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akflajflflkfjasfl's Q & A
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akflajflflkfjasfl has 74 questions total.
akflajflflkfjasfl has answered a total of 340 other questions.

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 Why do the comments for every Youtube video ever always turn into a racist tirade? (6 answers)

 All religions are wrong. Who else knows this fact? (10 answers)

 Wouldn't Huckabee/Colbert made an awesome ticket? (8 answers)

 best south park episode ever? (6 answers)

 Is it just me or will the Patriots tanks sooner or later this year without Brady? (3 answers)

 If you want to be vice president, tell me how many houses you own. (5 answers)

 What political conspiracy in history is the most likely to be true? (4 answers)

 What subject in school do you use most often in your daily life? (9 answers)

 greatest movie off all time? (14 answers)

 best cartoon ever? (10 answers)

 Any girls out there wanna date me? (12 answers)

 Does anyone even pay attention to these questions? Or even answer them honestly? (15 answers)

 Best show on Animal Planet? (10 answers)

 Who should the vice presidential candidates for Obama and McCain be? (5 answers)

 Should Hillary drop out for the sake of the Democratic Party? (13 answers)

 http://www.jibjab.com/originals/in_2007 anyone else like this cartoon song? (3 answers)

 If Clinton, Obama, and McCain weren't running, who would you vote for? (10 answers)

 Who else thinks dramaqueen4real is hott stuff? (3 answers)

 I suggested that we should get points for doing well in Rise to Power and the student.com staff likes my idea; what do you think? (3 answers)

 Hillary Clinton said appearing on "The Daily Show" was pathetic; is it pathetic or a good way to reach out to voters? (7 answers)

 Stephen Colbert; great hero, or the greatest hero? (9 answers)

 Speaking of Lewis Black's new show, who or what really is the Root of All Evil? (3 answers)

 What's your favorite breed of dog? (24 answers)

 Best new movie of the past year? (12 answers)

 How do people like Cher? How did she ever take off? (12 answers)

 Where did Janie get her gun anyway? That must be one heavy sleeper of a sheriff... (3 answers)

 If you were running for President, what would your campaign song be? (7 answers)

 Who throws a shoe? Honestly... (14 answers)

 Who do you think will be the next President? (NOT who you want to be) (5 answers)

 LONG LIVE MY PHOTO ALBUM!!!! So what'cha think? (4 answers)

 Gay marriage: yes or no? (27 answers)

 Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side, or to get on my dinner plate? (10 answers)

 Que comiste para cena la noche pasada? (14 answers)

 Le amas a Lucy Liu? (6 answers)

 Anyone else like Dr Pepper? and for that matter, why is there no period after "Dr"? (12 answers)

 Dunkin' Donuts of Krispy Kreme? (16 answers)

 How much woo d would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (9 answers)

 Who should the United States bomb next? Iran, North Korea, somewhere else? (12 answers)

 anyone know any good places to find quality Java code samples? especially ones that compute gcd and lcm? (3 answers)

 has anyone ever written code for a program or website and it didn't work for the sole reason that the computer just wanted to mess w/ u? (3 answers)

 Shouldn't Kevin Smith make another Jay & Silent Bob movie? (7 answers)

 who liked the news team gang fight from "Anchorman"? (7 answers)

 fav stand up comedian? (12 answers)

 ever won any big competitions? (10 answers)

 Aren't there way too many reality tv shows nowadays? (8 answers)

 Quien comprede esto? (5 answers)

 Ladies: does size really matter? (8 answers)

 anyone remember that Quizno's Subs commercial with the singing sock puppets? Didn't that make people NOT want to go to Quiznos? (7 answers)

 which god monster is the best: Obelisk, Slifer, or Ra? (5 answers)

 Seriously, what's up with all the "enlarge your penis" e-mails out there? (8 answers)

 Anyone know why Raven from the cartoon "Teen Titans" never wears pants? (5 answers)

 SNL or Mad TV? (13 answers)

 Who's the best third stooge? (4 answers)

 Who else can't wait for the unaired "Drawn Together" episode to finally air in season two? (4 answers)

 Am I the only person here who actually enjoys math? (16 answers)

 Has Eddie Guerrero really changed? (5 answers)

 got anything to say? (8 answers)

 What's the integral from 0 to pi of x(sin x)? (8 answers)

 who's crazier? Tom Green or Steve-O? (6 answers)

 Who would win in a fight? Ra, Thor, Zeus, Allah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Quetzalcoatl (spelling?), etc.? (7 answers)

 Is any non-Republican ever gonna be prez again? Or are the GOP basically emperors? (5 answers)

 Burger King, MacDonalds, or Wendy's? (17 answers)

 Who loves fire? (12 answers)

 Fav website? (10 answers)

 Who's the most brilliant military tactician of all time and why? (9 answers)

 Is Harriet Myers a good nomination for the Supreme Court? (5 answers)

 anyone else besides me own a REDICULOUSLY large amount of video games? (9 answers)

 How in the hell did the KKK get covered under the 1st amendment? Isn't that just abhorrent? (10 answers)

 Anyone gonna go see "Doom" (in theaters 10/21/05)? (11 answers)

 Does anyone really answer these questions anyway? (10 answers)

 Religion is the opiate of the masses: true or false? (11 answers)

 Should "Futurama" be brought back? (14 answers)

 "Drawn Together", "American Dad", "Stripperella",: any of these shows good? (11 answers)

 Yay Republicans!!! Agree or disagree? (17 answers)

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