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aj87_angeleyes's Q & A
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 Why are people so UP TIGHT? (3 answers)

 =(o_-)=: stress, lack of relaxing activites, fear, anger, depression, some combonation of these or some other reason that escapes me at the moment
 matchbox20_freak84: NO IDEA

 Half empty or half full? (5 answers)

 Will i do better at a christian school? (3 answers)

 Why do i have all D`s? (4 answers)

 Why is it that people say one thing and mean another? (3 answers)

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ceaser2what kind of job would you like to have ?
kaite17would you ever have nudes taken of yourself?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAre you trying to seduce me?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendHey, remember how we used to be in love?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendYour lips can finish what your fingers have started... or has the Oracle robbed you of your desire as well?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendThen what must a king do to save his world when the very laws he has sworn to protect force him to do nothing?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendWhat can you do? Sparta will need sons.
Jigsaws_Best_FriendYour shield and armor?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendBesides, there's no reason we can't be civil, is there?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendWhat the hell are you laughing at?
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