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dangerous-eyes's Q & A
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 DId you have a fun spring break? (3 answers)

 Do you prefer hoooking up or do you want commitment? Does it differ from guys to girls? (5 answers)


 My best friend has cancer! I don't no what to do! I feel so bad for her! My life has been like hell...horrible **** and nnow she has cancer! help (5 answers)

 Have u been used? (7 answers)

 are you afarid of the dark? (12 answers)

 Did you fall on your ass this morning? (7 answers)

 Should I get bangs? (5 answers)

 Do you consider yourself to have sexual add? (3 answers)

 In this world you must be a bit too kind in order to be kind enough.. (3 answers)

 Are you ever going to take me out of this black hole? (3 answers)

 does it hurt when you get your belly button pierced? (7 answers)

 Do you regret.... (3 answers)

 How do you keep your hair color from drying out? (3 answers)

 Do you think boo-ba's are extremely creepy? (5 answers)

 Does anyone still own Veggie tales tapes? (3 answers)

 Does your faith affect your love life? (2 answers)

 Do you wear flats? I absolutely love em (3 answers)

 Can you wear a white belt with brown shoes? (5 answers)

 do your parents spy on u? (3 answers)

 Describe yourself? in three words (6 answers)

 Do you think that fat blondes are attractive? (4 answers)

 how long do u cook bacon in the microwave for? (4 answers)

 Discover your new name....take last two letters of ur first name...last two letters of your middle name and last two letters of your last name? and Walla (11 answers)

 Do you enjoy attention? (7 answers)

 is anyone at school..........right now? (8 answers)

 Do you hate Barbie doll laughs? (5 answers)

 Am I that much of a bitch? (3 answers)

 do you think that danielle is a bitch? (3 answers)

 WOOOOPH! (3 answers)

 Do you consider yourself to have manners? (4 answers)

 Cats or dogs? (8 answers)

 are you a aim-acholoic? if so whats behind ur sn? (5 answers)

 boobs.... (7 answers)

 would you consider (PRIME) the next hit word? (6 answers)

 are you all talk no action? (8 answers)

 have you ever gotten suspended..If so why? (10 answers)

 Do freshman drive you mortally insane? (8 answers)

 chocolate or vanilla (8 answers)

 do you like kiwi (6 answers)

 let's kill dan nickerson..shall me...Dan nickerson= my creepy stalker (3 answers)

 How old were you when you lost your virginity? (13 answers)

 Do you miss hockey? (3 answers)

 Do you want to sleep with me? (5 answers)

 do you love me? (5 answers)

 Sporks... (9 answers)

 What makes someone beautiful? (10 answers)

  Are you a slut? (9 answers)

 Clogs hot or not? (9 answers)

 Do you love to party? (8 answers)

 friends with benefits...yay or Nay? (10 answers)

 Ugg boots hot or not? (9 answers)

 are southern accents sexxy? (15 answers)

 Are you secretly addicted to the Spice girls? (11 answers)

 do you no what fung shi is? (8 answers)

 have you ever felt helpless? (8 answers)

 How kinky are you really? (8 answers)

 why is weight such a factor...i've been on both sides of the tracks....Being overweight and now im not...Why are people such *******s to fat people? (3 answers)

 "We need to talk". (13 answers)

 Do you believe in god? (14 answers)

 are you racist? (13 answers)

 How may schools have you gone to? (14 answers)

 do you still have your child-hood fears? (8 answers)

 do you no anyone who's married a relative? (6 answers)

 Do you dream about extremely roandom things...but can't seem to remember them in the morning? (7 answers)

 do your parents think your doing drugs? (13 answers)

 Have you ever danced in the rain? (11 answers)

 Summer or winter? (14 answers)

 Why is marching band considered a sport? (8 answers)

 can you like your best friends boyfriend? (6 answers)

 Do you have a creepy stalker? (7 answers)

 Have you ever gone skinny dipping? (9 answers)

 Is sex really that big of a deal? (9 answers)

 Do you play a high school sport? (9 answers)

 Do you sing in the car? (10 answers)

 Do you eat peanut butter from the Jar? (7 answers)

 Do blondes realy have more fun? (11 answers)

 If you could say anything rigt now what would it be? (8 answers)

 Are you a conformist? (11 answers)

 Why do you pretend to be someone your not? (9 answers)

 Why is being the real "you" such a hard task? (8 answers)

 Why do we pretend not to see the obvious? (6 answers)

 Why does socity make us conform to a certian image? (7 answers)

 Is love worth living for? (14 answers)

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