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amor102's Q & A
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 Would you file your taxes with a place called Mo Money!? (7 answers)

 Are you a SCN veteran or a newbie!? Vets: What do you wish SC would bring back? Newbies: What would you like to see change? (15 answers)

 Do you or anybody you know have any peculiar house rules!? (18 answers)

 Are there any foods you refused to eat as a child but enjoy now!? (24 answers)

  You ever attack your mother!? Not to do seriously bodily harm mind you but just to prove that you could whoop her in a fight. (14 answers)

 When you dont get your way do you act like a complete jackass!? (21 answers)

 UnknoWnMisfit01: Um no.
 KoRn_chick2007: sometimes
 Animefairi: Nope. XP
 ilove4h: You no it :P
 poeticshadow: not anymore ... but i used too
 Twistic: no i shut down
 Cappucino: I definitely used to, not so much anymore.
 Savvyanna: Probably
 hayliehalze666: sometimes
 loving_tyler_2005: No
 boxocereal: No.
 randi818: I hope I never have,,(trying to think of a time)
 Mertina: honestly, yes.
 madaboutjess: No, i've become numb to not getting my way.
 jrock_is_teh_smex: Not always but yes I've done that before

 If there ever came a time...would you shoot your neighbor's dog!? (19 answers)

 You a Clint Eastwood fan!? (19 answers)

 The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly!? (18 answers)

 Is it a beautiful day in your neighborhood!? (36 answers)

 What kind of people are you normally drawn to!? (Not necessarily in the dating sense) (40 answers)

 Have you made any life-altering decisions recently!? (38 answers)

 Do you find yourself tearing up while watching one of those sappy movies? (42 answers)

 You ever stop hanging with someone cause they seemed a bit creepy!? (38 answers)

 Woohoo! I found 5 bucks in my pockets..whens the last time you found money in yours? (40 answers)

 Is your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom? (28 answers)

 Have you done anything interesting lately? (28 answers)

 HALT! Who goes there? (44 answers)

 What kind of sense of humor do you have? (49 answers)

 So what are you waiting for? (32 answers)

 Has anyone made you smile today? (47 answers)

 Do you actually go and greet the new neighbors? (41 answers)

 Have you seen any roadkill lately? Were you the cause of it? (24 answers)

 damn I'm hungry...you got anything good in your fridge? (36 answers)

 5 years from now, do you think you'll still be coming to SCN? (45 answers)

 Whats the closet item to you that can be used as a weapon? (38 answers)

 Do you eat anything that most people would find gross? (47 answers)

 How do you normally find out about a new singer/group that might interest you? (52 answers)

 Are there any foods you're allergic to? (49 answers)

 Do you still live in the same area where you were born? (67 answers)

 Do you know what kind of music your parents were into when they were younger? (44 answers)

 Can I borrow a dollar? (58 answers)

 Is there a song associated with your name? (44 answers)

 Do you know anything about your ancestors? (39 answers)

 Do you feel compelled to make noise during peaceful silences? (43 answers)

 Have you ever tried overcoming a phobia? If so, did you succeed? (38 answers)

 Why dont you just drop to your knees and obey me already? (42 answers)

 Have you ever met or seen anyone who looks like they could be related to you? (39 answers)

 Did you know it's possible for twins to have two different fathers? (50 answers)

 Do you have a friend that when you're having a conversation with them they always end up talking about sex? (43 answers)

 Has a kid ever asked you perverted questions? (53 answers)

 Have you ever been attacked by your own pet? (45 answers)

 Are you...in love with yourself? (36 answers)

 I'm going night night now...would you kiss me goodnight? (21 answers)

 Do you remember what your kindergarten teacher name was? *I can't* (51 answers)

 Have you ever gotten strange phone calls in the middle of the night? (44 answers)

 Do you look your age? (76 answers)

 I need love....can I have a hug? (31 answers)

 i play the guitar and violin...anybody else play an instrument? (47 answers)

 Who are your fav poets? (46 answers)

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