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k4m1k4z3's Q & A
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 Do Girls Ever Get Horny At School? (13 answers)

 I like Making out. im sure alota ppl do. Tell us about your first time. (13 answers)

 Would you not go out with a guy with braces? (20 answers)

 If there was 10 minutes left on earth what would you do? (16 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't know.
 Sw33testSin: 10 minutes?!? I'd deffintly fuck all S3XY people i've met in my life, cuz theres nooo way ima die a virgin! ;)
 skaterchickmx: have sex? haha
 Kaye_bee002: Find u and tell u "Hi"
 cheshire_cat: roll a joint real quick-like, and then run around like a chicken with my head cut off. i dunno...i suppose somethin along those lines
 _Lisa_: i dunno probably rape (well not litteralt i dont think i need to) my bf lol
 HOTTIE4evr: listening/dancing to my most favorite songs.
 StewmxPacSunChic96: Do everything Im scared to do, like lost my virginity hehe..Just do really stupid shit.
 ~faerie-dust~: First i could scream from the shock! Then there are two possibilities from here on: 1. I might go insane, go outside, and dance my heart out (or something of that nature) for the rest of the time. -or- 2. I would call everyone that i love and tell them how much i love them, and then climb on top of the roof of my house (which i have always wanted to do :P) and take in everything that i see, for by then the reality of things would have hit me and i would want to truely feel life, breathe it in. ^_^
 jimmyg25: masturbate
 Charity_Kaya: If there was only ten munites left on Earth i would tell everyone exactly what i thought. i would hold my loved ones close and be with my family. i would say all the things ive always wanted to say to my closest friends. it would be an emotional time but i would be completly relived and would have no worries about life after death. I would feel FREE.
 sexyangel333: id makeout wit u...lol...j/p:P
 HeavenlieAllie: hmm.. maybe lose my virginity.. lol maybe.. =P and i would do everything i always wanted to do.. and tell everyone how i really felt about them
 Poetic_Mystique: I had a dream once where the earth was ending and people were getting tickets for planes for heaven or something...But yeah,I would want to be with my best friend probably.
 jetjetters: call my best friend and tell her i love her and call this guy and tell him i love him
 BlOoDy_VaLeNtInE: Blow it up!JK hmmmm i would probably Get my friend Really fast go rent a plane and full fill her dreams of Sky diving<dis is a big deal since i HAte heights. B you OWE me!

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