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littleducky1308's Q & A
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littleducky1308 has 71 questions total.
littleducky1308 has answered a total of 264 other questions.

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 True and Proud American right here.... whos with me? (2 answers)

 Guys...What is a good way to get you going? (6 answers)

 Who here likes Papa Roach? If so whats your fav song by them? (5 answers)

 Why do alot of the guys on here have questions about just sex? (3 answers)

 Whats your pet peeve? (3 answers)

 boxocereal: Rude people.
 some_guy_from_virginia: people who blow their nose at the table, people who chew loudly, and when people go so slow they don't even do the speed limit.

 Guys.. what do you think of a chick being a firefighter? (8 answers)

 If you could change something about your past would you? What would you change? (4 answers)

 : / I think I need a hug. (5 answers)

 Don't you just HATE the snowball effect? Kinda like things are getting worse and worse. (5 answers)

 what are you supposed to say when your friend starts cutting herself cause her b/f dumped her.... and her b/f is ur cousin? (8 answers)

 Who thinks Bam is hott? Cause I want him.... (6 answers)

 What are your views on life? (11 answers)

 I need to talk to a guy on here about some guy problems Im having... any takers? (7 answers)

 Im going to bed now... who will miss me? (2 answers)

 What are you afraid of the most? (5 answers)

 Who plays sports and what? (3 answers)

 Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom (5 answers)

 Who here is into dancing? (9 answers)

 How many guys on here are into punk chicks? (4 answers)

 (Guys) What do you look for in a chick? (3 answers)

 Life Lesson: Life sucks and then you die..... tie a broken heart in there too. (6 answers)

 Would you ever dump someone on aol? (6 answers)

 Has anyone ever been so scared that their blood runs cold? (4 answers)

 What was the last concert you went to? (9 answers)

 Who here has ever thought of running away? (9 answers)

 Has anyone ever seen a ghost or something freaky like that? (8 answers)

 What are your views of chain letters? (3 answers)

 Revenge is a bitch... whos with me?! (4 answers)

 How do you get pics off the internet and into your photo album? (2 answers)

 Whats your favorite My Chemical Romance song? (8 answers)

 I hate being sick? Anyone else? (7 answers)

 Who here can I talk to. I just need to open up to someone about somethings. (6 answers)

 Is anyone play a guitar? (11 answers)

 Who here has ever made out in the pouring down rain? (13 answers)

 What is the most romantic fantasy? (7 answers)

 does anyone like Rob Zombie here?Whats your favorite song? (6 answers)

 Who loves my sexy Aumo as much as I do?!?! (4 answers)

 Whats your favorite song? (12 answers)

 What celebrity do you think is hot? (7 answers)

 The people in my head say you are strange... they also say your hott! (6 answers)

 What kind of chicks are guys into? preps, punks, cowgirls? (3 answers)

 has anyone been upset to the point of tears, but they dont know why? (7 answers)

 what was the scariest/craziest dream you ever had? (5 answers)

 what was the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? (3 answers)

 What do guys look for in chicks? YOu know clothes?Looks? (3 answers)

 anyone have any phobia? (10 answers)

 who here is into Shakespeare? (5 answers)

 Who listens to my chemical Romance? (7 answers)

 What was the scariest thing that has ever happened to you? (1 answers)

 ill be on later.. who will miss me? (1 answers)

 If you could choose your own death, how would you go out? (7 answers)

 Has anyone seen the movie Saw? (4 answers)

 What was the craziest dream you ever had? (2 answers)

 Who hates typing class. I do and Im in it right now... yaya (4 answers)

 I wanna add some people to my buddy list? Who wants to be my friend? (8 answers)

 Has anyone ever thought that what they are doing isnt real. Kinda like everything is made up. (5 answers)

 What is better truth that brings a tears, or a lie that brings a smile (4 answers)

 What is your least favorite celeberity? (4 answers)

 If you could change something about your past would you? What would you change? (5 answers)

 If you would die in one week what would you do? (7 answers)

 Single or Taken? (21 answers)

 What do you think you would be considered? You know punk, prep, jock... (8 answers)

 Why is it that a chick who doesnt do anything with a guy is a slut, but a chick who does stuff with a guy isnt a slut? (4 answers)

 Can some of you guys please read a couple of my poems? I really want to know what people think of them..... especially the one that I put in like 5 seconds ago called Tattered Red Dress (3 answers)

 I like to give advice... if anyone needs advice come to me cause I feel like helping someone right now. (4 answers)

 Does anyone have and theme song for one of their friendships? I do (5 answers)

 Who ever has family in a fire dept should check out my poem about firemen (1 answers)

 Has anyone ever continously dreamed of a guy that you have never met? (7 answers)

 What is your favorite Shakespeare play? Mine is Romeo and Juliet (7 answers)

 Why do you build me up buttercup? Baby just to let me down. And mess me around...... anyone else like that song? (7 answers)

 Does anyone write poetry here? (13 answers)

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