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little_lyne's Q & A
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 If you anwser the question below this one corectly, i will answer 5 of your questions (3 answers)

 6,11,18,27,...,45. Wuts in the ... (6 answers)

 Did you ever go to Wonderland? I did yesterday and, on the way to go there, i got sick :-s... (2 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 BRIBRI_01509: No.

 I'm All alone now!!! AHH IM SCARED!! (3 answers)

 Im bored (3 answers)

 What do u think of publicity? (2 answers)

 Hey misten DJ would you turn the music up (3 answers)

 What do you think about the song *just a lil bit* of 50 cent? Personally, i hate it (3 answers)

 I open my eyes, i try to see but im blinded by the white light (3 answers)

 What does PP means to you? (3 answers)

 How many questions do you have? (5 answers)

 Do you think temp_temp is annoying? (4 answers)

 I wonder who tough: "I'll eat the first thing that comes up that chicken ass!" (3 answers)

 Do you know french? (7 answers)

 How could this happen to me? (3 answers)

 Its a joke like totally!!! (2 answers)

 I g2g pee. But im toooooo lazy to get up so i need Goodnights (3 answers)

 im online now! (2 answers)

 I did a nice bracelet. Are you proud of me??? (4 answers)

 Do you like mulets? (5 answers)

 Do you like Mohawks? (7 answers)

 Whats your favorit movie this year *yeah im original* and why is it your choice? (3 answers)

 Do you think there's more gurls then guys on studentcenter?? (6 answers)

 Do you ever heard of the sisterhood of the traveling pants?? If soo, how did you like it? (6 answers)

 What temperatur is at yours? (7 answers)

 I WANT A BF!!! (16 answers)

 i have a cold (7 answers)

 no one knows me (7 answers)

 check my personality and check how compatible we r! (5 answers)

 I have a friend that told me she go out with a guy but, i talked to him and he said no. who should i trust cuz i think my friend lied to have atention *another friend just had a bf* or is the other guy is lying its a shame?? *sry for mistakes (3 answers)

 did u know that 90% of crimes are caused by drugs? (10 answers)

 OMG i hate commercials, i always have the songs in my head!!! AHHH (6 answers)

 Im Scared (7 answers)

 can u hate and love at the same time? (6 answers)

 Anyone have a website, mine is www.simpleplanfanwebsite.piczo.com (3 answers)

 anyone wanna talk to me??? (3 answers)

 is it normal that i like guys that r contrary from me?? (4 answers)

 whats AFI?? (10 answers)

 im not at school right now and im bored!!!!!!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 Did you ever met someone that have alot in common with u that i was scary? (7 answers)

 who's your fav signer? (6 answers)

 Is it normal that, in the past, like 1 week ago, i used to have like 10 tags per day, and now, i have like 0? (3 answers)

 :-( in these days, i dont received message, thats weird (2 answers)

 Do you care about St-Patrick day? I dont. (7 answers)

 sup? (5 answers)

 want me to leave feedback at your pic?? (10 answers)

 who wants me to rate their pics? (6 answers)

 is there some food that you r addicted??? Mine is like round pepper mint (6 answers)

 I like adding questions that like r songs.... they r not really questions, Do you? (3 answers)

 YoU mAkE mE wAnNa LaLa (8 answers)

 If your online now, say hello as an answer of this question (10 answers)

 I walk this lonely road, the only one that i have ever known (9 answers)

 How is high school or how was high school? (13 answers)

 wuts your fav sport? (10 answers)

 YAY I have 488 answers!!! *i have count them all!! *omg i ahve no life** LOL (3 answers)

 I just wanna live! (8 answers)

 im online now! (5 answers)

 i need help! no one like me (7 answers)

 do you like my cat? (9 answers)

 do you think i ahve too much of questions? (5 answers)

 ahhhhh im bored!!! i think ill go to sleep.... but i dont want too!! btu i want tooo but i dont want toooo!!! Wut should i do??? (4 answers)

 I never have anyhing to do, im a looser! (8 answers)

 Do you like Jessy Makartney??? *sry if its spell right* personally, i dont like him.. (11 answers)

 welcome to my life *sry radio! (5 answers)

 Im not at school rihgt now, im going to the orthodentist in like 1 hour, and i have nothing to do!!! (3 answers)

 99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer, you take one down you pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall *continu the song! (3 answers)

 100 bottles of beer on the wall.... (8 answers)

 can i have your roses?? (7 answers)

 *BOYS ONLY* do you have a pic?? (7 answers)

 do you have a pic? (10 answers)

 R u BORED??? (5 answers)

 LOL (3 answers)

 Automatic, supersonic, hip, naughty funky fresh! (7 answers)

 i feal like ice cream (3 answers)

 Im playing Holdem Poker!! (2 answers)

 ByE all, im going to take my shower and i dont think ill be back after!! If u can find my house u can come in the shower with me :-) lol im joking!! I WANNA TAKE MY SHOWER ALONE!! (4 answers)

 I AM BORED!!!!! (3 answers)

 I tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it *i love this song!!* (2 answers)

 do you like tulips?? (5 answers)

 do you like roses? *personally, i like better tulips* (9 answers)

 whats your fav song?? (10 answers)

 wuts your fav class in school?? (11 answers)

 whats your fav sport?? (7 answers)

 I just ate chiness!! (4 answers)

 Im sooooo bored!!!! (3 answers)

 im blue dabededabedy!! (4 answers)

 d you ever feel like breaking down? (7 answers)

 wut you think bout valentine day?? (6 answers)

 pepsi or coke? (16 answers)

 *BOYS* whats the perfect gurl for you? (5 answers)

 How lucky i am??? Its valentine day and theres no school so i wont see all the couples together :-D (11 answers)

 *GIRLS ONLY* how bad r your pms?? (16 answers)

 im slepy right now i think ill go to sleep!!! BUHBYE and good night!!! (2 answers)

 Why is it than when a boy is a playa, hes considered a pro, but when a gurl tries the game she’s considered a hoe (4 answers)

 If you want breakfast in bed- sleep in the kitchen!! (3 answers)

 I hate ppl who ask mroe questions then they answer!! Do you hate them?? (4 answers)

 Do you like taking showers?? *I LOVE IT* (10 answers)

 is it me or my question r boring cuz no one answer them... (4 answers)

 have you been addicted to something?? *i dont talk about drugs or everything* Personally, im addicted to simple plan :-S (4 answers)

 omg i anwser 10 time more than i have of questions!! (3 answers)

 im desperate!! (11 answers)

 Ok for couple, valentine day is a great day, btu the person that invented it didn't think about lonely ppl?? (5 answers)

 omg i was top 2 in video poker and i didn't cash out!!! GOSH!!! (2 answers)

 if u like simple plan send me a msg!! *im a big fan on them! (3 answers)

 OK, im trying to do a little survey, what do u prefer between dogs and cats, explain why! Ill post the anwsers when my question wont be in the last 10 questions posted! (7 answers)

 im tired so good night **kisses** (3 answers)

 im bored, are you? (6 answers)

 what time is at yours? *here its 12:21* (10 answers)

 why r u online this late? *I am because its the weak of the exam and o dont ahve one tomorow :P* (5 answers)

 Do you like simple plan? why? (10 answers)

 kalina, i knwo u love to ask questions but can u shut up for like 1 second!! (4 answers)

 can u talk french? (18 answers)

 y is there ppl that always ask questions but never answer yours? (7 answers)

 If YoUr HaPpY aNd YoU kNoW cLaP yOuR hAnD *big silents from me* (5 answers)

 Do you ever flirt with a guy and it was a joke, but u fall in love with him?? then u finaly learn that he blocked u? How did u feel? *if your a guy just change it...* (3 answers)

 whats your biggest wish? (5 answers)

 how can i get my moral boosted up? (3 answers)

 what do you think of simple plan? (8 answers)

 Do you ever felt so down because of a guy/gurl when u wasn't even going out with him/her? (8 answers)

 Can you answer my questions and if u answer them, i'll go answer them *i'm pretty bored*  (11 answers)

 Do you like rockets??? *the candies* (9 answers)

 Where is Cock Fighting????  (13 answers)

 what do you think of my profile? leave me a message!  (12 answers)

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