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blond~bomber's Q & A
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blond~bomber has 37 questions total.
blond~bomber has answered a total of 74 other questions.

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 carebears or my lil pony?? (5 answers)

 you never know how much you love some one until they are gone (true or false) why (3 answers)

 who has some one over sea's ( is it hard for you ) (2 answers)

 whats your all time fav cartoon from when you were lil ???? (3 answers)

 did everyone like christmas???? (4 answers)

 hey can you help me out, the guy i like is in the army and i want to wait for him, i dont want to find any one else. can some one help me in this situation (4 answers)

 I need help...... this guy i like broke up with his girlfriend and now he wants to get with me (finally) we used to date.. But on the other hand i am talking with some one else.... can anyone help me ???? if so let me know??????? (3 answers)

 Okay i need help again!! See i have this and i know something about the guys she likes but do i tell her or not tell her???? If you need more help then well this guy likes me and i like him but my friend for like ever thinks she owns him and s (2 answers)

 Okay people i have to tell everyone something okay well here its goes *************** I DONT LIKE NATHAN IN A B/F AND G/F WAY. HIM AND I ARE JUST FRIENDS OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 Girls i have a QUESTION ~*~*~ What do you think about men in a uniform ( military form ) are they cute or ungly ~*~*~*~* (6 answers)

 boxocereal: Mmm mm MMM!!
 teenmomma: well i know who ur talking about so YEAH i think they are really CUTE!!!!!!!hehehehe hell yeah there HOTT HOTT HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 tabet: I think they are hot. There is just something about a man in a uniform.
 ladyr1: They vary. Some of them are cute others are just nasty. Me personally though I don't like them.
 xlucybruceyx: yes i luv them lol

 How much older would you go to date that one person (6 answers)

 Guys i have a question for ya !!! Why do guy when they get mad have to hit the girl then think its okay and when she gets mad its all hurt fault if you can answer that plz tell me why becasue i am confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 answers)

 Why do guys think they can tells us one minute that they want to be with us and then a week later dont want anything to do with us?????????????????????? can some one explain it too me plz?????????? (3 answers)

 Since i am a blonde do you think you can confuse me ?????????????? try it and i bet you cant lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 Who is going to prom???????????? (7 answers)

 From my file do i sound like a slut???????? tell me the truth plz (3 answers)

 Yes Finally Spring Break is finally here yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 answers)

 If your ex told you that he was leaving his girlfriend for you what would you do?????????????????  (4 answers)

 what do guys think we are play toys?????????? I Dont think so  (6 answers)

 i hate it when a guy thinks he has to be a big shot grrrrrrrrrrrrr (5 answers)

 Girls would ever take back a man that says to you that you are to caring and acting like his mother??????????  (4 answers)

 I get to graduate this May do any of you get too ??????????  (3 answers)

 Who like Jessica Simpson???????????  (5 answers)

 can this day get any worse????????????????????  (4 answers)

 i am stuck in between two guys i like them both what should i do any one with any help plz let me know thanks (3 answers)

 Guys how do you tell a girl you like them???????????????? Or HOw do you show it???????????????  (5 answers)

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~FREAK OUT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  (3 answers)

 Its Friday the 13th Are you scared??????????????????????  (5 answers)

 How is your day??????????/ mine is okay  (3 answers)

 Who is your Favorite band????????????????????????????????/  (5 answers)

 whats your perfect date???????????????????????????  (6 answers)

 Heaven or Hell where are you going??????????????????????  (11 answers)

 What is your favorite song???????????  (5 answers)

 Is your best bestfriend a girl or a guy?????????????????????  (7 answers)

 Girls how do we get theses guys off your back when all they want to do is follow us around like a lost puppy or some thing  (4 answers)

 Do you think it is right to date your ex's bestfriend????????????  (4 answers)

 if you have icq add me 177123871  (2 answers)

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