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joe_keng's Q & A
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 Continue this to make a story.. Add a word into the existing sentence. Start it with.. "It was a hot and sunny day. Jason was walking along the road and he......" (5 answers)

 boxocereal: pissed.
 JasiVAndGUnion: ran into a pole. While he was unconscience his mortal nemesis, Jasi (that's me) kicked his butt while sucking his super powers away from him. MWAHAHAHA!!!! The End.
 sexygreen90: slipped on a baby frog and fell in the sewer. there he met the girl of his dreams Lava girl. they got married and had five lava sewer babies. the end.
 Anakin_virgin: notice a dark figure a few feet ahead. He slowed his pace, the figure was huge, but motionless. He stooped down and grabed a small sharp rock just then, while he was down in a squat, the figure moved and Jason jumped up quick and the figure did the same. He was still a few feet away, but he knew what stood infont of him and dared not to out run it, yet that is human nature,so as he turned to sprint from the 600 pound black bear, all he could think of was what the hell made him want to hike that day.
 penpen15: saw a toad, so he kissed it, "if frogs can be princes, toads can be princesses" he said to himself. It turned out, the toad was just a toad and Jason ended up inflicted with a HUGE warts diease that traveled from his mouth all over his body. He was outcasted to a mental asylum after trying to kill himself 500+ times, by slitting his wrists with a plastic knife.

 If you are given a chance to go to a planet of your choice, which planet would it be and why? (3 answers)

 If you are given a chance, which famous person that you want to be? And why? (3 answers)

 What are the latest movies that you have watched? (9 answers)

 What have you accomplished this year? (9 answers)

 Do you have Facebook? (7 answers)

 Have you watched the Harry Potter movie that was released recently? If yes, how was it? (5 answers)

 Have you read the new Harry Potter book? If yes, how was it? (5 answers)

 What is your total points which you have collected until now? (5 answers)

 Arts or science? (21 answers)

 How do you think of Asian girls? (13 answers)

 How many questions have you posted so far? (13 answers)

 What do you want most for your birthday? (17 answers)

 Do you know about the recent military coup in Thailand? (7 answers)

 Do you have a grudge on someone now and why? (8 answers)

 Spell your names backwards and see what it spells!!! (21 answers)

 What is your favourite day of the year? (14 answers)

 Radio or TV? (13 answers)

 Would you have a one night stand with a person you dont know but you admire him/her? (11 answers)

 Who is your favourite actress? (11 answers)

 How long have you slept(the most in a day)? (10 answers)

 How many questions have you answered here so far? (10 answers)

 What is your total points which you have collected until now? (7 answers)

 Do you know what lol stands for? (19 answers)

 I have edited my profile and font!!! How do u think of it? (6 answers)

 What model of cell phone are you using? (17 answers)

 Do you have a car? (21 answers)

 Feel so lucky that I won 50000 chips in the casino game, Pick em Quick!!!! (6 answers)

 How long have you been a member of student? (19 answers)

 Are the photos that i put looks nice? (5 answers)

 Do check out on my profile!!!! Tell me how can I improve.... (4 answers)

 Is my profile page ok? (5 answers)

 What is everyone doing? (9 answers)

 Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff? (18 answers)

 Do you believe in love at first sight? (22 answers)

 Sandwich or burger? (21 answers)

 Who is your favourite Disney characters? (14 answers)

 Bread or oat for breakfast? (11 answers)

 What is your dream job? (16 answers)

 Who knows about Malaysian foods? (8 answers)

 How much is your streak for Daily SCN? (7 answers)

 What is the most precious gift that you had received? From who? (9 answers)

 What is your greatest fear? (14 answers)

 Do come to my profile sometimes....... (4 answers)

 Who would admit that he/she is not a virgin anymore? (18 answers)

 What would you do if a best friend of yours deceives you? (7 answers)

 Which website would you go to straight after you come online? (12 answers)

 If you are the Secretary General of UN now, what would you do about the recent wars and conflicts? (2 answers)

  If you are being chosen as a leader of your country, what would you implement in your country? (3 answers)

 What games do you ussually play? (6 answers)

 Who is your idol?(any kind) (7 answers)

 What's the name of your country's national anthem? (14 answers)

 Do you think the world conflict right now will stop in 2 years time and there's not any war in the world? (8 answers)

 For girls, are your hair curly or straight? (21 answers)

 Do you smoke? (27 answers)

 what will you do if a person of a same sex says he/she loves you? (12 answers)

 What is your favourite quote? (16 answers)

 what is your favourite subject? (15 answers)

 What's your favourite food? (14 answers)

 Do leave some comments for the photos in the folder "My Friends"!!! (3 answers)

 What are you doing now? (11 answers)

 For girls, who would say that you yourself is pretty? (14 answers)

 What's the lamest joke that you have ever heard? (6 answers)

 Do answer my questions too!!! (7 answers)

 Anyone here into Mathematics? (19 answers)

 Who likes Chemistry? (17 answers)

 Which horoscope are you? I'm Libra!!! (23 answers)

 Which sports do you like the most? (23 answers)

 When's your country's independence day? Mine is 31st of august!!! (20 answers)

 Do come and rate and give comments on my photos.... All are welcome!!! (4 answers)

 How old are you and how old is your bf/gf? (23 answers)

 How long have you talked on the phone(the longest)? (22 answers)

 I have created a group for Avril's fans!!!! Those who are fans of her, do join this group.... http://groups.student.com/groups/AvrilFansClub (5 answers)

 What's your favourite movie of all time? (15 answers)

 Who is your favourite actor? (18 answers)

 Are you a male or female? (26 answers)

 Do rate my hotties profile!!!! (5 answers)

 Any Christians here? (14 answers)

 What do you prefer? A cup of coffee or tea?? Why? (14 answers)

 Are you a positive or negative thinking person? (16 answers)

 So few fans of Avril out there!!! (11 answers)

 Weight!!! Post your weight here!!!! (16 answers)

 Heights!!!! Post how tall are you here... (24 answers)

 Any Linkin Park fans here? (12 answers)

 Any gays or lesbians here? (13 answers)

 What would you do if you have a million dollars in your own country's currency? (9 answers)

 Who have a Hotties profile? (7 answers)

 If an unknown person says he/she loves you, what would you react? (7 answers)

 What year are you born in? (20 answers)

 What field of studies are you majoring in? (11 answers)

 Those who have msn or friendster, do leave your email address here and I will add all of you soon!!!! (3 answers)

 Would you feel sad to break up with your gf/bf who cheats you? (10 answers)

 If given a chance, which country would you want to go? (10 answers)

 Are you in a relationship now? How long had it been going on? (13 answers)

 What makes you very frustrated? (8 answers)

 If you had 3 chances to change something in the world, what would you change? (4 answers)

 What is your mood right now? (8 answers)

 Which country are you from? (20 answers)

 When and how old did you have your first kiss? (18 answers)

 What does first kiss means to you? (8 answers)

 Have you had your first kiss? (14 answers)

 What's your biggest fear? (11 answers)

 Do anyone know about Malaysia? (10 answers)

 Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings? Why? (16 answers)

 Hillary Duff or Avril Lavigne? Why? (11 answers)

 Do you like Avril Lavigne?? Why or why not?? (12 answers)

 Who is the person that have a great impact in your life and why? (12 answers)

 What is your favourite song and who sang it? Why do you like the song? (9 answers)

 What would you do if suddenly the person that you admire the most propose to you? (8 answers)

 Who is your favourite singer and why you like him/her? (8 answers)

 What's the biggest regret in your life? (12 answers)

 Who is the most treasure person in your life and why? (10 answers)

 What's the meaning of love? (11 answers)

 What makes people happy the most? (12 answers)

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