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heart_throbber's Q & A
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 how do you get your bf to stop being a total gerk around his friends? ( I have already told him how much it bothers me, he doesn't see the big deal) (6 answers)

 what is the sexiest thing you have ever done for your bf/gf? (1 answers)

 what does it mean when for along time every time you had sex you busted but all of a sudden you can't even though the sex is beyond great? (2 answers)

 What is the biggest age difference you have ever had with anyone you have ever dated? (8 answers)

 what does your dream guy/girl look like? (3 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't know.

 What is the main position that will make you*****faster than the others? (4 answers)

 what is your favorite thing to do when you go out or even just hanging out with your friends on a night in? (3 answers)

 what is the sexiest thing that a woman can wear and vise versa? (2 answers)

 What is the number one way to totally surrise your man after he gets home fomr a hard day at work? other than a hot meal on the table he already gets that everyday (3 answers)

 when do you know that the person you are worth is the one for you? ( for me it was the first time we hung out by ourselfs there was just this spark) (2 answers)

 If you and your spouse are two different religions and are having a kid, how do you approach your kid's religion? (6 answers)

 how can you get in married in a way that combines two religions or at least not totally piss off one of the sides of the family? (i'm baptist and my fiance is catholic his family is not bugging on an old fasion catholic wedding) (4 answers)

 do women still have a certain duty within a household other than having kids? (7 answers)

 say your dating someone 6 years older than you, do they have the right to tell you how to do things or if to do them at all? (6 answers)

 If you were in a car accident and on bed rest with 2 broken wrist, how long would it take you before you went crazy?( it took me a week a half before i went nuts) (6 answers)

 If you live in new york: where and do you like it? (2 answers)

 what is your favorite day of the year? (3 answers)

 If you went on vaca with your bf/gf to a family wedding of theirs would you be mad if they left you with their parents while they mingled with their friends the ENTIRE time you were there? (a total of 5 days) (3 answers)

 me and my bf are wanting to get married on 4-20. who would be willing to go celabrate these 2 wonderful things together? (5 answers)

 what is the "perfect" time of year to get married? (10 answers)

 What can you do when your parents want you to do something that you REALLY don't want to? (if you are under 18) (6 answers)

 can you be in love with someone but still not be able to trust them? (9 answers)

 when is it time to end a relationship? (6 answers)

 is it wrong to try to find stuff about your bf or gf ? (when they will not say anything about their past or get pissed when your try to talk about) (7 answers)

 If your bf/gf hinds something from you in order to keep you from getting hurt is that still lying? or does it depend on what it is about? (7 answers)

 If you or your gf got pregnant would you rather have a boy or a girl? and why (16 answers)

 What do you think is wrong with the world today? I think that there are to many stupid people and no one to eat them (7 answers)

 what is worse loosing faith or your self identity? (4 answers)

 what are all the sexual numbers? (like 69 is a sexual position) (5 answers)

 Is anyone here from Detroit? (6 answers)

 Is northern weed really better than southern? (3 answers)

 What does it mean when your bf doesn't like to go out on dates or anything close to them but you know for a fact that he has numorous times before? (8 answers)

 what does it mean when al of a sudden you are aquard around some one but nothing bad or anything close to being bad has happened? (4 answers)

 How come people will look at a poem but not leave feedback? even bad is still good it only helps the writer (7 answers)

 those into mythology, which god most represents you? mine is either hera or otheana (4 answers)

 What is your opinion on religion of any sort? (9 answers)

 do you believe in mythology? (6 answers)

 Do you believe in seeing the future either through dreams or subconcious images? (like when people see black cats or dogs when some one is about to die) (5 answers)

 if you could know anything about your self or some one else what would it be? (5 answers)

 how do you keep from falling for some one? (5 answers)

 What type of poetry or stories do you like to read? (4 answers)

 DO you believe ppl lose their common sense the longer they are in a heavily populated area? I do (3 answers)

 have you ever ****ed on a trampoline? (7 answers)

 How can you teach someone to respect others and themselves? (8 answers)

 How do you teach someone to have respect for themselves as well as others? (1 answers)

 What is your favorite turn on? (7 answers)

 What is your favorite turn off? (7 answers)

 how come ppl stopped putting up questions? (4 answers)

 what are the signals of a doomed relationship? (5 answers)

 what is the largest # of tattoo's you will allow yourself/ gf/ bf to have? (8 answers)

 What is your zodiac? (11 answers)

 Has anyone here ever had an urinary tract infection? (5 answers)

 How do you know if you are truly in love? (7 answers)

 Is it possible to save a doomed relationship? (8 answers)

 How do you get a bf attention sexually after the sensation fades? (4 answers)

 do all pregnant chicks crave pickles or salt and vinegar chips? (7 answers)

 If you tell your other half that you are in stuck in bed because you were in extreme pain and they don't come by or even call to see if you are doing any better, does that mean that you should end the relationship (6 answers)

 IS there something wrong when i dress REALLY sexy for my man and he doesn't even notice? (10 answers)

 how come guys are to afraid to admitt stuff about thier bodies but females accept what they have and don't have a prob telling the truth? at least the chicks I know (4 answers)

 chicks: what is your bra size? (13 answers)

 What can you do when you lose faith on everything? (5 answers)

 how come not that many people leave feedback anymore? (3 answers)

 do you ever been to the point to were you don't feel sex in certian positions? (3 answers)

 If you could have any on ein the world for one night would you, who would it be, and would you want them to remember it? (5 answers)

 guys: what is your dick size? (7 answers)

 what is you life time goal? (7 answers)

 If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? (11 answers)

 How do you get over losing a child? (13 answers)

 How can you tell if you are mentally ready to have a child? (9 answers)

 Does anyone know how to pursuade ppl back into having a child? (4 answers)

 what is your favorite sexual position? (12 answers)

 what is you opinion about sex? (15 answers)

 If you could do anything you wanted to right now what would it be? (5 answers)



 anyone wanna play?? (3 answers)

 Has anyoneever have a threesome? if so did you enjoy it (7 answers)

 Am I stupid for trusting my b/f with his ex fianc3e staying with him for two weeks? (13 answers)

 Am i the only one that will not have a threesome with my man but would on a one night or weekend fling? (5 answers)

 why do guys want to see thier g/f with another chick? (4 answers)

 what is the perfect size for you? (6 answers)

 what is the best guality about a man /chick? eyes and package for me (7 answers)

 what is your biggest sexual fantasy? tell me yours and I'll tell you mine (11 answers)

 how do you tell your man without scaring him away? (3 answers)

 How can you tell if you are pregnant with out taking the test? (8 answers)

 have you ever had anal sex?and if so what did you think about it (8 answers)

 If some one will leave feedback on my poems then i will do the same for you!!!!!!! (2 answers)

 What is wrong with chicks that like getting tied down??? not my opinion but yeah (3 answers)

 Is it possible to have too much sex? (11 answers)

 What is your biggest sexual fantasy? (4 answers)

 Is 7 years between a chick and a dude to much? (8 answers)

 Have you ever had Deshavue? (3 answers)

 does it mean when you have dreams of a close friend as a b/f or a husband? (5 answers)

 What does it mean when you b/f treats you more like a friend than a g/f? (5 answers)

 Do you think guys should shave, trim, or stay natural? (8 answers)

 What is the best song to get over some one? (8 answers)

 Is it possible to have a normal family life in the military? (5 answers)

 Do youthink 16 or 17 is to young to have a child?(even if they have everything that they wil need to raise the child) (20 answers)

 How old do you think you should be before you get married? (9 answers)

 What was the best sex you have ever had like? (5 answers)

 what would you rather have a boy, a girl, or both both? (6 answers)

 Have you ever felt like you had the right person for you but some of the stuff that they do really bother you to the point of wanting to break up with them? (8 answers)

 have you ever drank or smoked so much that you passed out? (13 answers)

 What do you do when you are depressed to get feling better? (7 answers)

 What was your first time like or what do you want it to be like? (3 answers)

 What is your opion on oral sex?( if you tell me, then I'll tell you mine) (20 answers)

 What do you think I look like? (be truthful) (5 answers)

 If you could have sex any where, any time, and with anyone; where, when, and who would it be? (6 answers)

 What is the most ambarassing thing that has ever happened to you? (7 answers)

 Is it wong if you make out with an ex's friend to help you get over him? (7 answers)

 How many years older than a person is considered to old? (5 answers)

 What would you do if your bf/gf said that they loved you but you don't feel they same? (3 answers)

 Who is the sexiest actor/actress? (10 answers)

 SSHHHHH!!! you'll wake the raping chickens!!! (lol) (4 answers)

 What is a good baby name?( for either a boy or a girl) (19 answers)

 Have you ever used food as a sex toy? (8 answers)

 Have you ever thought of being a stripper? (12 answers)

 Have you ever used toys on your pets? (9 answers)

 Do you use sex toys? (10 answers)

 Is it OK to be 17and want a child more than everything else in your life? (13 answers)

 What is more important your dreams for your life or a family? (6 answers)

 What is your feelings about cheating? (9 answers)

 Have you ever cheated on you bf/gf? (16 answers)

 what can you do when you think you are falling for your bf/gf's best friend? (5 answers)

 What do you do when you have a bf/gf but truly like someone else? (7 answers)

 What is the hottest thing about another person? (10 answers)

 What can you do when you are going to be going to college far away from where your "love" want's to? (4 answers)

 What is the best after sex snack? (10 answers)

 Why do guys expect chicks to always do all the work? (even if they do like it on top) (9 answers)

 Is it possible for girls to be too tight? (10 answers)

 What's your favorite color? (16 answers)

 What is hotter a punk, goth, or redneck? (16 answers)

 Who thinks about sex more... chicks or dudes? (16 answers)

 How do you know when you find love? (6 answers)

 Is Love real? (16 answers)

 Have you ever seen your grandmother naked? (15 answers)

 Is there any bi/lesbian peeps on this sight? (13 answers)

 Have you ever ****ed a mouse? (16 answers)

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