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just_some_idiot's Q & A
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 Boys in waistcoats.. Yes or No? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: I'm with Kayli_Christine lol .. I mean I've heard of waistcoats before but I can't picture one.
 Kayli_Christine: What's a waistcoat? I feel retarded now..lol
 Rivergem: Yes! If they can pull it off.
 punkie123: both...

 Did anyone else have a deathly fear of Robocop when you were a wee lad or lass? (8 answers)

 So, what makes youuuu so special? (16 answers)

 Is the only way up? (11 answers)

 Whats the best way to cure a bad case of boredom? (19 answers)

 Aww does anyone remember Playdays? Best kids show ever. Whats your favourite classic kids TV show from your youth? (10 answers)

 When was the last time you felt truely, blissfully happy? (13 answers)

 What's the best way to get what you want? (16 answers)

 Anyone see the american version of The Office? Which do you prefer? (12 answers)

 Recommend me a band/artist you think I should be listening too... (23 answers)

 If your house was on fire and you only had time to take one thing with you, what would you take? (22 answers)

 Who is your new favourite band? (37 answers)

 When was the last time you laughed so hard you started crying? (21 answers)

 Would you say your open-minded? (28 answers)

 Would you rather be thought of as a funny man or a great boss?  (18 answers)

 What CD is in your player right now?  (43 answers)

 Are you a cool kid?  (25 answers)

 What was the last thing you drank?  (40 answers)

 What are you thinking about right now?... be honest  (29 answers)

 Batman or Robin?  (22 answers)

 Who's the greatest comedian ever?  (28 answers)

 What image is on your desktop wallpaper?  (31 answers)

 Look over your left shoulder.. what do you see?  (27 answers)

 Do you like dancing in the rain?  (23 answers)

 Would you eat meat from a cloned animal?  (15 answers)

 Sunset or Sunrise?  (22 answers)

 On a scale of 1-10 (1 being ugly, 10 being wow!) what would you rate yourself?  (24 answers)

 If you could be a Bond girl, what would your name be?  (11 answers)

 what's the most embarassing album you own?  (27 answers)

 when was the last time someone told you they loved you?  (22 answers)

 Spiderman or Wolverine?  (27 answers)

 what magazine/newspaper do you read?  (26 answers)

 when was the last time u saw a band live and who were they?  (27 answers)

 what was the last album u brought?  (25 answers)

 whats better: long hair or short hair?  (22 answers)

 does anybody remember the film 'IT'? u no, the scary clown...  (15 answers)

 what colour is ur bedroom?  (25 answers)

 how big is ur bed?  (28 answers)

 anyone watch The Office? (9 answers)

 if u could kill anyone, who would u kill? (21 answers)

 does anyone from the usa know who robbie williams is? (24 answers)

 whats ur fave words? (27 answers)

 what is the last CD u bought? (26 answers)

 ONE WORD ANSWER: WAR yes or no? (32 answers)

 if u could only pick one would it be: sex, drugs or rock n roll? (48 answers)

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