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angelsdevilgurl's Q & A
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angelsdevilgurl has 19 questions total.
angelsdevilgurl has answered a total of 39,500 other questions.

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 What internet browser do you use? (186 answers)

 If you download music what program do you use? (185 answers)

 What helps you go on living? (206 answers)

 Do people scare you? (226 answers)

 One thing that you can't live without? (174 answers)

 Radio, CD, or MP3? (182 answers)

 Do you walk into walls? (160 answers)

 What is the nicest thing that you ever did for someone? (107 answers)

 Are you and your parents close? (163 answers)

 boxocereal: Yes.
 UnknownMisfit01: I wish.
 hippiegirl1988: yes
 Db7d: My mom-yes
 hayliehalze666: not really
 OhMyFreakingGosh: Nah, not really.
 Babe_sweetie2006: they were until my dad passed away
 SmartJock: yes
 Guardian_Poet: Not really.
 Devitta: I don't have parents
 logomaniac: Very much so.
 dcj2004acc: yes
 AntagonistBleedThrough: Never have been, and don't plan on it either
 twinphoenix222: Yes, extremely close!
 Vampire_Girl18: Pretty close
 claricky123: Very
 br0k3n8819: me and my mother are super close... me and my dad not so much but i didnt see him for 12 yrs so its kinda hard to fake a father/daughter relationship after 12 yrs
 Professional_Dreamer: Nope, not at all. But I'm fine with that.
 boxocereal: No way.
 lizzyemma: umm me and my mom are.
 springbreaker: Nope, they are dead to me... that's bc they are both actually, physically dead :(
 Kasey_227: yeah, i'd say we are.
 mAy_dream2216: very
 RainbowsRawesome: uh my dad and my mom yes but not the people i live with
 HmS_baLLeR4: no not really.
 teenage_romance_sucks:  not rlly..
 sammie_18: not really
 Shoya: Not any more
 princessgibb7136: Well I close to my two friends Barry and Linda they are like my two parents to me
 cherrylove008: yes, very much
 JessicaMarie: definatly so
 AlternaChick: No.
 Madden_X_Boy: me and my mom were.
 halie_: my mom is more like a friend not a parent.
 WHaTPoDD: hells no
 HelloKittysBoy: yeah
 lifexisxpain: not really
 ilovemd: yes
 jman700: me and my mum are but not my dad
 Rocey: close is relative, I have friends who hate their parents, but who ironically need their parents way more then me, and know others who love their parents but are so distant from them... its all relative
 minnie_saffie: not really
 justyne_28: no thank god
 AngelOfDeath69: no
 shygirl1989: Yes thankfully
 Black_Ouroboros: only my father
 jimmyg89: i think so
 XrawkxmyxsoxX: Literally yes-they live right next door to each other, but are seperated.
 the_new_buddy: yeah
 blackerican1: no
 tOUCHthesun: I was close to my dad until I moved out. Haven't spoken to my mother in months. I talk to my dad sometimes now, but I don't see him.
 Actress_Star: not really.
 nightflyer1129: my mom yea but we barely talk
 AdviceGuy158: no they divorced
 koRn_chick2007: no
 MissNonchalant123: yes.
 pallidpurple: Never met my father. Haven't seen my mother since I was six. I think not.
 TheyCallMeFreak: No, I never met my mom and my foster parents don't really care for me.
 Anastasya: Yes... except when I hate their guts. :P
 _s_t_a_r_: sometimes..i mean we used to be REALLY close...but not so much lately :-S
 HiDDeN_PuLSe: somewhat, mostly with my mom. my dad can rot :-D
 PRIMO: Somewhat
 xticklexgirlxticklexyoux: no......one lives in cali the other in ga........and i travel to bunches of places...........but umm....no they are not
 devious313: yea some times we are not
 Viva_La_Amanda: no
 Mama_Bear: yes
 gothiclolita: never knew them
 texasgrl15: yes
 Starving_for_Perfection: I'm pretty close with my mother but not my father.
 punk4ever: not really
 EmMeRz: yesssss
 silentbleednrose: no
 blackerican1: not really I never c them
 a_life_on_the_edge: 'eh
 Maiters7: a bit
 softballplayer00: me and my mom r close since she has cancer on and off since 98
 PinkyLoops: yeah they r my frendz even thou they live abroad
 FriarL: We love one another, but we have our differences.
 d3ath5_d35ign: its so-so, i get along with my mom really well and we talk about things, but i wouldnt trust her with everything
 innocentguilt: not really
 BriBri_01509: Yes.
 carebear20: yes
 notquitestraight: not especially
 _R__Y__A__N_: Yes, very close.
 LProcker91: no not really
 soccergirl435: no ones an alcholic and the other is just doesnt care
 SweetSue: no
 Stephs_Wifey29: we are now
 happilyeverafterfailedagain: hell no they hate me and i hate them
 krod40: me and my mama are like best friends, but me and my dad don't really talk
 Nimrod_GD: NO, they almost hate eatchother. But then they'll be all nice about eachother one day, it's weird.
 tyrdrop_bdt: No
 crazybutchy: me and my mom aint close like we use to to
 heartonawire: i am with my dad and step mom but not my mom and step-dad
 sublime_river: sometimes, but sometimes we are worlds apart
 JustAnotherFiend: not at all
 batman91687: I guess
 the_raging_quiet: no
 mta: yes and no im close to my dad
 MizzUnderstood07: no
 crumboline: i wish. but they end up nagging each time ( I HATE THAT) we start talking a lil more so most of the time i keep my distance
 unhappyness: life***
 unhappyness: no i wish we were tho cuse if we were i dont think i would have done half the **** iv done in my like
 DiamondPrincess1815: not at all
 songofgloryXxX: me and my mom are but me and my dad dont get along.
 Nerezza: I don't tell my mother much about how I feel, and my dad lives in another state.
 LILkittyCAT4u: me and my mum are
 Cardtrickster: Yes.
 tina06: Not really
 JaRuleG16: dont have any

 If you had 3 wishes what would you with for? (more wishes doesnt count) (97 answers)

 What song has been stuck in your head? (121 answers)

 If you could only do one thing before you die what would it be? (79 answers)

 What color is your room? (138 answers)

 What do you like to do in your spare time? (92 answers)

 What color do you find yourself wearing most often? (130 answers)

 How do you feel about being labeled? (ex. punk, goth, prep, ect.) (127 answers)

 What's your favorite animal? (118 answers)

 Would you rather live in the country or city? (121 answers)

 What's your favorite band? (128 answers)

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