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madaboutjess's Q & A
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 Curiosity, relinquishment, lightness, evenness, argument, empiricism, simplicity, humility, perfectionism, precision, scholarship, and the void. Can i attain these? (1 answers)

 If you could date/marry and fictional literary character whom would you choose? (12 answers)

 If you had to create your own hell for yourself to be tormented in, what would you create? (7 answers)

 Whats the most played song in your itunes library? (10 answers)

 Whats the most points you've ever won? I just got over 1k for the first time ever!! (6 answers)

 For anime nerds. Have you ever cried watching anime? And what anime was it? (11 answers)

 glorifythetruth: yes...cowboy bebop
 SerenaLH: I'm not an amine fan really at all. I never really liked it, but however.. I did watch the whole Full Metal Alchemist show set and I did some serrrrious tearing up during that. I ended up loving the show.
 lil_pootz_gurl85: i cried during ghost in the shell but it might have been cuz of the shrooms...
 Michael_ave_satanas: uhm, idk.... i know i have. i dont remember. lol
 RangerTed6: Yea but I don't remeber which one it was...I think some episode of Helsing
 boxocereal: I don't get the hype.
 kittyg_2010: Yeah..... I cried while watching Inuyasha. It was the episode describing how Kikyo dies and how Inuyasha and her loved eachother.... I AM a nerd...
 amor102: Yeah and there have been a few.
 ilove4h: No but my son is a Nerd :) <3

 What are some "feel good" movies for you? (11 answers)

 Do you ever become so infatuated with something it gives you energy? (9 answers)

 What are some of your farvorite youtube videos? (23 answers)

 Anyone here seen the movie BenX? What did you think of it if you have? (5 answers)

 For those of you who are sexually active whats the longest you've gone with out it? (17 answers)

 Do you have any favorite short stories on here? (13 answers)

 What is your favorite bottled beer? (16 answers)

 Do you ever wake up and feel like you died in your sleep? (14 answers)

 Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that was so moving that it has or almost has brought you to tears? (21 answers)

 What are some of your favorite foreign songs/bands? (16 answers)

 What are some cool bass riffs to learn? (11 answers)

 Everyone judges, regardless of what they say. So why do you think to ask not to be judged? (11 answers)

 What are some easy cool songs to learn on an acoustic guitar? (13 answers)

 Thoughts and feelings on Wicked: the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West? (26 answers)

 If you could live the life of any one person from a book you've read who would it be and why? (27 answers)

 Who was your favorite character from The Hobbit? (16 answers)

 How do you kill that part of yourself that lets you constantly hurt yourself? (24 answers)

 Do you have faith in Humanity? (29 answers)

 Im looking for some book recommendations. If you could read only one book again what book would it be? (38 answers)

 For those who have truly lost someone they loved in a break up, what did you do to cope following the break up? (18 answers)

 Im looking for a good book to read, can anyone suggest one? (52 answers)

 What kind of music do you like to listen to? (64 answers)

 Who would win in a fight, Dumbeldore or Gandalf? Why?  (49 answers)

 Anybody ever see the movie Legend starring Tom Cruise?  (27 answers)

 Who do you think would win in a gun fight, Vash the Stampede or Spike Spiegel?al (25 answers)

 Which is better, to have loved and lost or to never have loved before?  (48 answers)

 Who do you think's funnier, Peter Griffin of Homer Simpson?  (56 answers)

 Who would win in a fight, Munchkins from Oz or Oompa Loompa's from Willy Wonka/  (36 answers)

 True or False? A turtle can breathe out of his but.  (22 answers)

 Who was your favorite character from Boy Meets World.  (38 answers)

 Tell me a joke.  (35 answers)

 I miss Daria, anyone else miss Daria?  (38 answers)

 What happened to Clone High, I miss that show?  (23 answers)

 Any Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fans?  (15 answers)

 What's the ideal date for you ladies.  (26 answers)

 Anybody else besides me miss Rocko's Modern Life?  (33 answers)

 Who's your favourite Star Wars character? (36 answers)

 Who's your favourite Lord of the Rings character? (42 answers)

 Who's your favourite Harry Potter character? (45 answers)

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