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april922's Q & A
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april922 has 87 questions total.
april922 has answered a total of 2,886 other questions.

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 do you have a child? (11 answers)

 Mika167: Yes. June 24th 2014
 jjcheer98: Not for many years
 springbreaker: no - none that i am currently aware of :)
 sonja_belle: no
 Mika167: not yet.
 SassMaster: 3 beautiful girls
 ilove4h: Somewhere in this world
 Dinhy: No.
 faerie_kisses: no
 boxocereal: Hellllll no.

 after you graduate, do you think you can afford to live on your own? (11 answers)

 what do you prefer, standard time or daylight savings? (14 answers)

 big or small boobs. (20 answers)

 do you visit the zoo (17 answers)

 When you get a cold, how long does it normally last (14 answers)

 Do you take vitamins? (13 answers)

 on average how many hours do you sleep? (25 answers)

 do you watch the tv show....house? (20 answers)

 If you could work naked....would you? (23 answers)

 do you play bingo? (15 answers)

 how much do you spend on lunch? (11 answers)

 did you watch the debate? (10 answers)

 Do you support the bailout plan for the troubles on wall street? (8 answers)

 Can you vote this year? (20 answers)

 Did you ever listen to George Carlin the comedian? (17 answers)

 i just one 1330 points...what did you get today? (8 answers)

 patriots or giants (15 answers)

 how often do you have sex? (38 answers)

 what would you do if you were pregnant, or made someone pregnant (28 answers)

 how much money do you spend in total for holiday gifts? (17 answers)

 If you drive, what does it cost you per week in fuel? (17 answers)

 who wanted a pony for christmas? (14 answers)

 what time did you get up today? (21 answers)

 who do you think will be our next president? (17 answers)

 Do you like flying on airplanes? (36 answers)

 How often to you go to the movies? (29 answers)

 do you drink green tea? (26 answers)

 whats your favorite cheese? (24 answers)

 4th of July...bbq or pool party..what are you doing today? (21 answers)

 tomato sauce or meat sauce? (21 answers)

 whats for dinner? (24 answers)

 do you hate mondays? (24 answers)

 how often do you go to the dentist? (30 answers)

 should "english" be the national language of the usa? (24 answers)

 post the price per gallon of gas by you (24 answers)

 do you like when it rains? (29 answers)

 Lindsay Lohan... do you think rehab will work for her? (23 answers)

 when was the last time you been to the zoo? (26 answers)

 have you ever been to a wedding? (36 answers)

 new pics posted..commments would be nice. (6 answers)

 what are you wearing now? (36 answers)

 If Milk goes to 5.00 per gallon, would you still buy it? (24 answers)

 gas prices keep going up, do you still joy ride? or just for work/school? (18 answers)

 If your school had a shooting like virginia tech today..would you go back? (28 answers)

 if you were a bird what kind would you be? (24 answers)

 new pics posted comments would be nice (6 answers)

 ever been barefoot to a carnival? (23 answers)

 what ticks you off the most? (23 answers)

 Will you be old enough to vote in 2008? (34 answers)

 do you still use dial up internet? (28 answers)

 do you like chinese food? what do you eat usually? (28 answers)

 do you drink energy drinks, such as red bull and other stuff? (29 answers)

 do you like flavored ice tea? (23 answers)

 what is something you would never eat when it comes to food. (25 answers)

 what color shirt do you wear the most? (44 answers)

 superbowl.. do you watch it? (35 answers)

 Do you have a facebook account? (35 answers)

 What animal do you like watching at the zoo? (30 answers)

 are you done christmas shopping? (16 answers)

 ever ridden a horse? (46 answers)

 point wheel.. just one 1120 points. whats the most you won? (30 answers)

 Do you think guys/girls masterbate while looking at your photos? (44 answers)

 do you like junk food, corndogs, stuff you find at a carnival. (30 answers)

 ever post on golivewire? (25 answers)

 new pics posted, care to comment? (13 answers)

 Have you ever gone barefoot into a fast food restaurant? (31 answers)

 walking barefoot in the rain, yes or no (52 answers)

 If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he homeless or naked? (41 answers)

 when does school end for you? (35 answers)

 beach or camping? (50 answers)

 What would you think if your parents had another kid. (46 answers)

 burgers or chicken? (49 answers)

 sleeping or eating (45 answers)

 do you belong to any groups here? (31 answers)

 No shoes, No shirt, No service... agree or disagree? (41 answers)

 what style bathing suit do you wear? (44 answers)

 whats the gas prices by you? (44 answers)

 do you still get an easter basket? (35 answers)

 Do you think your overweight? (60 answers)

 Abortion, do you think Roe V Wade will be overturned? (22 answers)

 spit or swallow cum? (53 answers)

 anal sex, love it or hate it? (51 answers)

 rain,snow or sunshine, pick your favorite (57 answers)

 Pictures, Fotki or Photobucket, what do you think is better? (22 answers)

 Do you have a myspace.com account? (63 answers)

 I like walking barefoot, do you? (56 answers)

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