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frenchbillyboy's Q & A
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 Knowledge is a weapon.... reload it !  (7 answers)

 When will Steven Seagal see he is not an actor and his movies are shit ?  (5 answers)

 boxocereal: LMAO!
 just_some_idiot: soon hopefully.. very soon
 chopper_gurlie: maybe when.....naw, he never will, but when i jlo gonna realize her movies suck ass? NEVER!!!!
 greendaystud: tomorrow?

 Religion shouldnt be mixed up with politics or education, so pray whatever god u want, but keep it for urself !  (8 answers)

 Global warming is a bigger threat as bis as Terrorism and theydont do anything about it, y ?  (6 answers)

 Ever heard of American goulag? yeah, Guantanamo ! and then say say they are protecting human rights... my ass  (4 answers)

 what if u learned that Bin Laden is surrounded in Ouzbekistan by the US army, but they are waiting the Presidential elections to catch him?  (7 answers)

 Europe is growing, from 15 to 25. isnt it great ?  (5 answers)

 For, Bush, God is on his side, for Bin Laden, Allha is on HIS side... Who is right ?  (10 answers)

 is Man naturally good, or naturally bad?  (9 answers)

 GOD: nobel prize of war ?  (5 answers)

 "religions cant be understood better than by those who have lost their reason" Voltaire  (2 answers)

 <--- bored as hell, can u help me ?  (4 answers)

 i miss her, she is so foar away from me now, will i ever touch her again ?  (4 answers)

 "there is a fire in me"....  (2 answers)

 Beattles or Rolling Stones?  (9 answers)

 anyone know Frantz Ferdinand (the music group)?  (8 answers)

 For u.. how is the situation in Irak ? getting better? worse?...  (10 answers)

 U re free to think u re stupid, but u re really studid to think u re free!  (6 answers)

 We always find time and money to make war.. never to achieve peace !  (3 answers)

 Bush or Kerry?  (11 answers)

 What are u 3 top songs ever? mine are: Led Zeppelin-stairways to heaven, RollingStones PaintedBlack, and GunsAndRoses-Knoking on §Heavens door  (7 answers)

 "History is a lie that noone contests" Napoleon !  (6 answers)

 i dare anyone to give me a proof that Adam and Eve ever existed (bible is not a proof !)... as long as i know Evolution still have way more prooves !  (11 answers)

 why do some christians really think the 1st people on earth were Adam and Eve ? have they ever heard to the evolution theory ?  (12 answers)

 mad world, aint it ? all this because of religions...  (10 answers)

 They censor people making love on TV and movies, why dont they censor people killing each other ?  (8 answers)

 In the US, sex is an obsession, for the rest of the world, its a fact ! funny, no ?  (7 answers)

 Why full-frontal nudity is taboo in the US ?  (4 answers)

 President day = Creeple day ?  (4 answers)

 Why are americans so shocked about 1 fucking boob on TV (Janet)? u can see then 24/7 on TV in Europe, and we dont ban Live shows from TV like they want to do there (Oscars by exemple)  (10 answers)

 Am i angry at god for making disabled people? i think no, i think the world is better with W BUSH ! Jimmy...  (4 answers)

 Against death penalty: Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve to live. Can u give it to them ?  (7 answers)

 Zinédine Zidane, best football player in the world for 2003, does he deserve it? i think yes he got talent, et he is the most generous player!  (2 answers)

 is there any REAL student here, in university / college like me? or am i the only one  (7 answers)

 I have 2 roses to give, who wants one ?  (5 answers)

 Thx Giving is about Sharing, that what Indians did for "Americans". and how did they thanked them? by killing them... Thats the spirit of Thx Giving !!! no ?  (5 answers)

 I just got my schedule for this month: i start everyday at 8AM, and ends at..... 9PM, not before... am i gonna die ?  (4 answers)

 My Ford Fiesta from 1988 is about to die.... why is this world so cruel ?  (4 answers)

 I'll do a 9/11 rememberance, when THEY will do a 1991-2003 rememberance for the 300 000 iraqi children who died because of the Embargo!! any questions ?  (5 answers)

 mon anniversaire est dans 2 jours... alors, qu'est-ce qu'on dit ?  (7 answers)

 after My American driving license... i just got my French license this morning !! Arent u happy for me ?  (6 answers)

 Only for americans: does anyone know how to drive manual transmission cars ?  (8 answers)

 Do girls like French accent ?  (14 answers)

 Jessica Lynch, a hero? well, we all know her rescue story was completely fake... do u still believe she is a Hero ?  (6 answers)

 Politics are like thongs: it doesnt support a lot of things, but it hides the main part !  (6 answers)

 We can laught about everything, but not with everyone ! by exemple, i wouldnt do Twin towers joke to New Yorkers!! and u ?  (4 answers)

 History repeats itself: Greece, Roman Empire, France/England, Germany. Is America the next one on the list of decadence ?  (6 answers)

 There are not many ways to make a war: only the dirty way !  (2 answers)

 We shouldnt worry too much about dumb people, with some training, we can make some good soldiers of them !  (6 answers)

 a date: translated in french is " when u think u re gonna fuck, but u dont" !!  (2 answers)

 Soccer or football ?  (12 answers)

 How come REAL DE MADRID has the best dream team ever (Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckam ...), and still, they re not the best club in the world ?  (4 answers)

 i am in vacation till 22 of september, dont u envy me ?  (6 answers)

 Jennifer Lopez sux, her movies sux, her music sux... any questions ?  (9 answers)

 Problem: u drive a sportive car, with only 2 places, u see 3 people at bus stop under the rain, and no bus coming: 1 old nanny who is about to die, ur best friend who saved ur life, and the woman of ur life, what do u do ? if u want the best ans (9 answers)

 Check the link on my HomePage Profile people, very instructing for people with no imagination, hehe, not my OWN site, but still good  (2 answers)

 Why cant people use Bright fonts on a dark Backgrd, and dark font on light on on their Profiles ?  (4 answers)

 Today, the best Rapper is white, and the best golfer is back... is the world upside down ?  (11 answers)

 Will Post Irak War be the new Vietnam ?  (3 answers)

 Why cant we see boobs uncensored on US TV ?  (9 answers)

 Is FOXNEWS really FAIR and BALANCED ?  (8 answers)

 Is britney Spears career ending ?  (8 answers)

 Why cant Religious/Patriotic people cant accept that other people arent like them?  (10 answers)

 Why are most of the people in the US, so superficial ?  (9 answers)

 Why do people always think their country/religion is the best ?  (11 answers)

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