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cAuTiOn12's Q & A
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cAuTiOn12 has 243 questions total.
cAuTiOn12 has answered a total of 1,170 other questions.

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 who this michael jackson is guilty???? (7 answers)

 Ok how does the bus driver close the door when he gets outts the bus???? (5 answers)

 morning person or night?? (7 answers)

 whut do u like on ur burger???? (6 answers)

 carmen or pamala?????????? (4 answers)

 i got new pics in my album, u leave feedback i'll do the same! (2 answers)

 friends dont let friends date mullets....true or false??? lol (4 answers)

 die suffering or die painless????? (3 answers)

 rather be rich and unhappy or normal amount of money and happy?? (3 answers)

 would u rather be super skinny and tall or short and chubby????? (4 answers)

 is less really more??? (3 answers)

 how many ppl think this Blader_X guy is a ass????? (6 answers)

 look @ my pics and tell me whut color i should dye my hair??? (3 answers)

 the used or my chemical romance?? (5 answers)

 how long do u take in the shower??? (10 answers)

 whut are u wearing right now?? (5 answers)


 r u goin out of town this summer?? where??? (1 answers)

 if u had to name ur kid right now whut would u name ur boy/girl?? (3 answers)

 where was the farhtest u've been from home (3 answers)

 ANSWER MR FRICKIN QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!! Please ;) (3 answers)

 can ur palms get tan??? (5 answers)

 can mute ppl burp????? (2 answers)

 y doesnt baking soda freeze?? (3 answers)

 if u swallow a burp does it tuen into a fart?? (3 answers)

 can u put a gay man in a straight jacket??? (4 answers)

 if planes can fly y not penguins???? (4 answers)

 if planes can fly y not penguins???? (1 answers)

 short skirt or a long jacket???? (6 answers)

 how many r recovered cutters???????????? (14 answers)

 I hate funerals.....Do u???? They make me sad I ahve one 2 go 2 tomorrow and one on Tuesday....... (10 answers)

 how many fo us gurlz have our own jobs and make our own money and don't need no man to give them stuff????? (6 answers)

 whuts ur fav. easter candy???????? (9 answers)

 how mnay ppl are NOT doin anything for Easter???? (5 answers)

 when u sleep do u a.drool b.grind ur teeth c. sleep walk.............. (11 answers)

 Small town or big city?????????? (7 answers)

 Has ne1 ever dreamt that they f*cked a giant milkshake???? (7 answers)

 Who else LOVEZZZZZ coffee????????? (10 answers)

 Gurlz: Tight or baggy pants?? (11 answers)

 Guyz: Tight or baggy pants?? (9 answers)

 do u like ur name????? (11 answers)

 how many other girls are completly messy when it comez to thier rooms, i mena like gross discusting messy>?????? (9 answers)

 girls dont fart silly they_____?? fill in the blank! (5 answers)

 is it sexii when HOTT chicks burp????? (9 answers)

 whuts ur craziest piercing???????? (12 answers)

 do u live w/ both parents in the same house or whut............. (15 answers)

 if u can drive and u have a car whut kind of car so u have??? (10 answers)

 whut do u call it when u have to pee? (9 answers)

 kold or hot????? (7 answers)

  be serious!!! whut would u do if ur got raped then u found out ur were pregnant???? (14 answers)

 whut social class r u???? (geek, cheerleader,jock, freak.....ect..) (15 answers)

 check out my profile plzzzzz!!!! (3 answers)

 answer my ?;s and i'll return the favor!!!!! LOL (7 answers)

 do u scream or moan........ or do u not know????? (8 answers)

 guess whut i'm eatin?????????? (6 answers)

 I've been denied all the best............... (5 answers)

 glasses, contacts, or niether??? (12 answers)

 whut colors ur room?????? (16 answers)

 do u like it when ur and ur bf/gf r touchy feely???????? (11 answers)

 I'll take ya to the candy shop.............. (6 answers)

 would u ever tryin to mack on some1 elses chick?? (her bf is like 3 times ur size) (6 answers)

 how far will u go on the first date??? (7 answers)

 Check out the pic of baby Gabriel!!!! (3 answers)

 do ur parents sing in the car????? (10 answers)

 how long is ur hair?????? (12 answers)

 can u touch ur nose w/ ur tongue??? (8 answers)

 can u lick ur elbow?????? (11 answers)

 fav. song ???? (8 answers)

 how many ppl hate sneezing???? (10 answers)

 whut was ur biggest library fine?? (8 answers)

 which do u liek better cats or dogsd??? (6 answers)

 whut u and ur bf/gf's song???? (6 answers)

 Check out my new pic albums!!!!!! PLZZZ (1 answers)

 Happy Valentines Day Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3 answers)

 leave me feedback on my pic albums PLZZZZ......... (2 answers)

 answer my ?'s PLZZZZZ....... (3 answers)

 **cough** dude i hate bein sick, whut bout u?? (8 answers)

 i've alwayz wondered why is shampoo clear but conditioner not??? (5 answers)

 Why do they call them "apartments" when they are all stuck together?hahahah get it??? (5 answers)

 Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? (10 answers)

 i just realized a ton of people don't like me, its sad :( (6 answers)

 Grrrr some ppl r so funni!!!!! (2 answers)

 how many ppl think 106 is fat??????? (12 answers)

 Answer my questions pLeAsE........... (5 answers)

 how many ppl LOVE marti gras??????? I DOOOOO (6 answers)

 Ooops srry rouqe nymph *** BoObS***** Now can I ahve some?????? PLZZZ (4 answers)

 whut do u wear 2 bed??? (8 answers)

 **BoOb**** Can I have some beads????? PLZ :P (5 answers)

 if u had a theme song for ur life whut would it be?????? (6 answers)

 Give me your opinion on gay/lesbian marriages?????? (9 answers)

 r u homophobic????? if so y r u??????? (7 answers)

 whos hotter: Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, or Xzibit????? (7 answers)

 ill naswer 10 of ur ?'s if u answer 10 of my ?;s, deal???? (9 answers)

 How much is ur bf spendin on u for Valetines Day??? (9 answers)

 how many of u boyfriends think of ur gf more as a person that just a piece of ass??? (8 answers)

 whut is every1 doin 2day?? (9 answers)

 who thinks my tattoo on my side is a sign of perverted-ness??? (7 answers)

 wtf doez get crunk mean???? (9 answers)

 can u shake it like a salt shaker???????? (9 answers)

 who thinks jesse maccartney is f*cking HOTT as HELL???? (12 answers)

 have u ever tried to paint ur nails while u were drunk?????? did it work out????? (5 answers)

 my dogs ____________ my leg....... (7 answers)

 i have a ______________ (11 answers)

 I've tried ______ and it was f*ckin awesome!!!!! (5 answers)

 right now i'm so....... Finish the sentence (11 answers)

 I keed, I keed............................................ (7 answers)

 how many ppl have made out in a store dressing room????? (7 answers)

 whut stores do u go 2 in the mall??????? (9 answers)

 who partying this weekend>>>>> (8 answers)

 whut colors r ur nails?????? (10 answers)

 i got season tickets to colorado crush, who wants to come w/ me???????? (4 answers)

 do u like arena football??????????? (6 answers)

 do u eat breakfast??????????? (11 answers)

 i got the F the C and the K now all i need is???????????? (8 answers)

 do u do yoga or tai chi??????????????? (6 answers)

 Be honest: do u watch porn?????????????? (12 answers)

 i like gettin 2 stay home from skool but i hate throwin up who else is w/ me????? (8 answers)

 be serious is my tattoo kewl or not???????? (10 answers)

 do u want to spend the rest of ur life w/ the person ur w/ right now???? (10 answers)

 YaWn, *eyes water* dontcha just hate yawnin???? (7 answers)

 dontcha just hate those retarded excuses boyz make when its pretty obvious that their liein??? (3 answers)

 i just got called a hoe for no reason how mean.................................... (7 answers)

 who else is f*ckin bored as hell?????????? (8 answers)

 how many of u could give a **** of whut ppl think of u???????????? (7 answers)

 i hate docter appoints. who's w/ me??????????? (7 answers)

 kisses on the neck cute or not????????? (19 answers)

 Yay my dad just gave me 10 dollars LOL JKJK, well thats a lot money for me............... (9 answers)

 OW!!!!!! i have something in my eye!!!!!! (7 answers)

 toy soldiers good song or not????????? (10 answers)

 omg my bf just met my dad scary or whut??????????? (6 answers)

 do u like ur coffee black or w/ cream?????? (8 answers)

 most annoying song ever??????? (10 answers)

 whuts ur bf doin 4 u 4 Valentines Day??????????? (10 answers)

 110th ? whut do u think of dat?????????? (3 answers)

 how many of u have iPODS??????? How many of u want 1??? (9 answers)

 guyz: ur gf's ass somethin to grab or back connected to their legs?????? (2 answers)

 gurlz: ur bf's ass somethin to grab or back connected to his legs???? (8 answers)

 when i move............................................................ (7 answers)

 how many timez have u been in love????? (13 answers)

 first kiss: fireworks or just plain BORING???????? (10 answers)

 well i g2g do my hw, ttyl ppl, can i get a good night hug from ne1??????? (6 answers)

 how much money u got in ur wallet??????? (10 answers)

 which would u rather watch: football or hockey?????? (8 answers)

 ever been expelled or suspended?????? (9 answers)

 where do u wanna or go 2 college??? (8 answers)

 fav. type of food?? EX: mexican, chinese..................... (11 answers)

 would u be my nasty girl????? (4 answers)

 r u a bitch or THE bitch????? i'm THE bitch who wants to be 1 w/ me?? (4 answers)

 would u rather be normal or weird?????? (12 answers)

 who LOVEZZZZZZ cheesecake????? I'm eatin` a piece as we speak... (7 answers)

 u like weird al????????????????? (6 answers)

 do u still watch reruns of baywatch????? be honest i do lol........ (6 answers)

 made or true life on mtv?????? (6 answers)

 on ur cell whuts ur ringer?????????? (12 answers)

 run dmc or sir-mix-a-lot?????????????? (3 answers)

 how many ppl r on ur buddy list on aol aim or w/e?????? (7 answers)

 is ur life good or bad in ur opinion??? (7 answers)

 how many e-mail do u get on average a day???? (5 answers)

 whuts playin in ur cd player right.........................NOW!!!!!!!! (13 answers)

 hi whuts up??????????????? (3 answers)

 do u throw spilt slat over ur left or right shoulder???? (3 answers)

 have u ever ran into a parked car???? (8 answers)

 do u have a devil or angel on ur shoulder???? (4 answers)

 i was walkin pass this chick and she said (ur name) is so................................... (4 answers)

 pepsi or coke???? (11 answers)

 ginger ale or sprite????? (3 answers)

 thongs or boy shorts????? (13 answers)

 doez ne1 no whut an australian kiss is????? (13 answers)

 for gurls but guyz if ur crossdressers u cna answer: skirts or pants which is more comfortable???? (8 answers)

 buttons or zippers???????? (8 answers)

 tired or completely awake at this very moment??????? (8 answers)

 which do u liek better french kisses or australian???? lol (4 answers)

 british accent or australian???? (10 answers)

 blonde or brunette???? (13 answers)

 if u had a limo for a day and unlimited money whut would u do??? (7 answers)

 doez ne1 else think feet r amazingly discusting???? (7 answers)

 whut do u think of my ?'s??????? (7 answers)

 doez yawnin make u tired or r u tired b/c u yawned???? (8 answers)

 when were u last hammered???? (6 answers)

 best place to hide ur pot or bong or w/e?????? (6 answers)

 how many cd;s u got in ur collection?? (9 answers)

 have u heard of the song my neck my back (lick it)-khia??????? (7 answers)

 ever had a piercing reject? (5 answers)

 morningz suck whut di u all think??? (5 answers)

 cookies or donuts????? (8 answers)

 chewy or hard??????? (8 answers)

 sweet or sour???? (10 answers)

 white or black??? (13 answers)

 do u miss some1 right at this very moment?? (14 answers)

 do u ahve some that makes u complete?? that if u didnt have them u'd feel empty......... (5 answers)

 When people say, "Iím so tired it's not even funny" or "my head hurts so much it's not even funny", why would it even be funny in the first place? (3 answers)

 wat was Captian Hook's name before he had a hook for a hand? (4 answers)

 how many flowers r in a dozen???????? (10 answers)

 did u think white noise was scary??????? (5 answers)

 disco inferno-50 cent good song???????? (6 answers)

 can u shake it like shakira???? (11 answers)

 how many ppl have their clevage pierced???? (8 answers)

 on weekends how late can u sleep?????? (8 answers)

 doez windex really solve all ur problems???????? (7 answers)

 how old do ppl think u r??????? (10 answers)

 how old r u??????? (12 answers)

 do u like ur parents?????????? (14 answers)

 big boobs or big butts, which 1 is better??????? (11 answers)

 ne phobias??????????? (11 answers)

 nicknames, whut all u got??????? (18 answers)

 good boob size for a 13 year old??????? (13 answers)

 warm vanilla sugar good smell??????? or bad??????? (14 answers)

 when do u think was the last time i got in a fist fight?? (10 answers)

 when was the last time u got in a fist fight???? (9 answers)

 how long have u been single?? (17 answers)

 how long have u been goin out w/ ur bf/gf??? (11 answers)

 do u want a long lasting relationship or a 1 night fling??? (17 answers)

 winter or summer??? (13 answers)

 were u a fat baby or a tiny tiny baby?????? (18 answers)

 where do u live??? (11 answers)

 passin in ur v card when ur only 13-15 gross or not??????? (14 answers)

 paris hilton slut or hott?????? (21 answers)

 i stuck it in!!! whut do u think of when u hear these words???? (11 answers)

 clowns scary or not???? (16 answers)

 chocolate or white cake???? (20 answers)

 who would u rather do: Colin Farrell or Brad Pitt????? (20 answers)

 uniforms sexii or just plain dorky??? (14 answers)

 who goes 2 catholic skool??????? (10 answers)

 does money make u happy???? (12 answers)

 true or false: all is fair in love and war! (8 answers)

 Love: believer or non?????? (13 answers)

 how many ppl r phsyco???? (8 answers)

 who masturbates???????????????? (19 answers)

 Who still plays w/ barbies??????? (15 answers)

 and the word of the day is......................... (15 answers)

 I need a hugh will u give me 1???? (12 answers)

 Pro-Life or Pro-Choice??? (21 answers)

 Best band??? (15 answers)

 Fav. ice cream??? (16 answers)

 Straight/Gay/Bi??? (24 answers)

 Oppostie sex or same sex?? (22 answers)

 Do u like to talk to the wall sometimez???? (13 answers)

 where's the carziest place u've ever done anything *wink*wink*?????? (15 answers)

 Would u date ur best friends ex????? (18 answers)

 Do u have ne tattoos??? (17 answers)

 Do u have ne piercings?? (21 answers)

 How many of u r under 15 and are NOT virgins???? (11 answers)

 What do u do when ur best friend is tryin to steal ur bf??? (20 answers)

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