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atardif's Q & A
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atardif has 79 questions total.
atardif has answered a total of 169 other questions.

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 are your feet cold?? (10 answers)

   (3 answers)

 Does any body want to be added to my match list??? (7 answers)

 why r ppl so subjective to goths and s8rs? (10 answers)

 ~~~~++++~~~~***plz answer my Questions????***~~~~++++~~~  (5 answers)

 do you think im diff.?  (8 answers)

 do you think its weird to take and ex boyfriend that you got back with and only have been dating for a few days to a family reunion?  (6 answers)

 GOOD NITE EVERY ONE!!!!!  (6 answers)


 WUT TIME IS IT?  (10 answers)

 HOW OLD R U?  (12 answers)


 to leave of to stay?  (5 answers)

 to leave of to stay?  (3 answers)

 tampons or pads?  (5 answers)

 Boxers,briefs,thongs,of regular undies lol????  (7 answers)

 Im back with myex im so happy?randys hott  (5 answers)

 to be or not to be? (4 answers)

 do ever wish you could be someone your not? (6 answers)

 ~+~Does anybody wanna join my groups~+~?(Songwriters,guitaristdrummersvocalists)? (5 answers)

 do you like slipknot?????or linkin park better???? (12 answers)

 wuts your fav numb? (11 answers)

 y do guys like blondes better? (10 answers)

 what is the key to happiness? (7 answers)

 if someone u loved said they were moving away and out of state and they asked if you would go with them what would u do? (9 answers)

 y r ppl so aginst goths? (8 answers)

 i love benji and chester from good charlotte and linkin park im not picky id have ne of them lol! would you? (6 answers)

 im bored!!!  (5 answers)

 im gothic iz ne one else?  (8 answers)

 hey wanna be my friend  (6 answers)

 r u goth n wanna be my friend?  (5 answers)

 have you ever heard of something called fcuk? no its not f u c k  (8 answers)

 Hey, does any one wanna join my group?(guitaristsdrummersvocalists)?  (5 answers)

 Im bored again?? ne one else???  (5 answers)

 do you like simple plan good charlotte incubis ?  (15 answers)

 wut time is it???  (11 answers)

 have you ever heard of the band Interbreed!!!!!!??????  (5 answers)

 are you a cutter?and if so how do you control it?  (8 answers)

 if you could do one thing with your life wut would it be???  (4 answers)

 will you join my group (guitaristsdrummersvocalists)?  (3 answers)

 Is Bigger better????  (5 answers)

 Im bored??? (10 answers)

 plz ansewr my ? (6 answers)

 do you like linkin park? (11 answers)

 Thers this dude i love hiz name iz elton n hez like a best friend should i risk loseing a friendship and ask him out? (7 answers)

 I am lookin for ppls in maine my area hoping that the around 15 or 14 or 16 maybee 17 to either play an instrmt.sing harmonize trying to start a local band just tag my book n ill give you the info!so if you interested just leave you info below n i wi (1 answers)

 will you join my group?SiNgErSrUs  (5 answers)

 Do you smoke?  (22 answers)

 wut do drugs mean to you?  (9 answers)

 Ha So you walk down the street Sh*t?Finish the Story?  (4 answers)

 Do you like Barbie Or Ken?  (6 answers)

 Have you ever wanted sumthing so bad youd do ne thin for it?  (5 answers)

 day or nite?  (12 answers)

 DID Hoked ewn fonkixz Work fer you? It dun good for i?  (1 answers)

 Do us blonde rilly have more fun?  (5 answers)

 Do you have a bf or gf?Me ME ME i Do  (6 answers)

 whats the name of this song ? i dont wanna be like cinderella sitting in a dark old dusty cellar waitting for some body to come and set me free)who is it by  (6 answers)

 Has A crush eva crushed you?  (5 answers)

 whos ya cleb crush?  (12 answers)

 R u an honer roll student?? and if so would you admit it?  (8 answers)

 i home again yea!!!!!come n visit  (1 answers)

 will somebody go tag my guest book please?And if so(Thank you) (3 answers)

 where in the world is carmen sandiageo????? (5 answers)

 What do micheal jackson and k-mart have in common????  (7 answers)

 WHO LIKES MONEY?(ME,ME,ME) (10 answers)

 who has a job???(wut is it) (8 answers)

 Guys:wut do u like bout boys???? (5 answers)

 girls:wut do you like bout girls????????? (6 answers)

 Boys:wut do you like bout girls??  (3 answers)

 Girls:wut do you like a bout guys??  (6 answers)

 wut is your lucky numba????  (10 answers)

 are you all there in the morning?(im nott)  (8 answers)

 what is the dumbest date you've been on????  (4 answers)

 Wuts your pet peeve?  (9 answers)

 wuts your hobbies?  (6 answers)

 do you like animals?  (9 answers)

 wuts you fav color?????  (15 answers)

 Sports any body??????  (9 answers)

 who is hotter eminem or brad pitt  (11 answers)

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