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crazypunkchick's Q & A
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crazypunkchick has 136 questions total.
crazypunkchick has answered a total of 386 other questions.

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 I'm a dork  (12 answers)

 Can I be your friend?  (12 answers)

 who wants to be added to my buddy list?  (7 answers)

 cheese or no?  (7 answers)

 favorite bands?  (10 answers)

 motherfreaker I wanna leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(this house)  (3 answers)

 What do you do when you just want to give up on life but someone far away is holding you back  (5 answers)

 haha....I know what you're thinking (3 answers)

 It sucks to know young people who've died (3 answers)

 What's stuck in your mind right now and you wish you could get it out but it won't come out? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: Nothing.
 annabelle41: DAN...sigh
 ANTLink19: nothing now... but yesterday there was this horrible song... but i dun remember what it was
 Espirin: My brain... he won't shut up. Right now it wants me to kick myself in the teeth for not doing my work...
 liljboy: that song graduation by vitamin C since school is over and i really miss all my friends and some of my teachers.

 ADVICE? (5 answers)

 MY QUESTIONS ARE................ (8 answers)

 WANT TO BE FRIENDS? (10 answers)


 THANK YOU! (2 answers)

 PICK ONE QUOTE LOL (6 answers)

 PICK ONE (3 answers)

 FAVORITE QUOTE? (11 answers)

 LOL (2 answers)


 I WANT TO PARTY! (6 answers)


 FAVORITE DRINK? (8 answers)

 HOW OLD ARE YOU? (18 answers)

 YOUR PARENTS ARE.................. (10 answers)

 Do you crack your knuckles? (10 answers)


 HOMEWORK IS........... (7 answers)


 How would you describe yourself? (10 answers)

 HOBBY? (6 answers)

 What do you smoke? (10 answers)


 Finally, write down your favorite number and your favorite day of the week. (14 answers)

 Think of someone (who also knows you and is important to you) and that you can relate to the following colors (do not repeat your answer twice Namejust one person for each color.) Yellow Orange Red White Green (7 answers)

 Okay 2 of the same kind of questions as before (2 answers)

 Write one word that describes each one of the following: Dog Cat Rat Coffee Sea (7 answers)

 Put the following 5 animals in the order of your preference. Cow Tiger Sheep Pig Horse (8 answers)

 The following questions you may not understand but do it and I'll tell you the meaning in your guestbook trust me it's intresting!!!!!!!!! (3 answers)

 Why should I answer your questions? (16 answers)

 What is true love? (3 answers)

 Any otc drugs to get high off of? (2 answers)

 Favorite otc drug to get high off of? (3 answers)

 Favorite drug? (9 answers)

 What was the best time of your life so far? (7 answers)

 What was the most serious thing you have done bad? (2 answers)

 What's the most serious thing you have done good? (1 answers)

 Do you think you'll ever be ready for a real serious relationship? (4 answers)

 What are you feeling right now and why? (6 answers)

 What's your religon? (8 answers)

 What is tommorow to you? (4 answers)

 Have you ever experienced real love? (5 answers)

 Is it normal when someone only sleeps during the day? (5 answers)

 Favorite color and why? (7 answers)

 can I sleep? (5 answers)

 WHO ARE YOU????????????????? (6 answers)

 do you prefer girl or guy? woman or man? difference between woman and girl and guy and man? (2 answers)

 goth or freak? (4 answers)

 Dork or Freak? (3 answers)

 Thank punkchikloser for answering most of my questions also (1 answers)

 What do you do when you lose your voice because I'm losing mine. (7 answers)

 Do you ever get shakey? (5 answers)

 I'm bored (3 answers)

 Thanks Korn chick 2007 for answering my questions you've answered the majority or all of them I think. (2 answers)

  Why label someone is it just more comfortable for people or society? (4 answers)

 I just realized I can say bitch in 3 languages. (6 answers)

 Do you like to sleep? (6 answers)

 anyone take happy pills? (3 answers)

 How many people do you talk to on here? (4 answers)

 Do you think our country has something wrong with it like how people are so attached to tv? (no offense) (5 answers)

 Anyone take medication? (3 answers)

 do you want a rose I have 578 or so anyone anyone at all? (10 answers)

 I'm distressed any ideas? (1 answers)

 What's your scene? club lounge prep goth punk skater street? (7 answers)

 insane or sane world? (7 answers)

 Do you like to think? (6 answers)

 1-5 1 being the worst how's your relationship with your parents? me 2 (12 answers)

 What do you think my personality is based on my profile and questions? (4 answers)

 Do you know me? (4 answers)

 How many people do you know on here? (4 answers)

 Why are you answering my questions? (5 answers)

 what's with my sudden burst of questions? (2 answers)

 Have you ever loved something or someone so much that you hated them? (5 answers)

 Have you ever meant anyone off the internet? good or bad outcome? (8 answers)

 Have you ever meant anyone off the internet? good or bad outcome? (2 answers)

 What makes you just want to tear someone's head off? (5 answers)

 Would you change your name if you could or have you? (6 answers)

 Are you attracted to the same sex opposite sex or both? (6 answers)

 What kind of personality do you have? (4 answers)

 What do you do when someone stares? (3 answers)

 What makes you you? (3 answers)

 What's your favorite thing to do when your bored? (4 answers)

 Are you ever bored? (2 answers)

 Who's your favorite person? (12 answers)

 What are you thinking? (12 answers)

 What's your favorite thing to do? (8 answers)

 Would you ever kill someone? Who? Why? (6 answers)

 What's your big pet peeve (thing that gets you ticked off the most)? (12 answers)

 Do you think you'll be happy for the rest of the day? Why? (10 answers)

 Who's your bestfriend? (10 answers)

 Do you like people? (9 answers)

 What's your favorite color? Why? (8 answers)

 How happy are you 1-10 10 being the most? (7 answers)

 What's your take on life? (6 answers)

 I need GC tickets now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 answers)

 I lost my voice and I need it back. (6 answers)

 What would be your first reaction if someone came up to you (a stranger) and said "meep"? (8 answers)

 Would you fly if you could without being worried about going to high? (8 answers)

 Who here loves me? (6 answers)

 What do you do when you get nervous? (12 answers)

 What's the one thing that makes you laugh the most? (5 answers)

 What would happen? (4 answers)

 If you lost that one thing what would you do? (5 answers)

 What's the one thing you can't live without? (9 answers)

 Is it true santa watches you while your sleeping? (5 answers)

 Are you engaged? (11 answers)

 Have you ever been obsessive over someone or are you? (16 answers)

 Would you ever stalk someone? (10 answers)

 Have you ever stalked someone? (15 answers)

 What's the best thing in your life right now? (7 answers)

 What was the scariest moment of your life? (9 answers)

 How many roses do you have? (14 answers)

 who would you want to be if you had to be someone else? (7 answers)

 do you think people who work with dead people in any way are scary or strange? (18 answers)

 what's the craziest thing you've ever done? (8 answers)

 What do you think a best friend is? (11 answers)

 What's the weirdest thing about you? (11 answers)

 Do you think I'm crazy? (10 answers)

 If you could choose one person (1 friend, 1 family) that you could save from dying; who would be? Like if they got a horrible disease or infection. (11 answers)

 What one person could you possibly not live without? (13 answers)

 What one thing would you change about your life? (11 answers)

 Are you really satisfied with your life? (15 answers)

 Do you hate me? (15 answers)

 Would you ditch your friends for your bf or gf? (16 answers)

 Would you rather be totally alone or having people follow you (even to the bathroom) everywhere? (14 answers)

 How do you know when the right time is for the first time to have sex? (11 answers)

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