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frosty_flakes05's Q & A
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frosty_flakes05 has 57 questions total.
frosty_flakes05 has answered a total of 138 other questions.

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 If you only had one wish before you passed...what would it be? (4 answers)

 Who would be you're ideal mate? (no names..just describe) (1 answers)

 Gimme some of your tots... (3 answers)

 Is love really just a hoax? (1 answers)

 did you know that when i think of you.....i touch myself. (7 answers)

 Do you play naughty or nice? (4 answers)

 boxocereal: What?
 germanstrudell: wouldn't you love to know ;)
 Mika167: both? lol but ive been good for a while

 Roses are red...violets are blue...sugar is sweet, but not as sweet as you! hehe. (6 answers)

 Are we there yet??? (10 answers)

 Romantic or Straight to the point? (5 answers)

 Sunsets or Sun rises? (10 answers)

 Good Q...but i got no A!!!!! (4 answers)

 Procrastination is like Masterbation...its so great until you realize your ****ing yourself. (3 answers)

 Aren't we having fun now? (3 answers)

 Do you know that i was faking? (3 answers)

 Do you believe in a thing called Love? (6 answers)

 If Anna Nicole Smith wanted to bang you...would you let her? (8 answers)

 Craziest nightmare... (3 answers)

 How far would you go for the one you love? (4 answers)

 Have you ever let yourself fall into a lie? (4 answers)

 Pucker up? Or cuddle up? (12 answers)

 Are you a pervert or do you just roll with it? (4 answers)

 Have you ever wanted to die when you were without your friends/family? (2 answers)

 Have you ever cheated? Whether it be on the one you love...on a test...whatever the case. (4 answers)

 You wasted life...Why wouldnt you waste the after-life? Explain that verse. (2 answers)

 What's the most confusing word in the dictionary? (6 answers)

 What was your first word? (12 answers)

 Do you participate in the *kiss* at midnight on New Years? (5 answers)

 Are the best things in life really free? (5 answers)

 Are you more of a night person or day? (11 answers)

 Why are guys so self-concious about their "size"? (5 answers)

 Ever get pulled over for not using your blinker? (5 answers)

 Will you be my friend? I like friends... (2 answers)

 Do you judge a book by it's cover or wait until you find out what's inside? (not real books) (3 answers)

 Are you a giver or a reciever? (dont be a pervert now...hah) (4 answers)

 Have you ever been to jail? if so...for what? (3 answers)

 Do you believe in Santa? (9 answers)

 Best talent? (4 answers)

 Favorite place? (5 answers)

 Have you ever met someone from the internet in person? (5 answers)

 Who doesnt understand why some people ask weird questions? (2 answers)

 Feed the needy...or buy a new cd? (10 answers)

 Strawberry or Cherry? (10 answers)

 Did you know...you make my pee pee go DaDong Dong Dong? (5 answers)

 How many gfs/bfs have you had? (9 answers)

 Why is there so many *****ing Christmas songs? (6 answers)

 Why do waves turn white at the tip? (5 answers)

 Who would you populate the world with if the only people on it were you, Micheal Jackson and some guy who thinks he's a Cat? (7 answers)

 What did you get for seX-Mas? (8 answers)

 How many people still have their "V" disease? (8 answers)

 Whens your birthday? (15 answers)

 Why do a lot of guys like playing games with your heart? (9 answers)

 ~*Feliz Navidad*~ (7 answers)

 If you had to chose between dieing or killing someone..which would it be, and why? (11 answers)

 Which holiday do you like the most? (13 answers)

 What's your favorite song? By who? (12 answers)

 Who's Hot? (12 answers)

 Whats your middle name? (17 answers)

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