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bass_gurl's Q & A
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 what should I get my girly friend for her birthday? I need a link to a site to buy it from (2 answers)

 my friend has fish which even fight their own reflection....what say you to that? (2 answers)

 how do you not screw things up? (3 answers)

 who else got drunk today? (7 answers)

 if the word 'passion' means 'suffering' why is it so often associated with love and happiness? e.g i have a passion for him/her (3 answers)

 boxocereal: Hmm..
 vitalkisses: because everybody sufeers in love whether its alot or just a little bit

 the spazzy question is not intended on being insulting-i mean i could have put it as not-all-there but people would still get insulted-so sorry if you are insulted dudes n dudettes (1 answers)

 Do you agree with me that there ought to be a spazzy section-similar to the hotty pic people rate you on your stupidity-i think i'd win! (3 answers)

 biggest let down? (3 answers)

 have you ever taken drugs? Do you regret it? (4 answers)

 best insult ever (3 answers)

 whats your clothing style? (6 answers)

 what do you think of shirley manson? (she is soooo uber cool!) (3 answers)

 best excuse for getting out of seeing someone? (3 answers)

 ever felt so low and then listened to a song and suddenly felt stronger? what was that song? (2 answers)

 best way to murder a horrible bastard of an ex? (3 answers)

 is anyone actually bothered about the pope? (9 answers)

 am never EVER getting drunk again-anyone else ever feel like that? (7 answers)

 worst way to die? (11 answers)

 hey who else loves spud guns? (5 answers)

 http://spoiledrottendoggies.com/costumes.htm <-- check out the buzz lightyear dog (2 answers)

 most annoying slam-your-head-against-a-brick-wall song ever? (10 answers)

 simon says... (14 answers)

 to live is to (13 answers)

 who else thinks Bill Bailey rocks? (5 answers)

 favourite game? (and i don't mean mind!) (10 answers)

 how easily distracted are you? (18 answers)

 do you think guy on guy is hot or not? (16 answers)

 favourite my chemical romance song? (7 answers)

 who is on your hate list? (18 answers)

 if you could be a superhero who would you be-what would your powers be? (8 answers)

 can someone shoot at me please-i could do with a good gunfight to cheer me up (5 answers)

 Do you have any obsessions? (18 answers)

 if you can go bald on your head, can you go bald in other places too? (9 answers)

 do you have any oddities with your body? (4 answers)

 can I have the directions please (4 answers)

 how many times have you been arrested? (8 answers)

 what is the worst word that people use (like 'innit') (4 answers)

 i need a group hug :'( (10 answers)

 Have you ever considered checking yourself into the mental ward? (14 answers)

 socialism or capitalism? (14 answers)

 what really pisses you off? (15 answers)

 what are your views on Mary Magdalene being the supposed 'Holy Grail'? (7 answers)

 what song sums up your life right now? (8 answers)

 when i say fishnet tights...you say ____________ (10 answers)

 woo lets get high or drugs are bad m'k? (7 answers)

 what's the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a date? (9 answers)

 did you know today is the most depressing day of the year? (11 answers)

 do you get stressed out easily? (14 answers)

 isn't it annoying how first impressions leave a lasting effect-if you **** it up first then that is it (5 answers)

 anyone else got a sore throat? (11 answers)

 why is there a bike flying past my window? (8 answers)

 can you resist temptation? (14 answers)

 where have you been all my life???? (8 answers)

 who else love the Sex pistols.........they were such an amazing band dudes n dudettes (5 answers)

 honestly....what am I doing wrong? (8 answers)

 I wish I could say something sensible...but I really don't think I'm capable (4 answers)

 has anyone else ever got stuck down the side of the sofa? (12 answers)

 so what do you find sexy? (14 answers)

 does anyone else here have a sick sense of humour? (9 answers)

 i feel so bored and isolated... (6 answers)

 what age do think you are mentally? (8 answers)

 damn you got some wicked style (7 answers)

 do you see sex as a beautiful thing or just something that everyone else is doing? (19 answers)

 i have heard hell-yes i have HEARD it- it comes in the voice of Jessica Simpsons version of what was once a good song 'Angels'. HOW COULD SHE KILL IT HOW??? (6 answers)

 come people let us bring back the famous absolutely wonderful era of punk-where people trashed gigs and stuff.... (6 answers)

 have you ever had that thing where you are just in love with so many different guys/girls? i mean not proper love just casual love...i think i'm badly suffering from it (2 answers)

 love or lust? (14 answers)

 ah i need a punchbag right now-not a **** buddy a punchbag grrrr (4 answers)

 anyone want to join me in getting into shape? (8 answers)

 who is your favourite radio1 dj? (mine is scott mills and the one and only colin) (6 answers)

 can you here the angels calling? or do they not exist? (9 answers)

 i need some tips on how to fly-it's painful jumping off things and falling! (9 answers)

 any michael jackson superfans here? i'd just like to say......shame on you!! (7 answers)

 say you commited a horrific crime so bad that you were sentenced to be executed. How would you most like to die? (9 answers)

 tell me your woes.... (4 answers)

 any little Britain fans??? Or do you prefer the Office? (11 answers)

 who inspires you? (17 answers)

 help people im drowning in confusion!!! (6 answers)

 how about it-answer mine and ill answer yours (questions that is) (12 answers)

 my friend got chased by a massive line of granny carts which had baloons tied to them...hahahahahahahaha. care to join me in laughing? (10 answers)

 im going to start up a thing-and this thing will be amazing-who's with me? (10 answers)

 lalala another rubbish year is about to pass.....do you like new year??? (11 answers)

 wow the lost prophets version of cry me a river is amazing.thats all i can say.wow (4 answers)

 im tired of staring at the sun.........because...... (12 answers)

 who here likes the Zutons? (7 answers)

 Won't somebody tag me?  (12 answers)

 can someone sing me a song? im bored  (15 answers)

 what 2004 film features the song 'raindrops keep falling on my head'?  (6 answers)

 tell me, peasants-who do you love?  (9 answers)

 who else had a crap day today? or is it just be?  (10 answers)

 I'm going to see Blink 182 on the 14th December- has anyone else seen them???  (13 answers)

 Why is it that America in general is so obsessed by child stars? In England it's like, Hilary Duff-big deal...but in America.....  (14 answers)

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