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free_as_wind's Q & A
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free_as_wind has 82 questions total.
free_as_wind has answered a total of 5 other questions.

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 how many pizzas can u eat at a time??^^ (4 answers)

 Have u told any lies today^^ (4 answers)

 Have u got any collections? stamps for example?? (3 answers)

 what is ur favourite website? (2 answers)

 boxocereal: This one and a site where I can watch free movies.

 Does age matter when u love? (3 answers)

 Have u ever locked urself in ur room for 10 days *_* (3 answers)

 Have u ever receive a present for no reason at all?() (2 answers)

 Do u believe in soul mates? if yes, have u met urs?? (6 answers)

 prefer black or white?? (4 answers)

 u prefer a tragedy novel or a happy-ending one? (6 answers)

 How many pairs of shoes do u have? (7 answers)

 What do you do when u r online? (4 answers)

 When u see a girl/guy which part of her/his body do u look first????^^ (3 answers)

 Have u ever been mugged? (4 answers)

 are u a vegetarian? (11 answers)

 Is there any person that for a minute in ur life, u wanna get rid of ^^ and who??>_< (7 answers)

 How can u say "thank you" in your mother-tongue language? (10 answers)

 When u grow up, how much money do u wanna make a year? (6 answers)

 Can u still be friends with ur ex? (14 answers)

 Are u proud of your parents? (12 answers)

 Can u forgive a friend who tells lies to u? (7 answers)

 What do u think of a beautiful-but-stupid girl (8 answers)

 Have u ever thought of robbing the bank ^^ ??:D (7 answers)

 Who would u choose: the person loves u more than u love him/her or the person not loves u as much as u love him/her...?? (5 answers)

 What do u think of a guy cheating on his gf? (17 answers)

 Anyone ...who can play the guitar ^^ (8 answers)

 u r aggressive? shy? or a peace-maker? ^^ (10 answers)

 How many questions have u asked in your Q&A?? ^^ (10 answers)

 What's ur favourite fruit? (12 answers)

 Do u like kids? (11 answers)

 u like odd numbers or even ones?^^ (7 answers)

 Have u ever said bad things about ur close friends behind their backs? (6 answers)

 What u think of an alcoholic? (10 answers)

 love at first sight? believe in it? (12 answers)

 The Year u were born? (15 answers)

 What is your Zodiac sign? (15 answers)

 ur close friend suddenly acts unfriendly with u. What will u do? (7 answers)

 Which part of ur body (eye, nose,.....)that u satisfy most? (8 answers)

 How many hours do u spend on homework everyday? (7 answers)

 what's the colour of ur hair? (12 answers)

 Have u ever got a crush on ur teacher? (8 answers)

 do u get along well with ur sis and bro? (10 answers)

 wat kind of sports do you like best? (8 answers)

 use 1 adj to say how u feel about a starry night ^^ (5 answers)

 Who have watched the Ring 2? is it as scary as the ring 1? (1 answers)

 how long did your longest relationship last? (8 answers)

 u like to have a son or a daughter? (9 answers)

 What r u gonna name your child ^^?? (4 answers)

 if u must choose 1 which will u choose: Family or friends (5 answers)

 private car or bus? or bike? (3 answers)

 what's ur favourite magazine (6 answers)

 love or money? what u prefer? (11 answers)

 If u were reborn again, which animal u would wanna be (except for the human) (8 answers)

 what kind of gals/pals turn u on *_* ^^ (2 answers)

 Predict how many children will be born in the next 100 years ^^ ^^ (4 answers)

 who would u prefer: a goodlooking person or an intelligent one? (5 answers)

 If you had $100 000 000 000 what would u do with it :) (7 answers)

 use 1 word to say what u think of chocolate... (10 answers)

 When u grow up, do you wanna be like your parents? (10 answers)

 Have u ever had a friend that stole your sweetie ??? (6 answers)

 Have u ever lost a friend? (7 answers)

 who do u wanna be in the future? a teacher, a doctor, a manager or...........???? (9 answers)

 How often do u log on to the Internet? (6 answers)

 Have u ever been betrayed? (6 answers)

 what do u think of sex before marriage? (12 answers)

 Have u ever thought of committing suicide? (8 answers)

 Do you believe in ghosts? (6 answers)

 How many kids do u want to have in the future ^^? (12 answers)

 Wat is one worst and one best characteristic of yours? (4 answers)

 In your hand, which finger do u like best? (6 answers)

 Have u had any dreams come true? (6 answers)

 What do u think of a slutty girl? (6 answers)

 From 1 to 100, which number do u like best? (11 answers)

 What did u dream about last night? (10 answers)

 among cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, pigs.......which one do u like best? (11 answers)

 have u ever slapped a guy (for girls) or a girl(for guys)? (9 answers)

 How does it feel like when u first kiss?do u remeber? (6 answers)

 are you superstitious? (11 answers)

 Which country do you wish to visit once in your life? (11 answers)

 Should a girl make the first move to ask a guy out? (8 answers)

 How many Bro or sis do you have? (20 answers)

 are u interested in astology :)?? (13 answers)

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