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 Is it ever okay to share a bed with a person of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship? (5 answers)

 I had to put my dog down on Wednesday suddenly and am having a real hard time with it. I just feel empty with out him here. (4 answers)

 I think my birth control pill is making my nipples sore any one else have that prob? (8 answers)

 Do you ever role play inthe bedroom? What do you do? (6 answers)

 Girls, would you or have you had anal sex? What does it feel like? (8 answers)

 Girls do you have sex during your period? Guys would you have sex with a girl on their period? (19 answers)

 What do you use/do to pleasure yourself when you don't have a vibrator? (5 answers)

 If your boyfriend's ex-gf was still calling and texting him, would you mind???? (14 answers)

 Is it socially acceptable for girls to adjust their bras/boobs in public like guys do their stuff? (14 answers)

 Why do people ask how you are doing but really don't care? (15 answers)

 boxocereal: I agree with PRIMO.
 FallNFlames: like maddox says and also at least for me it seems like a force of habit to say it.
 ashleybomb2009: not sure just want to talk
 Hannahlml: Because they wanna be polite, rather than say, "How are you? I'm asking to be nice, though I don't really care."
 PRIMO: a conversation starter, which fails miserably.
 Death_Cloud: Habit...and I find it quite annoying. It's funny though cuz I never ask it back cuz I really don't care, duh.
 zippy1357: b.c it's frowned upon to say "i don't care about your life, but let me tell you about mine"
 Paintball_Lover: Because they are idiots.
 Actress_Star: some people care, and some people are just trying to make conversation.
 Lifeguardude: They want to make conversation, but don't have the attention span to keep it up.
 Kill_the_horny: Politeness. Truth is, no-one really cares. I know that i dont.
 Galerian_Parano: I guess they think its polite but its actually annoying. i just never answer them.
 MySTiCSKyE: cuz they suck monkey ball! hey how are you? jkjk

 How do you just let get of everything and learn to enjoy your life more? (8 answers)

 Anyone else tired of being pressured to go to college even though you have no idea what you want to do? (18 answers)

 I need to find new hobbies,any ideas? (8 answers)

 I broke up with this guy about 4-5 years ago bc he was cheating on me and he has been calling methe past few years, what do you think the reason is? (7 answers)

 Describe the last time you had sex? Was it good/bad? (21 answers)

 My sister was suppose to testify against her rapist today but she was in the hospital and couldn't be there so the judge let him go free until the next court date which is the 23rd. Do you think he should have been let out? (18 answers)

 Have you ever watched M*A*S*H? Do you like it? (14 answers)

 do you have a friend that you feel a little akward around, specially when you are alone with them? (4 answers)

 Are you putting up holiday decorations this year? Do you go all out or quaint and simple? (5 answers)

 Why do people think it's okay to rape someone else? Do you know or have you been raped? (10 answers)

 My sister just got raped on Wednesday. What would your punishment be for him? (14 answers)

 What's the longest time that you've been single for? (8 answers)

 Does getting your wisdom teeth make you less wise? jk Have you gotten your wisdom teeth out? (8 answers)

 Have you ever had chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin cookies? (3 answers)

 Sadly, I've never been on a real date. Have you? What's was your first date like? (11 answers)

 Any one else not like when people say things like, "that'sso gay"? To me, it sounds like gay is bad,and it's not and it shouldn't be. (11 answers)

 What do you think of this saying- "The truthis everyone's going to hurt you. You just have to decide who's worth the pain."? (10 answers)

 Have you ever put your slippers and feel something in there and when you took it off a spider crawled out? (9 answers)

 Girls, have you ever used a vibrator or any other self pleasuring thing of any type? (10 answers)

 Anybody want this yucky, cold, windy, half rain snow mix that I have here? (4 answers)

 Any one else want to see the Marley and Me movie that comes out on christmas day? (6 answers)

 How many partners have you had? (16 answers)

 Where do you work? Are you tired of it? (13 answers)

 What's your favorite drunken story to tell? (7 answers)

 When's the last time you pleasured yourself? What did you do? (9 answers)

 What have you done that you are embaressed/ashamed of? (5 answers)

 What is the one question you really want answered? (4 answers)

 Why is it illegal to havea car that makes loud noises, specially at night but a motorcycle can be loud as hell at any hour? (4 answers)

 Anyone have any type of stories to tell?? Funny,sad, juicy-anything. (5 answers)

 What are you doing this weekend? I'm getting a one hour massage,yeah!! (7 answers)

 What is something you really want right now? (8 answers)

 What is your opinion on drinking and driving? Is there ever really a good reason for it? Should laws be stricter? (8 answers)

 Have you added anyone from here to your facebook or myspace accounts? (7 answers)

 What other sites do you go onto? (10 answers)

 If you could only travel to one place in your life, where would it be and why? (8 answers)

 Do you or have you ever felt like there is nothing that will ever make you happy. Like even if you got everything you want, you still aren't happy? (9 answers)

 If you disapeared, how long would it be before someone noticed? (16 answers)

 What, if anything, do you miss about your childhood? (13 answers)

 Are you or have you ever been addicted to the internet or a site? (10 answers)

 How many times did you change this morning before you left the house? I neverlike how things look on me and eventually I just have to throw something on bc I have to leave. (6 answers)

 Could you be with someone who had low self-esteem? (9 answers)

 Anyone else really tired of hearing christmas music and about christmas already? (11 answers)

 i've been feeling very empty lately. anyone else? (13 answers)

 What is on your mind right now? (10 answers)

 What time is it where you are? It is 10:52am Saturday. (11 answers)

 Would you or have you have met someone in person that you met online? (12 answers)

 This has been a bad day. Both jobs sucked, Becca is acting like a psycho upstairs, I want to go out tonight but have noone to go out with and the Sabres are playing horribly. Anyone else having a bad day? (8 answers)

 Anyone want to kill some one for me? I would be the first suspect. (3 answers)

 How many hits do you have on your profile? I only have like 878 since 2001. Sad I know (13 answers)

 I've been thinking about getting a tattoo but I have no idea what I want to get. I don't want to regret it later on. (12 answers)

 Do you get snow where you live? (21 answers)

 Have you ever hidden money on yourself and then found it a while after? How much was it and why did you hide it on yourself? What did you do when you found it? (6 answers)

 Could you date someone with bad acne? (10 answers)

 I love swedish fish. Any one else? (9 answers)

 Have you ever been told that once you find a bf/ gf you will be happier? Why do ppl. say that? Why can't we be happy w/out a bf/gf? (6 answers)

 How manytimes have you been in the shower and notice a spider or centipede on the wall? What do you do? (10 answers)

 Do you have something that comforts you? What is it? (8 answers)

 Do you wish you had the money to just pack up and leave for some where else? Where would you go? (5 answers)

 I currently work in a school for disabled children andclean an appartment building and am in dire need of a change. The problem is, I have no idea what I want to do. Any ideas/advice? (10 answers)

 If you could meet somebody you always wanted to, who would it be? (7 answers)

 Do you have a facebook account? (16 answers)

 Would you rather wear pj's all day or get dressed up? (12 answers)

 What is the most important quality in a person? (3 answers)

 Are you happy with your life so far? (9 answers)

 Where you born on a holiday, what is it? (15 answers)

 Any one else have a very boring life filled with work and no fun? (10 answers)

 Do you share the same beliefs as your parents or are you more closed or open minded then them? (11 answers)

 If there was something that you've always wanted to tell your parents, what would it be? (6 answers)

 What are your views on abortion and the laws we have regulating them? (9 answers)

 Do you like your name? What does it mean? (9 answers)

 Anyone else hate being the center of attention thus not celebrating their b-day to avoid the celebration? (11 answers)

 Do you write down your dreams? Do you remember them when you wake up and try to figure out what they mean? (8 answers)

 Can you dance? I wish I could. (9 answers)

 Has an ex called you lately? What for? (9 answers)

 Anyone ever feel like they never fit in? Like you are socially akward? (9 answers)

 Do you work in a school? (9 answers)

 What is your fav pizza topping? (9 answers)

 How am I going to survive the drive down to Myrtle Beach with both of my sisters and none of us get along??? (8 answers)

 Have you ever seen or heard of hummingbird bees? (5 answers)

 Do you have friends or aquaintances? (15 answers)

 Do you believe in angels? Have you ever seen one? (11 answers)

 Anyone hate spiders as much as I do??? (14 answers)

 Are you affraid that things will crawl into your nose or mouth while you sleep? (8 answers)

 Any girls think thongs are the most umcomfortable thing ever? (11 answers)

 Guys, what do you think about girls wearing boxersd to bed? (8 answers)

 Girls, do you wear boxers to bed? (11 answers)

 Do you know anyone who has a disease? Would you/ do you treat them differently? (11 answers)

 Do you pray before you go to sleep? (8 answers)

 Do you take vitamins or supplements? What for? (5 answers)

 Would you rather have loved and lost or never have loved at all? (12 answers)

 Can you move your nose up and down like a bunny(w/out using your hands)? (12 answers)

 Who was your first love(not crush)? How old were you? (18 answers)

 Wish you had the courage to do something? What is it? (2 answers)

 Have you had an embarrising moment durring sex? What was it? (5 answers)

 Do you tag the people who answer your questions? (13 answers)

 Was it a rough day? What happened? (8 answers)

 What are you doing this weekend? (8 answers)

 What question did you ask that got the most answers? (3 answers)

 Do you get anxious while riding insomeone elses car? (12 answers)

 Do misspelled words bother you? (14 answers)

 Do you have horrible handwritting? I definately do. (10 answers)

 For those who don't believe that God put us here, how did we get here? (10 answers)

 What came first , the chicken or the egg? (8 answers)

 Guys, girls dressed up or casual? (4 answers)

 Guys, what is your stance on girls and makeup? (5 answers)

 Have you ever wished that there was an off switch for your brain bc you have a million different thoughts racing through your head at the same time? (5 answers)

 Do you know anyone who works with animals? If so, what do they do? (4 answers)

 Do you smoke weed? How old were you when you first did and why? (10 answers)

 Do you ever feel like you aren't good enough? (10 answers)

 Have you been hit on by an old person? (10 answers)

 Is there a person you wish you could be? Why? (4 answers)

 Who can you be 100% yourself around? (15 answers)

 Don't you hate when you get hit on by people you have no interst in? (12 answers)

 Guys, does a girls chest size matter to you? (10 answers)

 How did you come up with your pet's name? (7 answers)

 What was your biggest lie? (6 answers)

 Have you ever stolen anything? What was it, how old were you and why did you? (9 answers)

 How many scores do you have? (4 answers)

 Do you have trouble sleeping? What do you do? (12 answers)

 What do you listen to when you are upset? (7 answers)

 Do you like to cook/ bake? What is your fav thing to make? (9 answers)

 Do you have nice abs? If so, how did you get them? (9 answers)

 What's the craziest diet you've been on? (4 answers)

 Do you let your pets sleep in the bed? (7 answers)

 What's you opinion on breast feeding in public? (8 answers)

 Are you a confident person? If so have you always been that way or did you have to work on it? How did you accomplish it? (9 answers)

 Do you care what others think about you? (14 answers)

 Do you answer your on Q&A's? (6 answers)

 If you are single, how long have you been single and why are you still? (9 answers)

 What are the strangest/ craziest/ grossest things you have seen people do while in their car or stopped at a light? (7 answers)

 Do you worry about someone breaking in while you are sleeping? (8 answers)

 Are you affraid to be home alone or are you okay with it? (11 answers)

 When you are home alone, do you make sure the house is completely locked? (10 answers)

 Do you lock up the house when you leave? (10 answers)

 For those on anxiety pills, how did you go about getting them? What happened that pushed you to that point? (4 answers)

 dry humping, do you like it? Have you gotten off from it? (12 answers)

 Have you taken or have had provacative pics taken of you? Where are they now? Are you ashamed of them? (9 answers)

 Any one not enjoy having sex? (8 answers)

 How many roses do you have left to give? I have one. (7 answers)

 Why is it that always seem to remember the things we don't want to but can't remember what we want to? (8 answers)

 Have you ever seen someone you loved being abused? (11 answers)

 Anything ever happen when you were a child that was very traumatic?(sorry if spelled wrong) (10 answers)

 Do you mind random tags in your guest book? (20 answers)

 What was your home life like when you were little? (14 answers)

 For those who are 18, do you vote? Explain why you do or don't please. (10 answers)

 How many q's have you asked? How many answers have you given? (13 answers)

 Why are guys so obsessed with their dick size? (11 answers)

 Do you have pictures of your pets on here? (16 answers)

 Do you wish you knew what you wanted to do in life? (13 answers)

 For those of you that are single, do you ever get jealous when you see couples together? Do you wish it were you? (12 answers)

 Girls, any of you taking the Pill for other reasons besides preg. prevention? (10 answers)

 Girls, do you ever get super horny during your period? (8 answers)

 Guys, what body type turns you on? (8 answers)

 Do you like the way you look? (15 answers)

 Do you fell that you have high anxiety? (18 answers)

 Have you ever had a dream that people were trying to kill you? (14 answers)

 Anyone can't stand to sight of violence? (10 answers)

 If you could chose a punishment for someone that had either killed a person or an animal for no reason, what would it be? (11 answers)

 Do you feel that celebs and sports players should be making the amount of money that they do? (9 answers)

 Any one been a member of this site longer than June 17, 2001? (7 answers)

 How many profile hits do you have? (8 answers)

 How do you feel about the cell phone driving laws? Does your state have them? (4 answers)

 Would you rather text someone or talk to them on the phone? (9 answers)

 How did you create your screenname? (13 answers)

 What is your dominant hand, right or left? (14 answers)

 What is your fav. eye color? (9 answers)

 What is your stance on seat belt use? Do you think the govt. should make us wear them or should it be your choice? (10 answers)

 For those who drive, which hand do you drive with the most? (9 answers)

 What is the one thing you wish you never had to pay for? (10 answers)

 If your sibling ever came after you with a knife, what would you do? (11 answers)

 Does anyone else have a coworker who is strictly there just for a pay check? They just rush through everything and doesn't do things right and you have to fix it or clean up after them? (5 answers)

 What's your funniest drunken moment? (7 answers)

 Anyone really close to their parents? Do you tell them everything? (9 answers)

 Anyone born on a holiday? Which one? (9 answers)

 Have you hada defining moment in your life? If so, what was it? (5 answers)

 Do you know anyone who will do anything just to get what they want? who? (9 answers)

 Are your parents still together or divorced? (17 answers)

 Girls, have you ever had sex with a guy that was too big and it hurt? (6 answers)

 Do you like Staind? (9 answers)

 Are you someone who likes to stand out or blend in? (14 answers)

 Do you like your pic taken? (14 answers)

 Don't you hate when people blow you off at the last minute? When and what was the last time someone cancelled on you? (7 answers)

 I just put some new pics up if anyone cares to look. feedback? (3 answers)

 Can you change a pic from a bitmap image to a jpeg? If so how? (5 answers)

 What is your bed time routine? (10 answers)

 Who's affraid to watch scary movies by themselves and prefers nonscary ones? (10 answers)

 What was your scariest dream ever? What was your craziest dream ever? (8 answers)

 What is your fav singer/ band? (13 answers)

 Have youever been pregnant? Did you tell anyone? (13 answers)

 Anyone here a virgin and plans to stay one until marriage? (12 answers)

 How did you chose what you were going to do after college and what is it? (8 answers)

 Doing anything fun this weekend? (12 answers)

 What is your fav game to play (card games, board.. whatever)? (5 answers)

 What is your most morifying moment ever? (8 answers)

 Did you get your pet from the SPCA, an animal shelter, breeder or a store? (10 answers)

 Guys, have you ever kiseed a guy and liked it? (5 answers)

 Girls, have you ever kissed a girl and liked it?(heard the song a few minutes ago) (16 answers)

 Can you tell I'm bored yet? (6 answers)

 Girls, what is the one thing you would like to ask a guy but never could? (7 answers)

 Guys,what is the one thing you would like to ask a girl but never could? (5 answers)

 Do you ever think that no one will ever love you more than your dog does? (6 answers)

 Are you jealous of anyone? (10 answers)

 IANyone else have bad sinus, allergy and or migraine problems? (6 answers)

 If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be? (11 answers)

 What song/ movie brings back good memories? (8 answers)

 What do you hate the most about your life? (9 answers)

 I hate when people blare the the tv and radios. Do you? (9 answers)

 Are you doing anything this summer? (5 answers)

 Anyone tired of their job but don't know what else to do? (4 answers)

 Anyone been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? (8 answers)

 Anyone read any good books lately? (14 answers)

 Ihate my keyboard. The space bar doesn't always work. Anyone else have that prob? (7 answers)

 What is your fav ride at an amusement park? (9 answers)

 Do you have a metally or physically disabled siblinr or one that Dr.'s can't figure out what is wrong with them and no drugs work? (7 answers)

 Anyone tired of being alone at night and just want someone to cuddle with? (14 answers)

 What is the most annoying thing your coworkers do? (12 answers)

 Anyone here from the Buffalo, NY area? (10 answers)

 Anyone else tired of working just to pay bills? (13 answers)

 How did you meet your bf or gf? (16 answers)

 What is your fav thing to do? (8 answers)

 I'm 23 and have no idea what I want to do with my life? Anyone else feel that way? (16 answers)

 Anyone just looking to talk? (12 answers)

 What do you do when your entire life is just one big nightmare that never ends? How do you deal? (9 answers)

 Is there anyone here who is just as lost and confused about who they are as I am? (14 answers)

 Has anyone realized just how messed up our justice system is? (17 answers)

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