, what are you called? im Clane Jark! (7 answers)

 what do you think about the british royal family? a farse, waste of time, good idea....... (2 answers)

 do you think those Robosapians are cool? (2 answers)

 why bother with anything...... (2 answers)

 i love mooses!! anyone like any strange animals....? (2 answers)

 what kinda phone do you have (mobile cell phone) (1 answers)

 im like he only one asking Q's. whats everyone else doing??? (2 answers)

 is life black and white or different shades of gray? (2 answers)

 fluffy c is a meany... am i really that strange?? (1 answers)

 regrets.... come on.... reveal all! (3 answers)

 are you a good friend? (4 answers)

 whats the last thing youve said.... i said **** about 2 mins ago n have been silent since... (5 answers)

 why do people find it so funny to fart in other peoples faces... i think its gross! (3 answers)

 do you always get asked to do stuff right when your in the middle of something? (1 answers)

 does anyone actually find those "soothing noises" actually soothing... like those dolphin squeels (3 answers)

 do you ever crave really strange things... like paper or coal.... (2 answers)

 do you like slippers or not... i only ike the silky ones (2 answers)

 have you ever actually sat and watched paint dry...? (2 answers)

 indian or chinese food?? (2 answers)

 is it fair that i got detention for laughing at my teacher when she fell over? (2 answers)

 does anyone else have parents who talk about the most disturbing seex stuff... (4 answers)

 white or red wine... or none (3 answers)

 bagpuss rocks!!! agree.... disagree? (2 answers)

 how do they put the bubbles in bubble wrap? (2 answers)

 do you ever wonder if the light in the fridge goes out when you close the door (1 answers)

 most romantic place in the world is......... (3 answers)

 whats your worst fear (2 answers)

 whats your fav quote or saying? (6 answers)

 if you had a choice between being rich and lonely, or in poverty but had friends which would you choose? (3 answers)

 do you have any pets... what are they called? (4 answers)

 why is the sky blue? why not green or purple? (2 answers)

 do you believe in ghosts? (4 answers)

 are you a rebel or an angel (3 answers)

 if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? (2 answers)

 who is your fav character from Friends (mines Phoebe) (4 answers)

 what kind of toilet seat have you got... a boring one, or one of those funny ones? (8 answers)

 would you ever go out with someone as a dare... or have you? (6 answers)

 and fav non-alcoholic drink (5 answers)

 fav alcoholic drink? (6 answers)

 what colour would you be if you were a crayon!!? (7 answers)

 do you want kids? girls/boys... (9 answers)

 the film or the book... (6 answers)

 have you ever thought about killing yourself? (soz bout depressing Q) (6 answers)

 if you could completley get rid of one thing in the world what would it be? why!? (7 answers)

 do you believe in God in the christian sense? (9 answers)

 if you had to choose, would you pick your mom or dad? (8 answers)

 if you could change one aspect about yourself what would it be? (4 answers)

 How are u (8 answers)

 Whats ur fav choccie? (4 answers)

 What kinda traditions do you do throughout the year? (4 answers)

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