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_Rabies_'s Q & A
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_Rabies_ has 121 questions total.
_Rabies_ has answered a total of 221 other questions.

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 Michael Jacksons trial is invading my tv screen... (3 answers)

 Do you plan on getting married? (10 answers)

 Beauty, Brains, Or Booty? (9 answers)

 When do you graduate? (16 answers)

 would you like to be rich and famous? (8 answers)

 It's the rugrats from under the map it's the rugrats it's the rugrats rap....O.o (2 answers)

 do you feel you are inferior to anyone? (4 answers)

 my head hurts. lets eat ice cream. (6 answers)

 Saw was a terrible movie. (4 answers)

 boxocereal: Yeah, it wasn't that great.
 amor102: i stopped watching 25 minutes into the movie. i thought it was boring and bad.

 what's the weirdest dream you've had? (1 answers)

 best song? (3 answers)

 best quote in your opinion (4 answers)

 funniest thing you've ever heard (3 answers)

 Buy me something to eat...Now (2 answers)

 Who killed Kenny? (9 answers)

 RUN! (4 answers)

 What are you getting me for my birthday? (4 answers)

 Sing Me A Song =] (3 answers)

 Why do fools fall in love? (2 answers)

 Do you believe in waiting till marriage? (8 answers)

 Yes, I Know You Love Me (5 answers)

 Finish Sentences. If I Won A Million Dollars I Would ______ (4 answers)

 Best Cartoon Character And Animated show (3 answers)

 Describe Your Personality (5 answers)

 tv sucks. you agree? (7 answers)

 what's your phobia? (8 answers)

 im bored.nothing to do.woe is me.add me to msn.cynical_whore@hotmail.com -sigh- (1 answers)

 would you meet someone that you knew online..offline? (4 answers)

 rawr. i hate when people tag my guest book with those ' pass this on to ten people in the next 15 minutes ..or you'll die' pfft. (6 answers)

 would you ever hurt yourself intentionally? (10 answers)

 does television and movies exaggerate teen life? ive noticed on shows that involve teens, there's always some snobby preps who run the school. (4 answers)

 do you believe in god? heaven and hell? (12 answers)

 anybody else watch VH1? (6 answers)

 do you always use protection when having sex? (12 answers)

 favorite season. (8 answers)

 would you make love in the rain? (10 answers)

 is anime overrated? personal opinions about it. (10 answers)

 MTV or Fuse? (13 answers)

 is MTV overrated? (7 answers)

 country music. thumbs up or thumbs down? (11 answers)

 do you sing in the shower? (11 answers)

 does too much peppyness annoy you? (6 answers)

 do you believe in open relationships? [multiple partners/agreeing to see other people] (8 answers)

 do you agree with the phrase ' Rap Is Crap'? (11 answers)

 who could upset you most easily? (6 answers)

 is anyone worth your tears? (9 answers)

 are you afraid of death? (8 answers)

 'gangsta' or 'rock star' ? (9 answers)

 if i say moo, you say___? (11 answers)

 you love micheal jackson dont you? i can tell. (5 answers)

 anybody else obsessed with The Real World? =| (5 answers)

 damn you people and your witty responses. (7 answers)

 let's dance in the rain. (3 answers)

 lets boogie! =D (4 answers)

 i cant stand...(finish sentence) (11 answers)

 can you wiggle your ears? (9 answers)

 does sledding on a trash can lid really work? (10 answers)

 -does the chicken dance- that'll be three dollars please. (5 answers)

 anybody ever have that dream when you thought you were going to the bathroom? when you were little of course. -i hope- ^_- (5 answers)

 half full or half empty? (7 answers)

 im bored..what should i do? -sigh- (6 answers)

 do you think there should be admins in chat? (5 answers)

 Where do you work? (5 answers)

 anybody remember 'The Big Comfy Couch' ? (6 answers)

 if your significant other cheated on you would you break up with them or try to work things out? (8 answers)

 i burnt my tongue and my bandaid wont stick. >=[ mwaha. (6 answers)

 I miss -Clarissa Explains It All- <sigh> I was in love with Fergie. (8 answers)

 why dont cartoons change their clothes? (4 answers)

 " Hi there. Face here. " ah, the good old days. :P (5 answers)

 who remembers 'Stick Stickly' ?! (6 answers)

 who would you be more afraid to tell your pregnant, your parents or your significant other? (9 answers)

 would you tell your partner if you had an STD? (9 answers)

 why do people crave attention? it bother me how much people want people to 'rate' them. do you really have to hear 'you're hot' every ten seconds? get some self esteem. g a h. you're own opinion is more valuable then a complete strangers. (5 answers)

 -cough,sneeze,cough- i have a cold. ='( (7 answers)

 tell me a joke. (8 answers)

 does my 'oddness' bother you? (5 answers)

 -randomly crawls into your bed- night night. =0) (6 answers)

 im home alone. g a h. it's dark. i hear noises. come to my resuce -hides- (4 answers)

 im mario. wont you be my yoshie? lets ride partner. (5 answers)

 what's the most beautiful movie/song you've ever seen/heard (8 answers)

 my head hurts. lets cuddle. (6 answers)

 -sleeps on you- [z_z] (5 answers)

 can i rename you and call you mine? mwaha. (6 answers)

 my hand itches. come and scratch. i'll give you a whole nickel. ;) (4 answers)

 let us go to Msn. come now, dont be shy. (4 answers)

 im moving out. lets be room mates. you pay the rent and i'll wash the dishes. deal? kthanx. (3 answers)

 the snow is melting. there's mud everywhere. let's mud wrestle. (6 answers)

 do you think it's pointless to spend a lot of time of your profile? (6 answers)

 Do you have a problem with obesity? (7 answers)

 Favorite cartoon character (5 answers)

 im in a silly mood. come be silly with me. WEEE! =D!! (3 answers)

 my rabies turn you on dont they? (5 answers)

 i hurt all over. buy me a spa? i need a massage. (3 answers)

 Would you die for your country? (9 answers)

 Let's polka dance. you know you want to. (3 answers)

 HiddenSecret31..im coming after you. Mwahaha. Ready-set-GO!!! (4 answers)

 You love me dont you? Dont deny it. It's okay. *pats your head* (8 answers)

 Let me bite you. Catch my rabies. (9 answers)

 You owe me money. I want my money. (7 answers)

 Let's run away together. Ready-set-GO!!! =D (6 answers)

 my dog ran away. Buy me a cow in replacement? (10 answers)

 sex without love or love without sex? (16 answers)

 why does society shun the abnormal? (6 answers)

 Jerry Springer, what a wonderful tv show,eh? (11 answers)

 my nose itches. Scratch it for me? (8 answers)

 g a h. Where are all my msn contacts. WHERE DAMNIT?! (4 answers)

 what scares you? (10 answers)

 have you ever cried over the opposite sex? (8 answers)

 have you ever cried over the opposite sex? (9 answers)

 does hostility get you anywhere in life? (5 answers)

 Do you believe in abortion? (15 answers)

 Would you date your friends Ex? (9 answers)

 words or phrases that annoy you. (7 answers)

 Do you believe in Internet dating? (9 answers)

 Do you find anna nicole attractive? (10 answers)

 does it bother you when people tyPe liKe diSs? (7 answers)

 Have you seen "Thirteen" ? What did you think? (15 answers)

  "The Nightmare Before Christmas" thumbs up or thumbs down? (9 answers)

 has anyone ever stolen your pictures? (7 answers)

 do labels bother you? (13 answers)

 Msn or Yahoo? (13 answers)

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