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hornyman2006's Q & A
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 Guys- Why do so many of us wear boxers? I mean, i always wore briefs till 2day when i had 2 get new underwear and i tried boxers and i had to put them in as soon as i got home and they are so much more comfortable,, :) yay (10 answers)

 Do uthink u will ever 4get todays national tragedy? i know i wiont ever 4get it and God Bless America (10 answers)

 what was the best thing u got for xmas. i got a PS2 (12 answers)

 boxocereal: Oh, I don't know.
 sfgiants94903: iPhone, which i seem to have lost
 annabelle41: a car's good =D
 sarcastic_hippie: A dvd player.
 JazzyJEM13: contacts yay 4 me!
 sweetznstuff: i got to go snowboarding
 chloe0318: I got a whole bunch of jewelry for my piercings lol that gets pretty expensive lol when it's all from pacsun lol
 xlilbiplaymatex: money lol i got 400 dollars
 ~!~Trace~!~: Clothes!!!!!!!!!! I love clothes!!
 gothqueen666: dvd player new big screen tv my car even if im only 13 im rich dude

 how far r u traveling for Christmas? (11 answers)

 guys whats more important in a girl: body or personality (one extreme or the other) just taking a survey. dont get any ideas. i am 100% straight, so.... (6 answers)

 reading any good books? I'm finshing the diary of anne frank tonight, then I want to start Among the Heroes, a book about the heroics on Flight 93 (9-11) (9 answers)


 how do u change colors and fonts? (13 answers)

 what is ur fav tv show (12 answers)

 with all the shit going on in the world today, what r u thankful 4 this year? (5 answers)

 what is the most personal death u have had to deal with? (18 answers)

 Why do so many teenage girls wear thongs? (18 answers)

 How often does the average 14-15 year old girl masturbate? (11 answers)

 Athlete (team or no team) (9 answers)

 Sports team? (9 answers)

 What is your favorite sport? (17 answers)

 Have u ever known sum1 to commit suicide? I have; it sucked (17 answers)

 where can a teen guy get porno? (6 answers)

 What r u doing right this second? I'm doing my Spanish HW :( (18 answers)

 GIRLS ONLY- are there lots of hot guys at your high school. what school? (13 answers)

 GUYS ONLY- are there lots of hot babes at your high school. what school? (4 answers)

 Will you want to see the Giants or Angels win the World Series? How many games will it take (6 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
nuclearsailorJust confirmed: Indiegogo has a significantly wider variety of technology projects than kickstarter.com, and returns a lot more results/ideas for a given keyword. This is the place for IDEAS, lol.
nuclearsailorI need some keywords for monitoring kickstarter.com for interesting developments. What kind of keywords would you use to keep tabs on the inventions/innovations on there?
nuclearsailorIf one were to lift a 100lb weight 6 feet off the ground, that'd be equal to .25wh of energy. Considering 1000wh could propel the below vehicle 20miles at highway speeds, could a 'gravity generator' be a serious backup power source? lol
nuclearsailorWhere's the perfect place to experience Halloween on the east coast? (Atlanta, GA? Washington, DC? Orlando, FL? Miami, FL?)
nuclearsailorAnd, the algorithm I use for constructing search queries. 1) Use general category keywords for initial search 2) Add negative keywords to eliminate useless recurring results 3) Use brand keywords gathered from the search to isolate useful results)
nuclearsailorTrying to find a small non-mainstream EV? (Because mainstream EVs as of 2014 waste too much energy/resources/money) [Category: Cars & Trucks. Under $10,000. Search query: (electric, battery, bev, ev)]
nuclearsailorGot any cool search queries? [Here's mine. Small Diesel Engines: diesel (engine, motor) -scale -bolts -pan -kit -cooler -elbow -set -ford -silverado (kohler, lombardini, briggs, stratton, isuzu, yanmar, honda, small, cummins)]
nuclearsailorI want to know why Nuke School is substantially increasing enrollment and affecting the barrack living situation, lol. Can you tell me why? lol (The Navy is not getting a whole bunch of new nuclear ships... is it the needs of the nuclear industry?)
nuclearsailorThen at that point, a $50 gas bill would be more like a $10 electricity bill. ****t... lol... Insight? Thoughts?
nuclearsailorWait... you could probably just go full electric at that point. Assuming a wh/mi. figure of 50@55mph in the elio, 100-mile range is about 5000wh which is about $2000 in batteries. Probably be cheaper to buy batteries than a turbodiesel engine, lol.
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