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fender12's Q & A
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 guys!!!**** is it atractive to u if the gurl is orange from like tanning so much?? (7 answers)

 do you prefer big state fairs (like the ohio state fair) or small county fairs? (3 answers)

 gues who is going to sunfest to see family force five ???? ME (3 answers)

 how many trophys do u have??? (12 answers)

 whats the wrost thing u have ever done??? (12 answers)

 omg i think sumone needs to talk to that logomaniac chik cuz she is postingWAY to many questions!!!! lol (9 answers)

 dont u just love being hurt!!??? YES!!!! . . . . . psh i wish (7 answers)

 who LOVES mosh pits??? cuz i sure do!!! (13 answers)

 Does anyone kno who tobey mac is??? well im seein him in concert tonight!!!!!! (5 answers)

 have u ever messed up so bad that suicide seamed to be theo nly solution (15 answers)

 have u ever fell to hard to fast and then in the end became hartbroken?? (12 answers)

 ever had a taste of ur own meds, but earlier when u gave it out was on accident?? (8 answers)

 ever been at a sate where u just wanna give up (13 answers)

 anyone wanna chat?? if so just tag me :) im bored :( (7 answers)

 y are people on here so stupid and try to ruion things that they arnt involed in?????? (10 answers)

 mk does anyone really watch my videos or are my songs on there for no one?? (7 answers)

 wat is the song of ur life at the moment???? like ur soundtrack (11 answers)

 baby is this love for real???:) (7 answers)

 y do people ask so many sex questions???? (11 answers)

 just cuz my cousin is on here dosnt mean yall can ignor me mk? (7 answers)

 is it just me or do u hear . . . it??? (7 answers)

 mm to all of yall who have been wanting a new pic . . . well u have it and i s actualy new i took it like three days ago!!!!!! so leave me comments kk?? (3 answers)

 mmk so my supa cool cousin just got wanna these and yall should deff talk ta her . Her username is x_april_x mmk thakz!!!!!!! (3 answers)

 if u want sum good music go to my profile and watch the vid (2 answers)

 dfine the diferance between cyber sex and role playing (5 answers)

 hey if u leave pic comments i just might leave u sum!! lol (4 answers)

 does any one else live through songs ? ? (9 answers)

 dont u think its annoying when people copy ur questions (11 answers)

 i really need to get away . . . any one wanna come with me??? (9 answers)

 good moring all my sunshines !!!! (6 answers)

 mmmk wat do u do when u have a bf but i have major feelings for sumone else (8 answers)

 y does arybody tell me to smile???? (7 answers)

 have u ever felt so sick u just want to hug a toilet to save time (12 answers)

 mmm k i just found my new fav band dear juliet (7 answers)

 have u ever wanted to just . . . . get away like go to the ocean and sit and think (9 answers)

 have u ever been in a relationship where u r not sure if ur bf has the same amount of feelings as u do for them (8 answers)

 ok if u r bored go to my page and look at my video well lsiten to it. it is FAMILY FORCE FIVE my favorite band eva!!!! and if u think u like em more than me back off cuz u dont but listen to the song it is hott (2 answers)

 anyone ever been in a situation where nothing u do or say is right. and u just feel like crawling in a hole (8 answers)

 ok so . . . . . does any one just love popcycle ??? yummy! (4 answers)

 ok wat is ur nickname . . i wont share mine :P (9 answers)

 does ur youtube video represent lik who u are. lik the video of ur self jus not u??? mine does (3 answers)

 have u ever sub conciously thought about suicide?? (13 answers)

 pepsi or coke (9 answers)

 would u rather be blind . . . or deaf . . . psh i hate this question but i thought i would ask anyway (12 answers)

 has anyone heard of devil wears prada??? the band not the movie (9 answers)

 any one like a band called mayday parade (5 answers)

 ya kno it is ok to talk to me llol kk? (5 answers)

 does anyone else miss there bf as much as i miss mine ??? :*( (5 answers)

 have u ever rerally liked a guy but ma an pa says no to dating them jus cuz day r three yrs older :(??? (6 answers)

 if u had the coice of a privet show with the band of ur chocing wat band would u pick??? (5 answers)

 if anyone else is supa bored lik me . . . .its cool to talk ta me kk?? lol (7 answers)

 have u ever missed someone soo much it hurt ?? (12 answers)

 is anyone else scared (9 answers)

 *girls* have u ever been walking down the street and have an old guy honk at u ?? i have! (19 answers)

 what was ur worst birthday party experiance. mine was at my own when my friend got pissed and walked out on us at 4am well there was a crazie prat party going on next door :O (6 answers)

 if u were to go back to another era,(70's 60's ect.) which would u choose?? (13 answers)

 wat is on the top of ur birthday wish list right now (10 answers)

 does any one else hate statues?? i mean thier like always watching me!! (7 answers)

 how do you kno if ur b/f is being for real. like he is taking ur relationship seriously (9 answers)

 What is your perfect day? (8 answers)

 is anyone driving down the street in there 6 4 lol (4 answers)

 do chineesee people really eat cat????? (11 answers)

 what are sum good convo starters. (10 answers)

 has anyone heard of smoking highlighters??? (10 answers)

 you kno wats funny well u kno how people get high off highlighters and the word high is in the name AHAHAHA i thought it was funnie lol (6 answers)

 The best day of ur life??? (10 answers)

 if u were cast to a desserted island but could bring 3 people who would u bring? (14 answers)

 ok so if u comment i will comment urs k?? (7 answers)

 does any one else think its gross when ur cousin starts getting "closer" with u jus to get to ur friend (6 answers)

 y do guys boast about there size?? we only feel two inches of it (14 answers)

 lip percing turn on or off?? (20 answers)

 wat do u do when ur b/f breaks up with u and u kno its from something that has happend to him and he doesnt let u help so he leaves. wat do u do? (10 answers)

 hs any of ur family member ever got the hotts for ur best friend ??!!!! it sux lol (13 answers)

 has anyone every felt alone in a room full of people . . . .i have (16 answers)

 can sum one help me (12 answers)

 *guysonly* if we met in real life . . . . wat would we do? (8 answers)

 does anyone have a ny tips on bar chords on guitar? they hurt so badd!! (4 answers)

 is it possible to each all of ur skin of from SKEETOS!!!!!!?????? (10 answers)

 ok im kinda new here so if anyone wants to talk feel free k ? (8 answers)

 so who thinks the yankees are gonna make a come back ? (5 answers)

 omg i sooo ubber ubber ubber bored help me? (5 answers)

 umm i think that people should start ratiing my pic dont you ??? (6 answers)

 heave you ever snorted pixie stickes lol ?? (11 answers)

 if a girl gets the bar across their ear does that mean she is lez? (11 answers)

 y does it matter if i can spell or not if you get wat im say'n it doesnt matter .. right?? (12 answers)

 is anyone else uber bored (11 answers)

 ok so does everyone get in and have question talks cuz that is what it seams like ? (4 answers)

 ok should the guy call the girl or the girl call the guy ? ? ? (19 answers)

 who just loves loves loves to go to concerts . . . like ME??? (12 answers)

 y are there perverts on heer:( (21 answers)

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