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burythetooth's Q & A
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 Who killed Jenny Schecter? (5 answers)

 was Avatar really that epic? I feel like I'm missing something. (11 answers)

 What's your favourite meal to cook? (9 answers)

 what's your favourite kind of Dorito? (11 answers)

 do you play WoW? if so list; highest character, prefered side, favourite class, least favourite, and realm of choice. (9 answers)

 have you heard of i-dose; a program which induces a high-like feeling of various sorts? (9 answers)

 what do you call marijuana? if you smoke it; how often, and by which method do you prefer? (25 answers)

 what is your dream band line-up for a concert/show? (11 answers)

 what's your favourite kind of pie? when you're eating pie; do you eat the filling first, the crust, or do you get a bit of both? (17 answers)

 when reading answers; do you prefer them to be long and detailed, or short and to the point? (25 answers)

 have you ever been caught stealing? if yes, what was it? (25 answers)

 when you close your eyes, do they roll back in your eye socket? (19 answers)

 are you involved in the community that has developed around your favourite band/artist? (ie. forums, street teams, etc.) if yes, how? (13 answers)

 would you consider a split tongue attractive? (39 answers)

 how often do you check your photo album for new feedback? (23 answers)

 do you get annoyed when people have an excess amount of celebrity photos as their main profile pics? (33 answers)

 have you ever done one of those riddle sites.. where you're given a picture with clues and you need to figure out how to get to the next page? (ie. zest riddles, this is not pron...)? do you enjoy them? (11 answers)

 why is it that melted cheese tastes different than when it's not melted? (22 answers)

 when you're walking down the street and listening to music, do you sometimes start dancing/headbanging and mouthing/singing the words? (30 answers)

 when(if) you do the FOTD, do you go back the next day and see if you were right? (10 answers)

 do you find it slightly annoying when artists don't put their lyrics up on their websites, and make other sites take them down as well? (14 answers)

 what is the geekiest thing you know and do? (21 answers)

 what was the last thing you purchased? (31 answers)

 what's your dream pet? (39 answers)

 do you pronounce 'via' with an 'e' or 'i' sound? (43 answers)

 can you move your big toe without moving the rest of your toes? (38 answers)

 what do you want right now? (32 answers)

 do your parents treat you and you siblings equally? if not, are you at a disadvantage or advantage? (27 answers)

 when you get up from the computer do you hide, close, or just leave the windows up? (31 answers)

 are you happy? (40 answers)

 so do you think that underage drinking is a problem? why? (29 answers)

 do your parents accept you and your decisions? do you see it as a sign of bad parenting if they don't? (28 answers)

 what's your favourite flavour of lip balm/gloss? (29 answers)

 does the phrase, 'happy jesus on a stick day' offend you? (31 answers)

 honestly, is there a better feeling than shaved legs? (28 answers)

 if you have MSN, what is your current display name? (21 answers)

 how dirty is your keyboard? turn it upside down and shake/smack all that crap out. (21 answers)

 who makes the best fries? (28 answers)

 can you touch your uvula with your tongue? (19 answers)

 is there an artist that stands out on your playlist? who is it? (23 answers)

 do you buy things online? what's your favourite store website? what was the last thing you got? (16 answers)

 what's your favourite piercing? (28 answers)

 what are the most expensive things you own? (21 answers)

 do you prefer the cardboard cd cases or the plastic cd cases? why? (15 answers)

 aside from people involved in plays/movies, has knowing Shakespeare helped anyone? (16 answers)

 if you were to make a music video, what would it be of? (13 answers)

 what is the longest song title you've seen? (21 answers)

 how strict is your school? what are some rules? (20 answers)

 how many hours of sleep did you get last night? would you consider this a bad or good night? (19 answers)

 pretend for a moment you're into heavy body modification. now, before you got the procedure done, would you do anything to numb the area, or would you accept a numbing agent from the practitioner? (13 answers)

 what do you put in your hair after a shower? (28 answers)

 do you cut your bread diagonally, horizontally, or vertically? (16 answers)

 what is something you really like about your family? what is something you really dislike about your family? (14 answers)

 let's say there is a god out there for a moment, if you got the chance to meet this god, what would you ask them? (15 answers)

 what is your favourite mellow song? (16 answers)

 if you had the chance to learn any musical instrument, what would it be and why? (22 answers)

 what is the creepiest song you've heard? (18 answers)

 if you were to start a band, what would your name be? (23 answers)

 when you're having trouble falling asleep, what do you do to make sleep come faster? (23 answers)

 do you agree that there is a problem of over medication in our world? (15 answers)

 how long can you ignore an itch for? (22 answers)

 do you like your current hairstyle? what are your plans for your next one? (22 answers)

 do you like to complain about your problems often? (20 answers)

 what's your favourite cover song? (17 answers)

 do you have any suggestions for this site? what are they? (11 answers)

 what is your favourite method to eat Fruit by the Foot? (ie, rolling it arond your fingure, stuffing it all in your mouth) (15 answers)

 do you still eat Fruit by the Foot? (23 answers)

 what's the nicest thing you've done for a friend? what's the meanest you've done to a friend? (10 answers)

 what's the most annoying song you can think of? (19 answers)

 how do you discover new bands? (30 answers)

 what's your favourite article of clothing you own? why? (17 answers)

 have you heard of Flying Spaghetti Monsterism? are you a Pastafarian? what do you think of the whole thing? (18 answers)

 are you subscribed to any magazines? which ones? (13 answers)

 what was the last CD you bought? what did you think of it? (18 answers)

 what's your favourite type of juice? (32 answers)

 do you prefer to download your music or buy cds? how many mp3s do you have on your computer? how many cds do you own? (18 answers)

 do you prefer cold or warm breakfasts? (20 answers)

 would you please suggest a band worth checking out? (21 answers)

 what kind of student are you; do teacher like you? do you do a lot of extra curicular stuff? how are your grades? how's your attendance? (16 answers)

 how often do you cut your finger and toe nails? (12 answers)

 do you like to blast your music? (20 answers)

 what brand of deodorant do you use? (17 answers)

 how's the weather? (21 answers)

 do you have plans for today? what are they? (15 answers)

 do you have a Last.fm account? what is it? (15 answers)

 What are you listening to right now? (30 answers)

 do you collect anything? (26 answers)

 how is your room decorated? (24 answers)

 what was the last band you checked out and liked? (23 answers)

 how are you feeling today? (22 answers)

 what song(s) make you; sad? happy? energetic? angry? in awe? (23 answers)

 do you believe we have souls? (33 answers)

 what career field do you hope to go into? (29 answers)

 what was the last movie you watched and how was it? (32 answers)

 what song have you had on repeat or have been listening to a lot lately? (30 answers)

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