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angel_wit_n_attitude69's Q & A
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angel_wit_n_attitude69 has 94 questions total.
angel_wit_n_attitude69 has answered a total of 82 other questions.

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 Hurricanse By The Game G-Unit Shoes (1 answers)

 Piercing or Tats? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: Tats.
 skagirlie: both
 PRIMO: tattoos

 Grind On Me or Your Body?? (6 answers)

 Why is it that when guys get what they want from a girl they leave them? (5 answers)

 Whats everyone up 2? (2 answers)

 What does LOVE mean 2 U? (6 answers)

 What ur fave. word to say? (5 answers)

 Whats ur dream guy or girl?? (2 answers)

 whats better yahoo messenger or msn messenger?? (6 answers)

 If ur bf or gf had bad breath would u tell them?? (7 answers)

 Wuz Poppim everyone? Holla at cha girl!! (5 answers)

 Do u believe in magic? (7 answers)

 How do u act in front of new ppl? (9 answers)

 *_*Rep Ya Hometown N Rep Ya Your Class*_* (5 answers)

 Do u have curfew and if so wut time is ur curfew? (8 answers)

 How long does it tke u to get ready for school? (8 answers)

 !Pod or Cd Player? (11 answers)

 Would You Go Out Wit Some1 Over Tha Net?? Cause ppl are weird like that lol? (12 answers)

 Cell Phone Or No Cell Phone? (11 answers)

 Do U Know Who Chamillionaire is? (7 answers)

 Do u thinks it hard to come up with a question? (9 answers)

 Would u ever pay for sex? (14 answers)

 Whats the most expensive thing u bought? (8 answers)

 Need 4 Speed Underground 2 Or Midnight Club 2 Dub Edition? (7 answers)

 Candy Shop Or Jus A Lil Bit? (11 answers)

 How Long Can You Keep A Secret Until YOu Tell Some One? (7 answers)

 If u had 2 tell 1 person and 1 person only u love them who would it be? (7 answers)

 Preppy Or Gangsta? (6 answers)

 If u had to chose between ur bestfriend and ur bf or gf would u chose and y? (7 answers)

 If u were to die what would u want ppl to remember about u? (5 answers)

 whats ur dream date? (4 answers)

 Who is most annoyin person u know? (5 answers)

 If u got raped would u tell anyone y or y not? This for guys and girls!! (8 answers)

 Would u tell some1 u love them to get them in bed? (11 answers)

 How long would it be until u tell ur bf or gf "I Love You"? (9 answers)

 Would u tell tell ur bf or gf u had a STD?? (10 answers)

 If u Could Be granted 3 wishes what would they be? (4 answers)

 what is the worst pick up line u heard? (3 answers)

 If u could change something about urself what would it be and y? (5 answers)

 Have u ever been caught in a lie? (8 answers)

 Pimp or Playa? (5 answers)

 Whats the worst drug u ever done? (6 answers)

 What I meant is tha would u have sex with the most popular guy or girl in school jus to be cool? (5 answers)

 Would u have sex wit tha most peron in school just to be cool?? (4 answers)

 Whats better a lie that draws a smile or tha truth that draws a tear?? (10 answers)

 Would u give ur number over tha net?? (11 answers)

 If u were tha last person on earth who would u wanna be wit and y?? (5 answers)

 If ur bf or gf asked u 2 watch porn would u? (13 answers)

 Direct Effect or TRL? (4 answers)

 If u had a crush on some1 would u tell them?? (13 answers)

 Real World or Road Rules? (8 answers)

 Kobe oe Shaq? (2 answers)

 WOuld u take advantage of som1 if they were drunk? (9 answers)

 if u could u live wit 1 person who would it be? (3 answers)

 Would u go down on some1 on the first date? (6 answers)

 Whats the worst thing that happend to u? (6 answers)

 Would U Got Out wit Someone 6-8yrs older than u? (13 answers)

 Would U Got Out wit Someone 6-8yrs older than u? (2 answers)

 Would U Got Out wit Someone 6-8yrs older than u? (1 answers)

 If u had one wish what would it be? (4 answers)

 Who do u have a crush on? (7 answers)

 Would u ever go out wit an ex bf/gf best friend? (7 answers)

 Would a long distance relationship work? (10 answers)

 Wild Child Or Quite Child? (7 answers)

 Wut u do for fun? (5 answers)

 Party Thrower or Wreck Parties?? (2 answers)

 Whats ur fantasy?? (2 answers)

 Red or Black? (7 answers)

 What Color of eyes u have?? (5 answers)

 Would u go out wit some hus for tha money? (5 answers)

 Have u ever had a 1 nite stand??? and never talk to tha person again?? (10 answers)

 Girls wit Toung Rings Or Girls wit out Toung Rings?? (5 answers)

 Hate It Or Love It Or How We Do?? (2 answers)

 Friends wit benefits or nothin at all?? (7 answers)

 Naughty or Nice?? (3 answers)

 Lexus or Cadi?? (5 answers)

 Texas or California? (9 answers)

 What kind of car u have?? (4 answers)

 Baby Phat or J.Lo?? (4 answers)

 Would U ever have a 3some???? (8 answers)

 Guys Boxerz or Briefs?? (3 answers)

 Are u a playa?? Or get played?? (2 answers)

 Would u got out wit some shorter than u?? (5 answers)

 Do u know who Chamillionaire is??? (1 answers)

 Adidas or Nike? (1 answers)

 Roca Wear or Sean John? (1 answers)

 Game or 50 Cent? (5 answers)

 Horror or Comedy? (5 answers)

 South Pole or G-Unit? (3 answers)

 WOuld u have sex on the first date? (10 answers)

 Omarion or Marques Houston? (1 answers)

 Omarion or Marques Houston? (3 answers)

 Which do u prefer? Rap or Country? (6 answers)

 Whats ur fave. sports team? (4 answers)

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