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blayze_2k's Q & A
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blayze_2k has 40 questions total.
blayze_2k has answered a total of 647 other questions.

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 Why do you persist in molesting me with your mind? (9 answers)

 Why have you entered my realm? (8 answers)

 Ninjas? (11 answers)

 Angel2Devil2Friend: Sweet
 boxocereal: =)
 PasychoSheep: beat pirates.
 KittieKat8181: No. Power Rangers.
 Krazy_Loki: kick as$?
 WildInsaneCaroline: Yes. I'm telling you those giant mutant turtles are ninjas!
 metalrockerjon: yea wataboutem

 Why exactly do you want my body? (8 answers)

 How's it goin' kgthdc2468? (14 answers)

 Elmo or Grover? (20 answers)

 Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what, and how well? (27 answers)

 I just realized that the Guess Who are canadian too! All sorts of good things come from Canada! (15 answers)

 Why do people like sunny days so much? I like cloudy days because then the sun doesn't get in my eyes, plus everything feels mellow and content.  (21 answers)

 Would Neverblink be a good name for a band? (12 answers)

 YOU DON'T LOVE ME!  (23 answers)

 Why is image important to people? Is society that brainwashed by blatant commercialism? (14 answers)

 Please answer my first couple of questions, they are the most significant.  (19 answers)

 If you choose not to decide, have you still made a choice?  (23 answers)

 What makes you want to answer other people's questions?  (22 answers)

 Besides every band except Rush, what is the greatest canadian band ever?  (24 answers)

 Are christians too judgmental?  (23 answers)

 I think I swear too much for a Christian. Should I cut down on the cursing?  (19 answers)

 I think I will now post a question about Yes. I really like their song "Hold On" anyone else like Yes? (8 answers)

 Wow. I think you people must be crazy. Perry seems to agree. Oh and my smiley face says to burn you alive and eat you livers... Me & Perry don't know what to think of that guy sometimes... (11 answers)

 If I told you that my conscience is a penguin named Perry who has sunglasses and doesn't talk, and that my little shoulder devil is a smiley face with angel wings and a high squeeky voice, then would you think i'm crazy?  (13 answers)

 Do you think I am crazy? (16 answers)

 THOSE BASTARDS CUT OFF MY QUESTION!! It was just babbling after that anyway, but damn!  (9 answers)

 It's been a while since i've posted a question about Rush. Has anyone here heard the full version of 2112? It is the best 20 minutes I have ever spent doing anything ever. Period. ... ... okay I can't end this question on a period so I am going  (5 answers)

 What would be the point of posting questions with actual relevance?  (8 answers)

 Whose idea was it to put this function on this site? It's great but it's really not something you'd think of you know?  (5 answers)

 I am listening to Led Zepplin. They are good. What song do you think I am listening to? (hint: I am NOT listening to stairway)  (14 answers)

 If you were to ask me a question.... why the hell would you do it? I mean you know I am gonna be a smartass!! (8 answers)

 I wish I was _____? (25 answers)

 Penguins are the epitome of all that is kewl. They were put on earth as an example of how to be kewl. Who agrees with me? (12 answers)

 Have you seen That Thing You Do? Yer talkin' gibberish! (9 answers)

 Do you think i'm a little obsessed with Rush? Is that healthy? (10 answers)

 I am going to make a statement instead. Just to be different. So there. (11 answers)

 True or false, Rush is the greatest band ever? (hint: the correct answer is true, so that is what you want to write)  (9 answers)

 If I were, theoretically, trying to take over the world using flying penguins, you know, um... rhetorically... cause i'm not... um... would you have any advice for me? Not that I'll do it...  (13 answers)

 Why would anyone EVER listen to Good Charlotte or Simple Plan?!? There music is horribly simplified and redundant!!!  (19 answers)

 Heard of Rush? What's your favorite Rush song? (9 answers)

 Is it important to listen to bands of my generation instead of older bands? (21 answers)

 Who should be at the forefront in a band?  (18 answers)

 What is most important about music?  (35 answers)

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