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ghetto_gangsta_baby's Q & A
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 how many peircings do u have and which one hurt the most?  (10 answers)

 Would u rather have some tell u that they love u when they dont, or not tell u they love u when they do?  (9 answers)

 for the letter "Z" do u say zed or zee?  (16 answers)

 For people who know people on this site in real life; do you wish you didnt so u could say things/be urself without them knowing? (eg being gay or something)  (6 answers)

 boxocereal: What?
 dragon_wolf: Yeah sometimes, 3 of my ex-girlfriends are on here lol.
 rufussy*: well, i do know people from this site "in real life", but only because i met them after becoming friends through this site. and no, i definitely don't regret having met them. but if someone from my everyday life knew about this site, i'd feel cramped because, yeah, i couldn't express myself as freely.
 Band_Geek_Babie: I only know one person on here in person (Hart_Throb) and she's my best friend. She knows everything about me.

 Anyone who has gotten their cartilage peirced(top part on ear) how long does it take for it to stop hurting. i did mine and it HURTS even if i touch it-please answer  (5 answers)

 for the people who get their eyebrows done.. do you wax,thread,shave,pluck e.t.c?  (8 answers)

 Billie Jean is not my lover, shes just a girl that claims that i am the one..But the kid is not my son, She says that i am the one, but the kid is not my son.. -name the song and artist-  (6 answers)

 Who do you findd a better singer? Clay Aiken or Ruben Studdard?  (8 answers)

 Do u like this front page for SC or the old one?  (4 answers)

 Whos hotter? Paris Hilton or Beyonce Knowles?  (26 answers)

 Have you ever been in a car accident? if yes, how old were you?  (18 answers)

 would u rather be enemies and then best friends? or best friends and then become ememies? and why? (11 answers)

 Do you like softie ice creams or scoop ones?  (9 answers)

 Would u rather get paid $1,000,000 do u something way embarassing -or- give a $1,000,000 do have that way embarrasing thing not happen? (9 answers)

 Would u rather have a jjob that u HATE with a really good pay..or a job u LOVE with a small pay? (8 answers)

 guys/les girls: More attracted to girls in thongs/g's or boxers? (8 answers)

 girls/gay guys: Are you more attracted to thugged-out guys or gothic guys? (12 answers)

 a)girls-prefer natural/bold makeup? b)guys/lesbiens: prefer girl with natural/bold makeup?  (12 answers)

 fubu, rocawear, ecko/exco, rocawear other or walmart:P ? <--chose as many..  (13 answers)

 Would u rather have a bf/gf with blonde hair and blue eyes or brunette hair and dark dramatic eyes?  (16 answers)

 Tag me if u want.....im really cool to talk to =D!  (6 answers)

 Does ur milkshake/hotdog bring all the boys/gurls to the yard?...lol dont ask i got bored =D  (12 answers)

 If a liar comes up to you and tells you that they are lieng...are they lieing or telling the truth?  (8 answers)

 Do u have any1 on this site that u kno in real life? (23 answers)

 would u rather have ur man/gyal have bad breath but sexy eyes or good breath and okay eyes? (16 answers)

 pimp? gangsta? ghetto? goth? prep? punk?......which 1 best describes u (32 answers)

 what is ur fave. nirvana song? (17 answers)

 what do u feel about the Cecilia Zhang thing?...(if u kno wut im talkin bout) i think its sad, and the kidnappers are lowlife assholes! (6 answers)

 to the ppl. who r not straight, how old were u wen u were open about being gay/lez/bi? (10 answers)

 what colour most describes ur personality and y? (13 answers)

 horror movies oe comedy? (16 answers)

 tim hortons or country style? (7 answers)

 virgen or not?....if ur not, how old were u and was it a 1 night stand or with some1 u kno and care about.. or wut...?  (19 answers)

 done those girly girls sometimes just piss u off?...like im not sayin im a goth or anythin but those preps just get on my nerves!...any1 else agree? (11 answers)

 do u like to wear things like dresses? casual(jeans and shirt) or sporty (track suit) (13 answers)

 pop tarts or cookies?... :P (15 answers)

 When you have a crush on someone do you tend to get nervous about them? (12 answers)

 gurls only- what do u look for in a guy?  (12 answers)

 guys only- what do you look for in a girl?  (4 answers)

 How did u find out about SCN?  (17 answers)

 if u could get contacts for the same proce as glasses which would u rather chose?  (10 answers)

 rock? hip-hop? both?  (18 answers)

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