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chunkymonkey922's Q & A
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chunkymonkey922 has 43 questions total.
chunkymonkey922 has answered a total of 3,648 other questions.

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 Are you an angry person? (9 answers)

 Who else thinks the new profiles are ridiculously hard to work, especially the Q&A? (8 answers)

 Wow...is it just me or it relationships nothing but a vicious cycle?  (9 answers)

 Why does everyone happen to get angry at me for not believing in love? I thought it was my choice to believe in it or not...  (16 answers)

 Do you like to view people's profiles for fun?  (16 answers)

 How do you feel when you have a crush? Do you enjoy it?  (22 answers)

 Are you a people person?  (25 answers)

 ahh school, has everyone started school yet?  (18 answers)

 Aww crap, Dell is yet again delayed my order...and now I have to find another place to get a laptop and quick. Got any suggestions?????  (6 answers)

 GRR!!! Don't you hate it when you order something online and they say it will come a certain day, and then you track it and it says it's gonna come like 4 days later than orginally said???  (9 answers)

 boxocereal: Yep.
 HopelesslyBored: my mom hates that
 -Sigrid-: Yeah.
 Cardtrickster: I have no Credit Card, so I don't know about it.
 il0ve_brian: when i order stuff i never track it. but my boyfriend gets stuff that delays all the time and he complains. so i guess it blows !
 wickedtintizzyangel: lol no my always came in a day or so amazon.com where i go
 tara_2289: sounds like ebay....evil people
 ItsConanOBrien: Thats almost as bad as when you order something then they tell you they are out of it!

 Has anyone seen The Believer? if yes, what did you think of it?  (2 answers)

 If you had a chance to marry anyone...who would it be?  (17 answers)

 Anyone ever hear of vampirefreaks.com or something like that? What do you think of it?  (6 answers)

 so....anyone else go or is going to the warped tour?  (3 answers)

 Anyone else heading off to college in the fall? Where ya gonna go?  (7 answers)

 What's the coolest place you've been to so far? Got any plans to expand your horizons?  (10 answers)

 do YOU have commitment issues?  (19 answers)

 IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! FINALLY 17 WHOHOO!! Will you please wish me happy birthday?  (23 answers)

 Homecoming is like in a month. What should we use as transportation (we're seniors, if that changes anyting)?  (10 answers)

 What would you do if you liked someone, and started talking to 'em. But then you findout that they weren't who you thought they were and you aren't sure if you still like them?  (8 answers)

 Have you ever walked into anything? (like a wall, trashcan, door..etc...)  (28 answers)

 why does the world go round? and while i'm at it, what makes it go round?  (6 answers)

 WOOHOO!!! I'm baaaccckkkk from NY!!  (5 answers)

 have you ever met someone with the same birthday as you?? (I haven't)  (31 answers)

 Is it cool to be dorky?  (19 answers)

 a line (saying, quote, lyrics, whatever) that you love!! hehe  (24 answers)

 What's the worst thing someone has said to you? and who said it?  (10 answers)

 what's the best slow song? (like one you could slow dance to)  (17 answers)

 What's the best compliment someone ever told you? (22 answers)

 Is everything technicolor? (8 answers)

 why do people judge other people without ever meeting them? and does that annoy ya? (24 answers)

 Who wants to be my friend??? (I need more friends!) (25 answers)

 Who is hte sweetest person on SC? (12 answers)

 who is hte hottest person you know? (doesn't have to be famous...) (23 answers)

 What's another good question to ask? (3 answers)

 When do you get dressed up (like fancy like...dresses for girls and a suit or something like for guys)? (17 answers)

 I'm hungry! what should I eat? and why can't I stop thinking about Matt? (10 answers)

 you findout that one of your guy friends doesn't like your best friend, and that guy is friend's with her b/f. What should you do? (5 answers)

 what's the best song played on the radio at the moment? (22 answers)

 why do guys treat girls like dirt and expect them to still be like their litle bitches? (20 answers)

 how DO you deal with a fucking ugly stalker that just won't get the subtle messages of "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME"??? (11 answers)

 How can you get back at a bastard that played you? (9 answers)

 What's the worst thing someone can tell you? (21 answers)

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