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captainjamesmartin's Q & A
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 Do you honestly accept people for who they are?  (1 answers)

 If you, hitler and Winston churchill were in a hot-air baloon which was loosing altitude, who would you kick out first?  (1 answers)

 jman81590: hitler (im jewish)

 Would u be a friend based on wot is on my profile?  (1 answers)

 How Big is my dick?  (0 answers)

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nuclearsailorCould you really store 600 kwh of compressed hydrogen in a scuba tank? (That's enough to run a hydrogen car some 400-600 miles, assuming 1000wh/mi after considering hydrogen-to-power-at-the-wheel efficiencies.)
nuclearsailorSons of bitches moved my car! Lol. (Probably just classmates playing a prank on me, lol.)
getitHere goes the 3 things test - name 3 things you would find in your pockets that you really wanted to keep
getitName 3 things you like boys to wear
getitName your 3 favorite cuss words you use all the time
getitName 3 things you would say to your mom if you could
getitName 3 things you would never piuck up if you saw them on the ground
getitName 3 things you would pick up if you saw them on the ground
getitName 3 things you do if you skip school
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