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deewekomsi's Q & A
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 so does anyone else on here tweak? (3 answers)

 so what are YOU doing this weekend? (5 answers)

 so you're doing WHAT? (4 answers)

 jcdilsjfgoprdugjlfdojgporwujgkldsjgldsikfds????  (6 answers)

 nothing is "perfect" so why should there be a word for something that doesnt exist?  (4 answers)

 whan you're told lies, you tend to speak lies right back. do you agree or disagree and why? (4 answers)

 boxocereal: Nah.
 invader_tech: its possible. If someone's "bragging" about something they havnt REALLY done, you might do the same thing back just to impress people

 cha cha cha or kachoo? (6 answers)

 do you like your pop tarts from the TOASTER or the FREEZER? (14 answers)

 why aren't people posting, damnit? come on! (7 answers)

 so what's up with you?  (5 answers)

 hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey stoopid... (7 answers)

 what do you put in YOUR pipe? (4 answers)

 girls... do you like long or short hair on guys? i personally like longer hair (9 answers)

 who else is online right now at... 5 am? or whatever time is where you live?  (8 answers)

 so i've been up for nearly 30 hours... i've stayed up way longer, but what's the longest you've gone without sleep? (11 answers)

 adderall... do you take it for something or nothing at all? (6 answers)

 why isn't anyone asking questions? it's raining over here right now.... really hard. (2 answers)

 what color are your nails? mine are chrome.  (15 answers)

 party animal or spend time with the folks? (8 answers)

 "i dont want to be drunk in public... i want to be drunk in a bar!" i know who said it, but do you? (10 answers)

 would you rather swim in dave mathews toilet or spend the night at the neverland ranch?  (5 answers)

 what do you think of people who think they are better than you? (8 answers)

 have you ever made someone commit suicide?  (9 answers)

 are you serious? (7 answers)

 grr people aren't answering my questions  (5 answers)

 dont you hate it when people tell you not to do something but then they go right ahead and do that thing to you... people are stupid  (4 answers)

 what do you have pierced? i have my ears (9 times total, 2 holes are a size 2g) and my nose.  (8 answers)

 sex means....  (7 answers)

 what do you take for your add/adhd? (7 answers)

 opinions are like asshole because  (3 answers)

 im so baked my hands are shakiingg. have you ever been this baked? (4 answers)

 what do you think of pot? i LOVE it  (11 answers)

 wake up people! (7 answers)

 donde esta la molta? (7 answers)

 So I've been gone forever... did you miss me?  (4 answers)

 sooo who else is derunk and s toned? (5 answers)

 Do you wear glasses or contacts? or both? I just got both today... (9 answers)

 i <3 modest mouse. (3 answers)

 oh baby! you ruffle my feathers!  (5 answers)

 you all are boring!  (6 answers)

 so i cant feel the dounfed when i walks,d (3 answers)

 my favorite number is 420. what's yours? (15 answers)

 happy turkey day everyone! (5 answers)

 does anyone listen to NHBradio? (4 answers)

 i just pierced my nose and it hurts like a bitch! (7 answers)

 im so fucking sotne,.dq (5 answers)

 dxm, dxm, dxm is my friend. (3 answers)

 soo...who takes cough medicine when they dont really have a cough? wink wink (5 answers)

 out of gas out of road out of car dont know how im gunna go  (2 answers)

 my boyfriend just got his nipples pierced. wahoo go me! (4 answers)

 check out my awesome rat in my POW. (3 answers)

 cold weather is the best to smoke in  (5 answers)

 in answers to korn_chick2007's question...yes. yes i am st oned.  (4 answers)

 i see sounds. and hear coloirs. (2 answers)

 fjio;ghfio;ghrlngfo;ghrioughfdlkjbhoifgklhfjkdghfjgho (2 answers)

 im on subways. substances.es. hehe. (1 answers)

 do you lik substances?  (4 answers)

 TS baked me a cake!  (2 answers)

 today is my birthday!  (9 answers)

 who is going to a haunted houst tomorrow?!?!  (4 answers)

 so thats two days out of this year that i dont remember..  (3 answers)

 2 sweets... (2 answers)

 i like thinks that quack and glow in the dark. (3 answers)

 musicfire_girl_16 : Dude You dumb leave me alone alright i hate gay people! SHES SO FUCKIN DUMB! LOOK AT HER PROFILE! SHE CANT SPELL! (6 answers)

 so, i didn't have my drug test. i'm sooo happy! (3 answers)

 im not a schooooolllll.  (2 answers)

 i have a drug test today! and guess waht...im s toned. yippee for me! (5 answers)

 why is no one on tonight? (3 answers)

 for those if you that arent following...my ear is gauged to a 6 (2 answers)

 yay my first hole is a 6 now!  (6 answers)

 if you go to a therapist...have they given you a personality test? mine did...it was 470 questions...but all true or false. it wasnt so bad. the ?'s amused me...kind of.  (3 answers)

 newbies are funny.  (4 answers)

 i want to fucking kill my brother (8 answers)

 They Might Be Giants...  (3 answers)

 favorite...cartoon character? i LOVE all the LOONEY TOONS!  (5 answers)

 bowling for soup anyone?  (6 answers)

 do you like bread and water?  (5 answers)

 grr my friend is being a bitch!  (5 answers)

 if you've been in a psychiatric hospital...please tag me...i have a question that needs to be answered.  (2 answers)

 is your ass numb?  (5 answers)

 have you heard the acapella version of KoRn's "falling away from me"? its so fucking awesome. (3 answers)

 too drunk to fuck (5 answers)

 do you have a favorite shirt? i do. my favorite shirt is black and it has an elephant stepping on a car...if you can tell me what movie that is from...you rock more than anything! (hint-it has robin williams and monkeys in it) (11 answers)

 177 songs...and i just got kazaa yesterday  (3 answers)

 have yoy heard of spineshank? or rammstein? (9 answers)

 any other fans of NIN?  (9 answers)

 what are you listening to right now? im listening to bloody murder by cursive.  (16 answers)

 gimme some songs to download...please. :-)  (5 answers)

 have you ever had your stomach pumped? i had mine a week ago exactly...i was awake and it hurt like shit.  (7 answers)

 i just spent 6 days in a psychiatric hospital...anyone been in there before? i was in there because i tried to kill myself...i took 30 asprin and had my stomach pumped...not a cool feeling...esp when your awake  (6 answers)

 that chronic....DAMN (4 answers)

 what do you think about people that are bulimic and anorexic? i think its retarded. SO VERY FUCKING RETARDED. (9 answers)

 ok, say a friends "boyfriend" just imed you and asked you to overall watch out for his "girlfriend". he told me he would prefer if i didnt tell her but he said it wasnt like a secret. i tell her EVERYTHING. what do i do?  (3 answers)

 aaaahhhhhh  (6 answers)

 this is so painfuly slow tonight.  (4 answers)

 grr (7 answers)

 do you think student center has become better or worse since you first joined?  (11 answers)

 wow this is really slow tonight. (5 answers)

 i've had no feedback on my user name.  (5 answers)

 aren't mood rings cool?  (8 answers)

 have you ever smoked so much weed that it made you puke?  (13 answers)

 wake n bake...? anyone? (4 answers)

 people just fucking piss me off. either by the way they type or just by the questions they ask.  (7 answers)

 i wanna go roll a j.  (4 answers)

 i HATE it people TyPe LiKe ThIs.  (10 answers)

 today, i heard my water multiply. (5 answers)

 have you seen your hair grow?  (7 answers)

 whats everyone doin tonight? im drivin from lafayette, la. to houston (9 answers)

 what do you think is hell on earth? (14 answers)

 im soooo hungover.  (10 answers)

 people annoy the fuck outa me sometimes.  (14 answers)

 has anyone heard of Tenth Planet? (11 answers)

 dont you hate it when people as questions like...hmm oh say "is my name cool?" abd u tell then what u think, but its not what they wanted to hear, and then they get pissed at you? i know i do.  (9 answers)

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