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harlequinbabii's Q & A
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 Are you scared of the dark ? (9 answers)

 Ever been heartbroken ? (7 answers)

 Do you tend to follow a crowd ? (7 answers)

 Do I seem weird...? (5 answers)

 What do you do when you're bored... bite your nails...bite your lip.. or twiddle your thumbs ? (7 answers)

 Sing in the shower ? (6 answers)

 Would you do or say anything just to entertain your friends ? (7 answers)

 Have you ever fallen asleep in class, and had a falling dream... then when you wake up you jump, and everyone stares at you funny ? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 NotUp2iT: yes
 Lagosliph: Once

 What would you name your big toe ? (6 answers)

 Would you be my friend if I made out with stop sign poles ? (6 answers)

 Do you have a favorite number ? (5 answers)

 Chocolate or Vanilla ? (7 answers)

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iBoy2G8/14: LOL, go to jeffedelman.com its funny. See where it links :)
iBoy2G8/12: What was your favorite Robbin Williams movie/TV show?
iBoy2G8/12: Do you miss Robbin Williams?
v-huntleyAnyone excited for Summerslam?
nuclearsailorSo how did I go from a 16-year-old 'Drives because everyone does' kind of person, to a driving-restricted military person at 27? (Is it me, or are things kind of going in reverse? lol)
Drummer_Boy_Matt_HayesIf you completed your main goal, how would you feel?
Drummer_Boy_Matt_HayesIf you were stranded on an island, what would be the one thing you'd bring? (person, place, or thing)
Drummer_Boy_Matt_Hayeswhat is your main goal in life?
nuclearsailorThe Air Force decided to shutdown HAARP exactly 20 days after I arrived at bootcamp, and just before I begun my quest into radio electronics after benefiting from the navy nuke's electronics training? What a tragedy.
terra_ultmiawow...who still going on this site and not even an active student? be it college/uni or k-12
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