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jess8teen's Q & A
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 whats with all the sex questions? Desperate? (5 answers)

 Do you laugh more cry more or get mad more? (4 answers)

 what do u consider to be your home? (2 answers)

 Do u honestly care more about others? (5 answers)

 Do u still have a child like faith that everything is okay and will be alright in the end? (4 answers)

 how old were you when you learned about sex, drugs,alcohol and violence? (4 answers)

 why do people automatically assume the worst in others? (3 answers)

 Am i the only one who cuts herself down after getting hurt? for example... the other day i couldnt lift gatorade with my right armm and i called myself a loser. (3 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 faerie_kisses: probably not.

 what do you think makes a person wise. ( if you say school i will gag j/k lol) (2 answers)

 New moon or Twilight? excited for Eclipse? (2 answers)

 why do people ask complex questions all the time? (2 answers)

 do you wish you were wealthy? (4 answers)

 is anyone out there? (3 answers)

 Have you seen Law Abiding Citizen? What did you think? (3 answers)

 so whats new? (2 answers)

 can u answer 10-15 of my questions? everytime for now on u answer a question i will answer that many on yours :-) (4 answers)

 whos the dumbest person you know? (4 answers)

 What do u think about Denomination? I hate it frankly its dum it divides people. I wish all of us just stuck to what the scripture said and stop adding traditions and things that no longer exist. (5 answers)

 did you know their were Cannibals in the bible? (4 answers)

 Hey Ladies did u know that Smoking can prevent pregnancy? :-( (4 answers)

 Are u Paranoid? I am. I always feel like somebody's watching me! (8 answers)

 Do I look better as Blonde or Burnette? (1 answers)

 Would u rather have an abortion that would disappoint your other future children or have an affair on your husband that would kill him if he found out? (2 answers)

 dont u hate it when u have really bad days with your significant other and you just imagine a place without them annoying u? (2 answers)

 Hey will u vote on my hottie Profile Please????????? Also please leave feedback with it???? (1 answers)

 whats the dumbest prank call u made? (3 answers)

 Do u like to cuddle? (5 answers)

 Did you know that women get horny more than guys? (3 answers)

 Isnt sad that i dont care that im at risk of getting fired anymore? ( stupid job dont give a crap about me anyways i go and nearly break my shoulder for them and all they can do is complain) (3 answers)

 Workmans Comp Good? or bad? my opinion so far bad! (2 answers)

 why do i watch soap operas? (5 answers)

 Is sick of people throwing themselves pity parties. Arent you? (6 answers)

 Lady GaGa is dum! How the heck do u want to love someone and have their revenge at the same time? (its her song Bad Romance) I admit i like the tune but it is not a good song! (7 answers)

 Are u a creep? if no you can add me as a buddy or friend if u want :-) nobody over 35 please! (5 answers)

 how do u roll your toilet paper under or over? (3 answers)

 do u like your job? if yes what is it? are they hiring? (2 answers)

 Excuse me if their is no God then how do u explain creation of people and things? (Man is too dumb to come up with all of this on his own and their is no way the earth created itself.) (5 answers)

 anyone want a roommate? I'll give you mine lol (3 answers)

 do u like florida? (5 answers)

 Do you love Madea? (1 answers)

 anyone have a drink? (6 answers)

 How do u not stress? (7 answers)

 Do you like Wal-Mart? (8 answers)

 I dont like Engllish How About You? (13 answers)

 Explain to me Why you think people go do wrong things without excuses (11 answers)

 How Can You prove their is No God (If you dont believe in God)? (16 answers)

 Why is it that people dont go to church? (20 answers)

 do you believe in premartial sex? (21 answers)

 What are you doing this summer with god? (12 answers)

 Who wants to talk about the Gospel with me??? (7 answers)

 If i cried would u care? (7 answers)

 my yahoo is jessprincess2005 my aim is christianheart18 and my msn is hot_jess2001@hotmail.com so are u going to add me? (3 answers)

 Do u have a xanga,facebook or myspace? (12 answers)

 Hello How Are You? (9 answers)

 if u would like to see a recent pic of me (guys) then give me your email and i'll send u one (2 answers)

 Hey If you rate me please consider i was only 14 (2 answers)

 if u answer 3 of my questions and answer your q's? (3 answers)

 please look at my profile pics and leave feedback on one (2 answers)

 If ur curious theirs new pics on my profile and one of them is me when i was 14!!! (1 answers)

 im bored will u answer some of my Qs so i can gain more knowledge of your opinion? (4 answers)

 Are u a paranoid person? (12 answers)

 who here is in shape? (10 answers)

 whats your biggest pet peeve? (10 answers)

 Ru in a rock band? (6 answers)

 Do You Sing? (16 answers)

 Whats On Your Mind Right Now? (9 answers)

 do u wish u lived in the same state as some1 who? Y? (6 answers)

 how old are u going to be in 5 yrs? (23 answers)

 yes i am a female but i have good Qs if u want to answer some (1 answers)

 Love hurts agree or disagree and y? (10 answers)

 would u please answer a few of my Q'S and i'll answer yours? (7 answers)

 whos going to win american idol (your opinion) (5 answers)

 chocalate or white chocalate? (11 answers)

 whos number1 in your life? (13 answers)

 y cant i stop thinking about relationships? (6 answers)

 do u like the state u live in? (13 answers)

 ru looking 4 love? (13 answers)

 in your opinion is it ok for guys to wear pink? (20 answers)

 do u go to church? (15 answers)

 life is what u make it agree or disagree? (7 answers)

 buried or cremnated? (14 answers)

 how do u want to die? (9 answers)

 do u pray? (if so For what?) (8 answers)

 does music have a great impact on your life? (15 answers)

 whats your favorite word? (9 answers)

 ru lonely? (11 answers)

 summer or winter y? (12 answers)

 ru a positive person? (10 answers)

 ru heartbroken? (9 answers)

 why r teens so focused on outer image? (9 answers)

 if u could have an extra body part what would it be? (5 answers)

 what do u think about constantly? (6 answers)

 how do u think life will be after we die? (8 answers)

 do u think abortion is wrong? (19 answers)

 what do u think kills u faster alcohol or ciggerates? (12 answers)

 do u think its ok for women to ask out men and y? (14 answers)

 who has it easier men or women y? (11 answers)

 how many serious relationships have u had? (15 answers)

 do u think blondes have more fun? (7 answers)

 who do u look up2? (12 answers)

 who likes american idol? (6 answers)

 turn ons? (7 answers)

 who likes blondes? (9 answers)

 college ppl were u scared about college? (8 answers)

 god or devil and y? (16 answers)

 night or day person? (14 answers)

 why ru so important? (9 answers)

 guys only what matters more honestly looks or personality and y? (4 answers)

 if u have msn add me ok? (2 answers)

 where will u be in a year?(prediction) (8 answers)

 true or false guys only think about sex? (guys answer only) (10 answers)

 most guys are liers agree or disagree? (18 answers)

 Ru in a relationship? (if so would u lead another person on?) (11 answers)

 have u ever had a friend that u liked then found out that person is in a relationship? (7 answers)

 if u could date anyone in the whole entire world who would it be and y? (5 answers)

 can i have your msn messanger? (6 answers)

 how do u get over your friend that u were a romodel for attempting suicide at 13 yrs old? (5 answers)

 what would u buy if u were rich? (11 answers)

 Favorite verse in bible? (IF U DONT HAVE ONE PLEASE DONT ANSWER) (8 answers)

 who do u think is smarter guys or girls? (6 answers)

  who lives in missouri? (7 answers)

 dogs or cats? (17 answers)

 college or hs? (13 answers)

 asl? (17 answers)

 mommys kid or daddys kid or niether? (10 answers)

 do u think your grandma is cool (i know i think mine is) (9 answers)

 do u wish u werent u sometimes and y? (5 answers)

 Do u like easter? ( Its my favorite holiday!!!) (8 answers)

 do u always feel like something is missing in your life? (12 answers)

 fears? (9 answers)

 Spring break is boring anyone agree? (7 answers)

 Do u like arrogant ppl ?(i cant stand arrogant ppl) (7 answers)

 how do u know its love and not lust? (12 answers)

 How old do u think is the right age to b in love and y? (13 answers)

 whats worse getting hurt or hurting someone else and y? (6 answers)

 so hows life? (10 answers)

 Do U believe in god??? (31 answers)

 what do u do when u miss your ex bestfriend? (8 answers)

 Who cares about me? (7 answers)

 Are u pestimistic or optimistic? (10 answers)

 is it better to be normal or unique? (13 answers)

 when u break up with someone do u tell them Y? (14 answers)

 do u think your a good person y? (10 answers)

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