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allstardreamer17's Q & A
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 have you ever felt like youve known someone forever but you just met them? (3 answers)

 i think they should just give the rabbit his trix already... (4 answers)

 does any1 watch fraternity life on mtv? if so who do u think the cutest pledge is? (4 answers)

 has anyone heard TLC's song called Damaged (2 answers)

 im gunna learn how to drive a stick today! haha (7 answers)

 whats the fastest youve ever fallen in love? (3 answers)

 does anyone here ride quads or dirtbikes? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 artfearie: dirt bikes kick ass
 pyroskater85: yeah i do when i can they are so fun. especially the manual transmission ones
 _Lisa_: i dont but alot of my friends do i ride wit them on them but have never rode 1 myself

 what kind of car do you have? (5 answers)

 my birthdays on friday! YAY!! (3 answers)

 what do you do when yout bored? (5 answers)

 answer my ?'s or tag me im bored....hehe (3 answers)

 why is it that if girls do things with guys theyre labeled as a hoe, slut etc... but if a guy does things hes thought of as a pimp?? (4 answers)




 whats your favorite cereal (12 answers)

 if you had to work in the circus what would you be? (3 answers)

 im going to try to be single for 6 weeks do you think i can do it? (3 answers)

 whats your main goal in life? (5 answers)

 have you ever had stiches or broken a bone? how? and where? or what (13 answers)

 whats your favortie color? (12 answers)

 what would you do if say you drink sometimes but your boyfriend doesnt want you to drink at all would you stop completely or what? (5 answers)

 does anyone here like live in their slippers and pajamas? when im at home and SOMETIMES other place thats all i wear theyre so comfortable (6 answers)

 whats the most unusual food you eat? (9 answers)

 what would you do if your best guy friend hit you because you wouldnt go out with him and he really really liked you? (6 answers)

 what impression of me do you get from reading my profile (3 answers)

 what grosses you out the most? (7 answers)

 have you ever been physically abused by the opposite sex? was it yur bf/gf? are you still with them? and what did you do about it? (6 answers)

 what quality do you like most in your best friend? (5 answers)

 is there anything you hate about yourself? why and are you trying to change it? (4 answers)

 what does yur screen name mean? (12 answers)

 whats yur favorite number? (12 answers)

 what are your goals in life? (4 answers)

 who or what has made you cry the most on your life (5 answers)

 who do you think os the hottest famous person male or female (6 answers)

 describe yourself in one word (5 answers)

 what age do you think you wanna get married at? (2 answers)

 whats the nicest thing youve ever done for someone (1 answers)

 how would you describe your personality? looks? (2 answers)

 do i look like anyone famous? has anyone told you that you look like someone famous? (4 answers)

 do u think its alright to go out with yur best friends ex? (7 answers)

 wut do u wanna be when u grow up? (11 answers)

 do you label/judge/categorize people? (8 answers)

 say that you were "talking" with one of your ex's and you both told each other you liked each other again and you were talkin for like 2 months because you both are really busy but then he gets a gf andyou swear to yourself not to l (1 answers)

 if you could change yur name wut would it be? (6 answers)

 wut do you do in yur spare time? (4 answers)

 how do you view life? (3 answers)

 if you could change one thing about yourself wut would it be? (6 answers)

 wuts the worst feeling in the world to you? (6 answers)

 how do you get over the hurt of bein raped? (5 answers)

 whats your deepest darkest secret? (4 answers)

 what would you do if you best friend believed a guy/girl over you? (4 answers)

 where do you go when you want to be alone or think? (9 answers)

 If you died and could come back as anything but a person what would you be?? (9 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
nuclearsailorJust confirmed: Indiegogo has a significantly wider variety of technology projects than kickstarter.com, and returns a lot more results/ideas for a given keyword. This is the place for IDEAS, lol.
nuclearsailorI need some keywords for monitoring kickstarter.com for interesting developments. What kind of keywords would you use to keep tabs on the inventions/innovations on there?
nuclearsailorIf one were to lift a 100lb weight 6 feet off the ground, that'd be equal to .25wh of energy. Considering 1000wh could propel the below vehicle 20miles at highway speeds, could a 'gravity generator' be a serious backup power source? lol
nuclearsailorWhere's the perfect place to experience Halloween on the east coast? (Atlanta, GA? Washington, DC? Orlando, FL? Miami, FL?)
nuclearsailorAnd, the algorithm I use for constructing search queries. 1) Use general category keywords for initial search 2) Add negative keywords to eliminate useless recurring results 3) Use brand keywords gathered from the search to isolate useful results)
nuclearsailorTrying to find a small non-mainstream EV? (Because mainstream EVs as of 2014 waste too much energy/resources/money) [Category: Cars & Trucks. Under $10,000. Search query: (electric, battery, bev, ev)]
nuclearsailorGot any cool search queries? [Here's mine. Small Diesel Engines: diesel (engine, motor) -scale -bolts -pan -kit -cooler -elbow -set -ford -silverado (kohler, lombardini, briggs, stratton, isuzu, yanmar, honda, small, cummins)]
nuclearsailorI want to know why Nuke School is substantially increasing enrollment and affecting the barrack living situation, lol. Can you tell me why? lol (The Navy is not getting a whole bunch of new nuclear ships... is it the needs of the nuclear industry?)
nuclearsailorThen at that point, a $50 gas bill would be more like a $10 electricity bill. ****t... lol... Insight? Thoughts?
nuclearsailorWait... you could probably just go full electric at that point. Assuming a wh/mi. figure of 50@55mph in the elio, 100-mile range is about 5000wh which is about $2000 in batteries. Probably be cheaper to buy batteries than a turbodiesel engine, lol.
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