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h0tp1nK's Q & A
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h0tp1nK has 49 questions total.
h0tp1nK has answered a total of 1,110 other questions.

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 How do you feel about emo [(emotional) music]?  (7 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't care.
 djhowty: it sucks . . . especially postal service
 cheer_up_emo_kid: its awesome
 h0tp1nk: It's awesome.
 i_love_anime: it's ok. i (think i) have a couple emo songs.
 whiterose146: i like it, if thers no emotion to it then it doesnt giv u that feeling like u can relate

 How many questions have you answered? (It says at the top of your QnA)  (9 answers)

 So...what's on your playlist right now? (11 answers)

 Do you think it's fair to have all black schools, but not all white? Isn't that still segragation anyways?  (12 answers)

 What do you want for Christmas?  (13 answers)

 Who is going to give my profile it's 12,000th hit?  (6 answers)

 What's something you associate with the color hotpink? Neon green? Orange?  (15 answers)

 What did you do this weekend?  (16 answers)

 Does bad grammar turn you off?  (18 answers)

 How many points do you have?  (13 answers)

 What's your favorite song(s) at the moment?  (29 answers)

 Are you going Trick-or-Treating this year? If yes, as what?  (14 answers)

 So, what are you doing?  (9 answers)

 Why do people ask questions to get your opinions and thoughts, but delete your answer if they don't agree with you?  (11 answers)

 Why haven't my daily points refreshed since yesterday?  (7 answers)

 Why do people (like InnocentNikki) post fake pics?  (13 answers)

 What should I name my pet worm? Ezra, LaRokko (Rokko), Yogi, or Bubba?  (20 answers)

 Which is better: G-strings or thongs?  (42 answers)

 What does "punk" mean to you?  (24 answers)

 Yeah baby! I just got 2,173 points to add to my 300!! w00t!  (18 answers)

 Can you lovely, caring, sweet people read my last diary entry, "...[CuT]..." and tell me what ya think? (It's poems)  (8 answers)

 What's your favorite music video?  (22 answers)

 What/where is your birthmark? (34 answers)

 Have you ever noticed that "scream" has "cream" in it? (19 answers)

 How would you respond if your dad's friend hit on you? (18 answers)

 Does it not annoy you when people put things like "Hottie"/"Sexy"/"Cutie" in their screenname? What if they're not any of those? (28 answers)

 Did anyone else hear of 12 Stones before Mr. McCoy was featured in the disgustingly horrible song "Bring Me To Life" or wtfe it was? (18 answers)

 What's your favorite flavor of bubble gum? (17 answers)

 Do you like my new picture? ; ) (12 answers)

 What's your favorite Linkin Park song? (24 answers)

 Do you know who Jenna Jameson or Peter North is? (19 answers)

 Mainstream or Underground? Why? (20 answers)

 Who is yur best friend on this site? (18 answers)

 Have you ever been in love? (29 answers)

 How old were you when you lost yur virginity? (29 answers)

 Is it still considered a crush if you've dreamed about the same guy for over 3 years and get butterflies when you see him? Or could it be some sort of...sign? (17 answers)

 What's yur favorite CD? (23 answers)

 Do you love me? (15 answers)

 What's yur favorite Carebear? (18 answers)

 If you could be any color crayon, what would you be? (14 answers)

 I just dyed my hair a blue/purple color (which means no more pink highlights:'( bummer), what color should I dye it next or what color highlights should I get? (14 answers)

 What song do you want to have played at yur funeral? (20 answers)

 Which is better: Day or Night? (21 answers)

 What song are you listening to right now? (44 answers)

 What is yur favorite band? (35 answers)

 What is yur favorite color? (33 answers)

 Suzuki or Kawisaki? (9 answers)

 Honda or Yamaha? (12 answers)

 Do you think Avril is a poser!? (28 answers)

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