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anthony2940's Q & A
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 how many piercings do you have and where are they? (5 answers)

 whats your best physical feature? (15 answers)

 are you a virgin? if no when did you lose it? (29 answers)

 Girls and Guys...Are you righty or lefty when you masterbate? (21 answers)

 Have you ever been caught masterbating by a roommate or anyone? (17 answers)

 have you ever smoked cigarettes? weed? (71 answers)

 have you ever walked in on anyone having sex or doing anything? What were they doing and what did the say or what did you say? (43 answers)

 do your parents know you have sex or do anything sexually? or have they gave you the talk? (49 answers)

 has anything funny ever happened while you were have sex or doing anything sexually? (26 answers)

 Girls Only:::describe the underwear you are wearing right now? (36 answers)

 whens the last time you masturbated? (33 answers)

 how old is the oldest person you have ever did anything with sexually? and what was your age at the time? (35 answers)

 have you ever did anything with a member of the same sex? (41 answers)

 describe your last sexual experience? (23 answers)

 Have you ever had a 3some? if no would you ever? (33 answers)

 spit or swallow? (41 answers)

 do u like phone sex? (48 answers)

 Girls: Do you prefer panties or thongs and (what color of them do u like)? (54 answers)

 have you ever taken a shower with someone of the same sex or opposite sex? (48 answers)

 What is the most unusual place you have mastrebated?(School, Church, Friends house,Resturant,etc) (40 answers)

 Girls: are you shaved. trimmed, or natural (42 answers)

 ever been caught naked, doing something or just naked? lol (45 answers)

 can u answer some of my questions? (26 answers)

 have you ever had sex without a condom? (62 answers)

 whens the last time you had sex? (45 answers)

 girls: is it a turn off for you if the guy doesnt shave his pubs? (48 answers)

 have you ever took pics of urself naked? (51 answers)

 have you ever walked in on someone mastrebating or doing something? (66 answers)

 where is your favorite place to masterbate? Where are some odd places you have done it? (41 answers)

 how old were you when you like started going out without any panties on? (44 answers)

 How old were you wen you first started wearing thongs? (49 answers)

 have you ever played strip poker? If yes, how old were you the first time? (39 answers)

 GIrls why do you swallow? (39 answers)

 Girls: have you ever tasted yourself like after masterbaing like licked your fingers or anything? (32 answers)

 Girls: When your about to swallow when giving a guy head do you like the guy to warn you or to just bust without warning? (23 answers)

 have you ever had sex at school? (40 answers)

 how old were you the first time you let someone watch you masterbate? (27 answers)

 Girls: Have you ever got a facial? If yes, did you like it? if no would you let a guy give you one? (20 answers)

 have u ever had sex with a girl or did anything with her and then never talked to her again? (24 answers)

 r u horny? (45 answers)

 do u have any sexual fantasies? if so, what is it? (32 answers)

 are you wearing a thong?what does it look like? (29 answers)

 have you ever been caught in the ACT? what did you get caught doing? (20 answers)

 have you ever been walked in on while having sex? (28 answers)

 dildo or vibrator??? (30 answers)

 do you own any sex toys? (34 answers)

 moaner or screamer? (44 answers)

 how old were you when you first started masterbating? who taught you? or how'd u find out about it? let me hear about the first time (21 answers)

 have you ever been skinny dipping (41 answers)

 wheres the craziest place you have ver had sex? or did anything refers to sex i.e. blowjob or anything like that? (28 answers)

 for girls only: what kind of underwear are yu wearing right now? describe them (24 answers)

 How often do you jerk off/masterbate? (25 answers)

 do u like porn? (49 answers)

 do any of u girls have any nude oe sexy pics they want to send me? (22 answers)

 have u ever tried anal???if yes did it hurt?? (35 answers)

 do u like anal? (33 answers)

 r u horny? (33 answers)

 whats ur fav. flavor condom?? (21 answers)

 whats ur fav. flavor condom?? (11 answers)

 whats ur fav. brand of condoms?? (25 answers)

 what do you think about guys jerking off (girls or guys w/e)?? (25 answers)

 would u/have u had phone sex (32 answers)

 If u would give head would u spit or swallow? (28 answers)

 would u ever give head? (40 answers)

 What r all the names u no for cum? (17 answers)

 (for girls only)what size r u boobs? (56 answers)

 whats ur favorite position to have sex? (33 answers)

 would u ever let someone eat u out? (46 answers)

 what ur fav. sport? (46 answers)

 how far have u been with a guy (like sexually not distence)? (38 answers)

 would u ever have sex? (45 answers)

 have you ever had sex? (53 answers)

 do you like cybersex? (58 answers)

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